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  • I was definitely inclined to try it out and so, I asked my physician and was given Salmeterol Xinofate (Servent Diskus)
  • I bought mine for $ 65 which had an estimated dose of 60 for the 50 mcg dosage

    • by Carlisle

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      I was cleaning my room the other day. Since I haven’t cleaned my room for some time, the dust and dirt just accumulated. I transferred all the furniture out of my room and cleaned every single corner. I made sure that everything would be spotless and neat. Right before I started cleaning, I inhaled two doses of my anti-asthma medicine to make certain that I didn’t get an asthma attack. I was testing this new drug that was recommended to me by a friend that really worked for her. I was definitely inclined to try it out and so, I asked my physician and was given Salmeterol Xinofate (Servent Diskus).

      Salmeterol Xinafoate (Servent Diskus) is a bronchodilator which blocks the allergens that causes the inflammation in the

      respiratory tract thus leading to dilation of the trachea for easy breathing. This drug is given usually for the long-term maintenance of asthma, prevention of bronchospasm, nocturnal asthma, obstructive lung disease, emphysema and prevention of exercise-induced asthma. Servent Diskus is available only as an inhalation powder. I had the 50 mcg/blister Serevent Diskus. I bought mine for $ 65 which had an estimated dose of 60 for the 50 mcg dosage. The 25 mcg dosage can be bought for the same price. The box is blue-green in colour with the brand name and the image of the inhaler inside. The box clearly states that it is only a prescription medicine. At the bottom, the dosage and the approximate number of doses that it can deliver is ...

      • indicated. Inside the box is the oddly-shaped inhaler. This diskus or disk haler, like some people would like to call it, is something that I have never seen before. It has a mouthpiece on one side and a lever on the other side to deliver the dose.

        Because this was a new inhaler for me, I had to read the instructions on how to use it. Luckily, it came with a detailed and well-explained leaflet inside. It has the common side effects, drug interactions and adverse reactions that I should be aware of just in case. I found the leaflet very informative. I followed the directions and inhaled just one dose 30 minutes before I started my task. The relief was noticeable in 10-20 minutes upon

        inhaling the drug. I didn’t have an asthma attack the whole day even after cleaning my room was done. I experienced relief for about 12 hours and then had to inhale another dose in the evening. There were also several instances that I have used this drug and that immediate relief was certain. Side effects that I encountered over time were a slight increase in my heart rate and an itchy feeling in my throat. My voice became hoarse one time but was reassured by my doctor that this was a common side effect. The size of the inhaler for me was one of the issues. It was bulky to carry compared to the other inhalers I have tried. Nevertheless, I give Salmeterol Xinafoate (Servent Diskus) a 9.

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