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  • After getting through to the customer care representative, I gave my name and number and explained my problem carefully
  • I thought she was going to call a technician or computer expert or at least patch me through one until I realized that she was going to broker between me and a Globe technician who appeared to be on another line

    • by thequickbrownfox

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      I was having trouble with my Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband not connecting to the internet so I dialled 211, Globe’s Toll Free Customer Care Hotline, on my cellular phone. After getting through to the customer care representative, I gave my name and number and explained my problem carefully. I said that everytime I click on the “connect” button in Globe Tattoo’s page, an error appeared stating that the remote computer could not be accessed. I am not a techie by any means and I did not understand what was going on.

      I had used Globe Tattoo’s broadband services more than a dozen times and have never encountered any problems connecting to the internet until this time. The customer care representative was a woman and she asked if

      I could hold on for a minute. I thought she was going to call a technician or computer expert or at least patch me through one until I realized that she was going to broker between me and a Globe technician who appeared to be on another line.

      I really needed to get online so I persisted eventhough a part of me felt already that this might not work. After she relayed my problem to the technician, she got back to me with more questions which I dutifully answered. She asked me to wait again and relayed what I said to the other line.

      This went on for a half hour until the questions became redundant. The customer service representative first of all had a hard ...

      • time expressing herself in English and admittedly, she told me (so many times) during our entire conversation that she was having trouble relaying what the technician said. I was getting exasperated and yet my need to go online was greater as I had a lot of work to do.

        The customer service representative then asked for my exact address and the nearest landmark to my house. I thought these questions had no bearing but I answered her just the same if only to speed things up as I was on the phone going almost 45 minutes now and she still wasn’t able to help me connect to the internet or at least explain to me what had gone wrong. I don’t know what the technician on

        the other end said but she finally got back to me saying that she already filed a report and that I should wait about 3 to 5 days before I can follow up on the report.

        What?!!! All that time wasted on nothing. Nothing was resolved. I did not need a report.

        What I needed was to connect to the internet or at least know what had gone wrong. In fairness to the representative, she was pleasant over the phone and yet the bottomline is, no help came my way. After asking me so many questions, the conversation ended up with the representative telling me that she will file a report.

        I was steaming after but I didn’t vent on the poor representative. I threw away my Globe Tattoo instead.

    john says :

    hi im john the globe tattoo service supersurf50 is unlisurf but it has only 800mb capacity in serving it,why is that?
    anne lei says :

    For prepaid, it has a data cap per day. For postpaid, there’s none. You have to call Globe hotline for you to be enlighten more.
    Galega says :

    You should have also mentioned the plan name with which you are currently enrolled with. In all probability, the data available to you is coming to an end. Now, whether it is daily data or for longer duration can be understood only after knowing the name of the plan. You can check the data consumption history.
    annabel says :

    hi my internet connection in globe tattoo is very slow..ive only receive 20 kbps or sometimes zero…and the network type is GPRS which really very slow,i think theres no WCDMA coverage here in marawi city?does it have? smart bro is faster than globe tattoo with HSPA unlike globe tattoo,only GPRS..what should i do?
    anne lei says :

    You can opt to 3G signal by clicking Tools Option Network 3G only. If there is no 3G signal coming up, then, this means your area can only have 2G signal.
    Galega says :

    Globe Tattoo has already launched 4G connectivity. You need to switch to it. You will need a 4G compatible mobile phone. However, the speed also depends on the plan you are using along with your location.
    artus says :

    How do I setup globe tattoo in mac android OS?
    divinagwapa says :

    Are you going to set it up via wireless or cable? Either way, you need to go to your computer’s network settings. Input the needed info, usually the SRN and account number, to establish a connection. If you can’t still figure it out, it’s best to call Globe and ask for tech support assistance.
    Joe Pineda says :

    Make sure your android deice supports OTG.
    Galega says :

    There is nothing you need to do with your Android device - smartphones or tablets. You just need to insert the SIM. Everything will be done automatically.

    For your Mac, you need to find the ways for connectivity. You can connect to Globe Tattoo through mobile hotspot, or router. You can also use a dongle USB for connectivity.
    ruben caperal says :

    why is it that untill now nobody from the globe broadband customer services is not responding to my request of disconnection of broad band satellite installed to my house? its really disappointing
    anne lei says :

    You can follow up your request. Sometimes, their response is so slow.
    Galega says :

    Disconnection is not done immediately. You have discontinued their services. Now, you should relax. They will disconnect it sooner than later. If you urgently want it to be done immediately, then keep on requesting them. But, remember, it is not going to be their priority.
    francis pogi says :

    i am in batangas my download speed is very low what should i do
    Jules Li says :

