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  • I browsed this product online but I bought it at a pharmacy nearby our place in Mumbai
  • I have noticed that I got these annoying bacteria once I took an antibiotic for my boils
  • So if you happen to have yeast infection, I still recommend you to try this product by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

    • by strawberrychocodahi

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      I browsed this product online but I bought it at a pharmacy nearby our place in Mumbai. Usually it was the generic name clotrimazole that I started browsing and I ended up buying this vaginal cream to get rid of my yeast infection.

      I have noticed that I got these annoying bacteria once I took an antibiotic for my boils. Luckily the boil has healed but the ugly itchy yeast infection came and so I tried many remedies including a home remedy which is yogurt. The yogurt did a bit but I really need a faster medication which is topical that I really have to buy

      Candid-V Gel.

      It is a gel cream which is white in color which includes an applicator that looks like an injection suppository. I got nervous seeing that applicator because it was my very first time to buy a vaginal cream and I was expecting that it can only be a topical solution which will aim only on the outer labia. This applicator got me thinking what the heck this tool is for.

      If you read the instruction on the manual carefully, it tells you how you need to insert the applicator as deeply as possible. What? Is this madness, when at the outer label of the box ...

      • it shows in red colored font saying “For External Use Only”?

        I really got confused that I waited for my husband to tell me which is which and if I am going to insert it or not. Well, to make the story short, I really used the cream as a topical application without inserting it inside my vagina. I cannot say anything regarding if you are pregnant since you know for a fact that you should ask your gynecologist about this before you use any medication.

        By the way, Candid V Gel helped me get rid of my vaginal itch or yeast infection for a week. It’s

        just that it will be your choice if ever you used this product and you decide to use their applicator or not. But for me, I am already confident on using it as a topical cream.

        So if you happen to have yeast infection, I still recommend you to try this product by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. It is available on selected drug stores and pharmacies in India for the price of Rs 66.20 or equivalent to $1.41 on a 30g tube. Just don’t forget to check the expiration date which can be found at the crimp of the tube or at the side of the box.

    quick note by anonymous :

    How many days before intercourse i have to stop applying candid v gel? Trying to conceive help me.. will candid v gel prevent pregnancy?
    Galega says :

    Just avoid it on the day when you will make physical relationship. It won’t prevent pregnancy. Avoiding it on the day is just to keep off possibility of infection.
    Shanice says :

    Hi, i am a bit confused. The instructions read “for internal use only” but there are applicators in the box. So,my question is, is it safe to insert the gel with the applicator inside the vagina?
    Galega says :

    Yes, that is why applicator is given. Many women use hands for this purpose.
    Brianna Brooks says :

    Yes you are supposed to squeeze the gel in the application and use the applicator to insert the gel inside of you.
    Minza qamar says :

    I hv been using this cream for 2 days n whenever I apply it , it gives me a burning sensation over the affected region . And I think I hv got swelling in vulva . What should I do .
    Galega says :

    You are experiencing some sort of allergic reaction. The best thing you can do is to discontinue using Candid V. Find a suitable alternative. Apply Aloe Vera gel on the swollen part of the skin.
    Maahi says :

    Very effective
    Garima says :

    I am using this gel but i feel thick whitr deposits inside my vagina in the morning while bathing. Is that the effect of the cream or is it something unusual?
    Galega says :

    If you are using gel externally, then there shouldn’t be anything internally - no thick white deposits. The problem is unrelated.
    Garima says :

    No but im injecting that gel using the applicator so is it possible that those are remains of unabsorbed gel or does it get completely absorbed overnight?
    Galega says :

    There is possibility of little bit gel not getting absorbed. It can happen because of various reasons, but that is not something to worry about. This is normal and being faced by many users/patients.
    ABC says :

    Hi i have yeast infection and the doctor precribed me with this cream, i applied it around my vulva the itch gone but 2 days later i feel my vulva is painful and somehow swelling. what should i do? will the pain subsides after later on?
    Galega says :

    Discontinue using Candid B and don’t worry. The pain will definitely be go away along with inflammation. You can apply little bit of Aloe Vera Gel (pure or Patanjali) before going to the bed for two days. It should help to quickly control allergic problem as well as inflammation/swelling.
    sue says :

    Ive been using candid v for yeast infection for smelly odor and I’m on the last of the gel as I type …I don’t find that it has reduced the odor much can I start another treatment right away? apart from that I was expecting my period by yesterday which was the last day of the month. So anytime it can come
    Galega says :

    There isn’t any problem in continuing with the treatment. You can give it a break once you have gotten period. It is also advised to speak to your OBGyne as the yeast infection doesn’t seem to be going away.
    Anitha Kapse says :

    Even em suffering with the same problem my doctor asked me to use candid v6 nd candid v gel how I suppose to use this at a time or how?
    Galega says :

    Insert Candid V6 tablet and then use Candid V Gel external. The doctor has diagnosed both internal and external infection and hence prescribed both.
    Abhiiney sood says :

    I also got heavy burning sensations… Not able to sleep after applying this spicy gel.. Its total waste.. I got swelling and allergy.. No ome should use this.. Even doc also should nt recommend
    Galega says :

    On the contrary, it’s a very good medicinal products for infections. It is possible that you are using it in a wrong way. Please speak to your doctor about this.
    Rosemarie says :

    If the gel finishes before the applicator what should I do
    Galega says :

    Squeeze the gel on the applicator and insert so that the ointment can treat the internal infection. This is so simple. If gel is finished, you need to get a new pack.
    Marsmi Marak says :

    Recently I’m having a severe itching sensation in my vagina and for that I’m using this Candid Vaginal gel cream. It’s been 4days by now, still I’m experiencing this severe itchiness on my vulva everytime after washing it with plain water (which stops after sometime)… When will i get cure? How long does it take? Please help.
    Galega says :

    It depends on the intensity of infection. There is not as such any fixed duration. Keep using and hope for result within one week. It is also important to use a good vaginal wash which can maintain balanced pH level.
    Marsmi Marak says :

    I’m using Lactacyd feminine Hygiene Wash from yesterday, I’m feeling much better now. But the itchiness feeling is not totally gone yet but it’s improving. Thank you for your response.
    Galega says :

    It should be over. Hope for the best. If nothing works, then you may have to take Fulconazole tablet (150 once a week- two tablets should solve your problem). That will be a potent weapon if these simple solution doesn’t work.
    Sophia Matlole says :

    Can I use candid v gel immediately after sextual intercurse to prevent pregnancy?
    Galega says :

    It won’t prevent pregnancy. It is for external use only. And, the fertilization takes place internally, as you might know.

    Doing that will be termed as ridiculous.

    You should use a contraceptive pill or go for other contraceptive measures to prevent pregnancy.
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