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  • What I like about Sangobion is that it can be taken before or after a meal and with or without it

    • by blairwitch

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      I have always had low blood pressure so when I was pregnant, my obstetrician-gynecologist prescribed me Sangobion capsule to be taken twice a day. Even before I got pregnant, I have already experienced certain symptoms like headaches and pale gums and the symptoms got more pronounced when I was already pregnant. My doctor explained that I was iron-deficient and that Sangobion will correct this condition. She said that Sangobion is suitable for pregnant women as it fights the signs

      of anemia. I was already two months into my pregnancy and since it was my first baby, I carefully followed my doctor’s orders. The same day, I dropped by Mercury drugstore and bought enough Sangobion capsules to last me a month.

      Sangobion capsules is an oblong shaped supplement the color of dried blood. The silver foil package bears the words ‘Ferrous gluconate + Vitamins and Minerals.’ Since I was going to take it, I tried to learn as much as ...

      • I could about the medicine and found out that it contains amounts of Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and other elements to ensure that I get enough iron to treat anemia. Some of my friends were also pregnant at the time and we compared notes on the progress of our pregnancies and the supplements we were taking and I was surprised that their doctors also prescribed Sangobion to them even if they weren’t found to be anemic. What
        I like about Sangobion is that it can be taken before or after a meal and with or without it.

        I slept a lot when I was pregnant especially during the early months of my pregnancy and I can’t be really sure if it was the effect of Sangobion or my pregnancy but I was glad I took Sangobion. Just before I gave birth, everything about the condition of my health was normal and surprisingly, even my blood pressure.

    Fiona says :

    Hi there. Could you pls advice me I am pregnant but at the early stage I think not more or less than a month. Unfortunately my medical checkup appointment takes a month to find out…I have anemia. Is it safe for me to take sangobion now. Have been taking them before this regularly. Pls someone guide me on this
    Galega says :

    Anemia during pregnancy is not unusual. It is because of this fact that OBGyne always prescribes an iron supplement during pregnancy. You can definitely take Sangobion. Even better, you should immediately consult an OBGyne to take suggestions.
    ethel cantoneros says :

    is it okey to take sangobion capsule while breastfeeding?
    Jules Li says :

    Ethel, it’s fine to continue taking sangobion while breastfeeding. They actually contain vitamins that are beneficial.
    Galega says :

    Women who are pregnant and also those who have just delivered a baby suffer from iron deficiency. It is a known fact throughout world. You might have seen pregnant and breastfeeding women being given iron syrup.

    In this context, it is perfectly fine to take Sangobion while you are breastfeeding. There is no problem at all. However, please take prescription from your doctor before actually starting to have it.
    angelica says :

    I am 25 weeks and 1 day pregnant. My OB advised my to take Sangobion once daily. But I accidentally took 2 tablets today. Will there be any problem? I informed my OB but got no response.
    Galega says :

    There won’t be any problem if you have accidentally taken two tablets in one day. It is just an iron supplement which is required to be taken to pregnant women. You are fine. Just ensure to stick with the prescription of your doctor.
    May says :

    I been taking sangabion since I’m pregnant. Now I’m 34weeks. Is there safe I being taken it for so long period ?
    Galega says :

    There should not be any problem in taking at this juncture. You will continue to need iron supplement throughout your pregnancy and also after delivery.
    Faizah says :

    ive been prescribed by the doctor to eat two of sangibion per day. do i eat the together at one time or two times a da?
    Galega says :

    Your doctor must have also suggested the time when you should take it.

    Any way, you should take one tablet at a time.
    Riza Marie Muyco says :

    Im not pregnat but i think im anemic. Is ito ok if i take sangobion since my doctor prescribe me last 2 months.
    Galega says :

    Sangobion is prescribed to tackle anemia problem. Being anemic is quite common during pregnancy and hence it is widely prescribed for pregnant woman. That doesn’t mean that a non pregnant person can’t take it. Your doctor has already prescribed and hence you must proceed.
    Gielyn says :

    I have low blood pressure but i’m not pregnant. Is it ok to take sangobion even if it is not prescribe by doctor.??
    Galega says :

    Yes, you can take Sangobion even if you are not pregnant. If you want to take it daily for prolong duration, then consult your doctor first.
    lice says :

    Hi I vomit all day for the first 2 days of my period even when i am not eating anything. will taking sangobion improve the condition. and what will be the right dosage to consume? thanks.
    tuliy says :

    No this medicine will not affect your vomiting, you better ask the doctor
    Galega says :

    Vomiting during the first trimester of pregnancy is quite normal. If the frequency of vomiting is too much, then you can take some medicines. Your OBGyne will prescribe that.

    Sangobion is prescribed during the pregnancy to keep the iron level intact. It has nothing to do with vomiting tendency.
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