Digital Communications (Rogers Dealer) on Robson & Denman
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1795 Robson Street Vancouver, BC V6G 1C9
  • I bought my Sony Ericsson W705a from Rogers less than a year age
  • I know I am not a techie or an experienced cellphone dealer, but I am not THAT stupid
  • Finally, he said I think it's broken and will need to get fixed
  • I paid my $50.00 security deposit, got my cheap replacement phone, and hoped for the best

    • by Stephanie Angeles

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      I bought my Sony Ericsson W705a from Rogers less than a year age. So far, the phone has travelled with me to various countries, and is one thing that pretty much does not leave my side (unless I am in the shower). When it suddenly stopped working a few months ago, I panicked. I pulled the sim card out, pulled the battery pack out, reset it, nothing. I did not drop the phone or anything, it just froze in my inbox, then lost all reception. I do not have a home phone, so I needed to get the phone looked at right away. The closest Rogers dealer that I knew of was on Robson and Denman, so I walked over and was relieved that they were open.

      When I walked into the Digital Communications store, there was one Asian man sitting behind the counter. I quickly explained the situation to him, recounting how it froze on my inbox and then lost reception. I also told him I had turned it off, removed the battery pack, and sim, restarted it, and nothing changed. He took the phone, and asked me (with

      out looking at me) if I had tried restarting it and taking out the battery pack. I was already flustered, so it annoyed me that he would ask me again, after I just told him what I did. So he proceeded to remove the battery and sim, put it back in, then turn it back on. I told him there would be no reception, and he looked at the phone and said “huh. No reception”. I know I am not a techie or an experienced cellphone dealer, but I am not THAT stupid. He tried it again, without looking at me or saying a word.

      About half way through tinkering with my phone, a woman had walked into the store. The store is quite small, so even with my back to the door, I sensed that someone was standing behind me. The Asian man did not even acknowledge her. I was thankful that he was looking into my phone and what was wrong with it, but I felt so bad for the woman. She ended up standing there at least three whole minutes before he even acknowledged ...

      • her presence. (Turns out her phone lost reception too).

        After he acknowledged her, he went back to my phone. The entire time, he barely said anything to me. Finally, he said “I think it’s broken and will need to get fixed”. (As if I didn’t know that already.) While he was arranging for the phone to be sent to Sony Ericsson to get repaired, I asked him how long it will take. I anticipated around a month or two, but he assured me that Rogers has a 10 day guarantee. He even gave me a brochure that talked about the 10 day guarantee, and kept telling me at most 11 days, because it was a Saturday. I paid my $50.00 security deposit, got my cheap replacement phone, and hoped for the best.

        Ten days later, I was still waiting. I phoned them to ask if my phone was ready for pick-up, and they said they had no idea if it was ready because they have no contact with Sony Ericsson. I was highly disappointed. After all that “10 day guarantee” talk, I was right. They didn’t call until 20

        business days later. When I went to pick up my phone, they did not bother apologizing for the delay, instead, claimed that they have no control over Sony Ericsson, who was the one who fixed it.

        My phone WAS fixed, and thankfully, still covered under warranty, but the quality of customer service that I got from that particular store was one of the worst I have ever experienced. I felt like they didn’t care about customers who weren’t in there to buy something from them. If you need assistance from a Rogers dealer, try other stores before visiting this one.

        On the Rogers side of things — the 10 day guarantee is from Rogers as a whole, not store policy. So the overall program for giving a guarantee is really pointless. I read all the fine print and the guarantee actually works against you (for example, if they cannot repair your phone, they will replace it with the same phone if it’s available, or a phone of similar or lesser value). There is no consequence to Rogers if they do not meet the 10 day guarantee, so the whole program is really pointless.

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