    Francis, you say the download speed is slow, but it could be due to a lack of signal in the area. Check the coverage map for your location in Batangas to be sure that there’s a sufficient signal.
    carmie26 says :

    Make sure that your APN ( is correct and you have not exceeded on thier allowable per daily usage which is at around 800 mb or else your speed will be automatically slow down.Otherwise, call it to Globe Customer Service if your are in within the 3G/LTE coverage.
    Joe Pineda says :

    Try your smartbro.
    Galega says :

    The first thing obviously will be to check the signal strength. If it is good, and you used to get good speed at the same location, then this isn’t causing the problem. Now, check your plan. There are many programs where there is a cap on daily data usage. Once you touch the daily limit, the data speed is lowered. You can get a data top up recharge to start using full speed internet again. Checking out your laptop/smartphone can be another point of troubleshooting.
    keizuke says :

    having Probling… by my Last Subscription Of SuperSurf120… i avail that promo Last Saturday… but untill now. that subscription is`nt expired at all….. and i cant avail new promo… i tried what they said… done with Supersurf STOP nothing happened.. i Hope Someone would response‚Ķ thanks
    M says :

    Hi Keizuke,

    Thats because you are still registered with that promo. As you can register one promo at the same time. Even though you texted Stop, based on my experience, its no use.
    Galega says :

    The STOP SMS system is not working in this case. That’s quite obvious. This is an automatic system, and works seamlessly with majority of plans of Globe Tattoo. You need to talk to a customer care executive and place a request to stop the current promo plan. Please note that you can’t avail two promo plans at the same time and hence you are experiencing this problem.
    Eric G. Dizon says :

    Im using Globe Tattoo Stick for two years, I registered Supersurf1000 for 1 month but it was too slow I got 20kb only and most of the time is not working. Im always upset about this matter it ruin my time everyday.When Im inquiring through customer service everytime the feed back is always technical problem.Please Globe Management try inform your subscriber properly and improve your products and sites. Im really sorry for this comment but Ive been truly experienced it.
    M says :

    Hi Eric,

    It depends on your location. In some location, Globe internet is fast while in other location, its also slow. It depends on the signal.
    Galega says :

    Check whether the stick is getting full network or not. You can change the location a bit within your home and see if that makes any difference. Sometimes, stick also causes the problem. The technical issue that executive is mentioning might be related to this.
    celso says :

    what will i do to activate my deactivated globe tattoo broadband sim?
    Jules Li says :

    As long as there is not a block on the sim card, you shouldn’t have a problem re-activating it. Simply contact customer service and they should be able to guide you further.
    Galega says :

    Why your account was deactivated? Whether it will be activated or how it will be activated depends on that very reason. You should speak to the customer care executive and ask for activation. If it was unused for quite a long time, then it may not be possible and you will have to get a new connection altogether.
    quick note by anonymous :

    hi good evening …please help internet connection in globe tattoo is very slow..kinda irritating ,,,what should i do to have a fast signal…?
    divinagwapa says :

    hi there I understand how frustrating a slow connection can be. If you’re sure that you’re not getting the promised speed, you should call Globe’s hotline or visit one of their offices to get it fixed asap.
    carmie26 says :

    Hi there,

    First, you need to check the signal that you are getting from Globe if it is 2G or 3G. Normally, fast internet connection is 3G or HSPA and if your device is LTE much better. You may dial asterisk 143 and pound sign from you mobile phone and press send and see your signal status by choose “my account” then signal status.

    To get consistent 3G choose from your device (internet option) 3G only or HSPA only.
    Galega says :

    Some of the factors on which your Internet connection depends on:
    - Your plan with the operator. Whether you are enrolled with 3G or 4G connection. Needless to say, 4G is the fastest available.
    - Second is your device. Sometimes, the device also makes a big impact. If you are using a device with low RAM and its vital resources are already clogged up, then Internet speed will be slow.
    - The Network your device is getting. Check out whether it is getting full network connectivity or not. You can do little here.

    Now, check out all these three issues and act accordingly.
    iruna jin says :


    bad day i mean good day.. im online gamer and using globe tattoo over 3yrs.. for now im using globe promo SUPERSURF200 My monthly load was 1200php.. woaw this 2015 my connection got weaker and weaker. AND FINALLY this last feb. cant connect in my game specialy when promo was nearly expired. and when im using fb i thought im using ur free fb T.T.. im paying for good service and this is what i get???? thanks just sharing my violent reaction..
    Galega says :

    You should check the data balance of your plan. It is possible that the data balance is already over and hence you are getting Internet connectivity with very minimum speed. Remember, online games eat lots of data and there isn’t any unlimited data plan with promo offers. Further, if the data balance is sufficient then it will be prudent on your part to call the customer care executive and see what they offer.
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