Loreal Paris Smooth-Intense Anti-frizz Caring Shampoo
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  • It’s important to employ a clarifying shampoo once in a while to remove product build up, especially in my case as I like to indulge in styling products
  • That said, I believe this shampoo is truly nourishing
  • I bought the small 200 ml bottle only to test drive
  • I don’t recommend this shampoo if you’re expecting a luxurious wash with salon results

    • by jhunie


      I’m bugged by the different permutations of Loreal’s shampoos, especially their Smooth-Intense line. I just can’t make out the subtle differences between this and Elseve, as well as the Vive Pro range that are probably of the same Smooth-Intense formulations with varying packaging based on region. Mine was neither labeled Elseve nor Vive, simply Loreal Paris and apparently produced from Indonesia so I don’t know if this relates to the other Elseve smooth-intense products I see from other stores. The shampoo market is inundated with a multitude of products; each brand’s marketing campaign almost changing more than once a year. Though I’m not easily bamboozled by advertising, it’s very clear, there’s a waging shampoo war going on. My former conditioning shampoo was Pantene. It deserved praises yet it caused my sensitive scalp to get upset. Nevertheless, I switched to Loreal’s smooth intense shampoo for as long as I have yet to find a good sulfate-free shampoo.

      It’s been roughly a month. I appointed the shampoo in my bathroom counter firstly because of its advertised nourishing benefits and obviously its anti-frizz property. I have permed locks with loose waves. I wanted a rich shampoo to tame my

      thick hair and promote moisture since I frequent the blower and stay in temperature-controlled environments most of the day. The whole stint I used Pantene, I was close to ending my entire shampoo journey and stick to it for long. It’s certainly one of the richest shampoos but I have to put it down – lest my scalp would get irritated. This loreal shampoo had bigger shoes to fill. A weird thing was that this shampoo supplied what my previous shampoo lacked. Yet, it didn’t provide me of the same richness. Therefore, their results were relatively inverse.

      This is a sulfate-laden shampoo but I haven’t noted any reactions thus far. I alternate between 2 shampoos at the moment, I used to complement this conditioning shampoo with a Garnier fructis fortifying shampoo and the duo may have maximized moisture for my hair but the itchy sensation was still present so I had to find a replacement. Now I’m using a more intense shampoo which effectively diminished my scratching fits. It’s important to employ a clarifying shampoo once in a while to remove product build up, especially in my case as I like to indulge in styling products.

      I don’t ...

      • think it promoted manageability for my frizzy tendencies. Maybe my hair care arsenal is just not moisturizing enough to restrain stubborn frizz. I still get those dry-hair days if I don’t put any moisturizing balm or leave on. After washing my hair with this shampoo, it’s even backbreaking to sort out the webs of damp hair before I proceed to applying conditioner. To say the least, I can feel that it improves the texture of my strands once it’s dried, my hair doesn’t feel grated or chafed upon touching it, although, irregularly short strands stray up. I wish it lent a cashmere-like softness, but the way it felt was enough to not make me complain about my hair pricking my neck and face.

        I need to be careful upon pouring an amount or else I would end up spilling a handful. This is due to the liquid consistency which poorly resists flow unlike creamy ones. The shampoo is dyed in an orangey tint but still translucent. It reminds me a lot of mild baby shampoos. It takes plenty of water to dampen hair first before you can produce a desirable lather. I sometimes pour twice or

        more. The lather is less foamy and not so rich compared to Pantene’s. I guess you can say that a shampoo is rich when your hair seems to fall back in place by itself as you rinse it off, hence – no web locks. Sadly it’s not intensively smooth.

        Undeterred by the shampoo’s lack of richness, I still stick to it somehow. The main reason is the reduced amount of hair fall; how ironic Pantene’s hair fall control never worked back then?. That said, I believe this shampoo is truly nourishing. I don’t see a lot of hair breakage when I blow dry and brush my hair. I can also style my hair better since the slightly matte up texture of my strands doesn’t resist the styling products I use. This shampoo may not do wonders for the hair superficially, but I’m happy that it makes my hair stronger. It probably cost me less than 3 dollars. I bought the small 200 ml bottle only to test drive. I don’t recommend this shampoo if you’re expecting a luxurious wash with salon results. However, I believe it’s a good shampoo to fortify and nourish hair fall-prone heads.

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