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    • Item: Pop Weaver Popcorn Location: by James Fleming

      I love popcorn. I love bagged popcorn, no matter how loaded with God knows what it might be. But I also love cheap bagged popcorn, and that is where Pop Weaver

      brand comes in. Pop Weaver is just about the cheapest brand of bagged popcorn I have come across, and it is quite a bit cheaper than, say, Orville Redenbacher.

      For $2.77 at Wal-Mart I can get myself a box with ...

      • 15 of the bags in it. That’s what I call value. It comes in three flavours: Butter, Extra Butter and of course Butter Light. All three are delicious but generally I stay with the traditional and go
        with just the regular butter flavor.

        If you’re looking for a cheap snack, popcorn is always a good bet. For the price of a bag of chips you can get 15 bags of Pop Weaver, meaning 15 times the salty snacky goodness.

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    Jill Baldwin says :

    I`ve tried your popcorn and I must say it isn`t the best by no means. It is tough and the flavor of the light butter is awful. The price is very good but isn`t up to Act 111 by any standard as for as I`m concerned. Just though you should know how some feel about your corn. Thanks for your time. A Consumer, Jill Baldwin

    Allen Porter says :

    I bought a box of 24 of the extra butter and it is still dry. But also my biggest complaint is when popped tht bags are all about 1 2 full. I have complained about this before and was sent coupon for another box. But the bags are still only 1 2 full and there is only just a few that did not pop. It appear that there is a lot less corn being put in the bag. Guess this is why the price has kept down on the corn. I have bought Pop Weaver corn for years and it has been good till lately. If this is the way Pop Weaver is going to do I will not be buying any more of it. A. Porter

    Tess Lacombe says :

    I have purchased Pop Weaver popcorn a few times and every time I buy it I get a few bags that just won’t pop. I mean not at all. All I get is a bunch of un popped greasy corn kernels. And if I’m lucky I’ll get maybe a few popped in one bag. I tried 2 bags today and both remained flat and I heard maybe two pops in 5 minutes and no popped corn. Very disappointing, but yet again, you get what you pay for. Going back to Orville, never had anything happen with his popcorn. Sorry Pop Weaver but you just don’t cut it for me.

    Ryan Lee says :

    When popping popcorn in the microwave the popcorn kernels have to be bunch together to help absorb heat/energy in the microwave. So, as each kernel pop the size of the mass decrease and making it harder for the microwave to hit the remaining kernels. Thus, resulting in un-popped kernels in popcorn bags.

    Galega says :

    Pop Weaver is a well - known brand and known for satisfying its customers. It is possible that you are making few mistakes which is letting popcorn not getting optimally popped up. Popcorn may not pop due to the following reasons: An improper utensil being used, such as placing the corn in a bag or container. The wattage of the microwave oven may be too low. Usually, at least 500 watts is required to generate enough heat to pop popcorn.

    george Carter says :

    My family and i have been eating and enjoying this popcorn for some time now.But as of late the product is lacking in quality that it once had,where it once had extra butter as it state`s on the box.Now the buttered and extra butter taste just as plain as the one`s without.So from this day forward i`ll find someone else whose quality is up to par and will give me what the package say`s. see you when i see you, but it won`t be at the cash register GOODBYE

    Jesse says :

    Pop weaver its crap. I bought this because it was cheap and said extra butter. I love extra butter, but this is not it. I wish I still lived near Albertson`s there dollar zone extra butter popcorn (4 bags for one dollar) wish I could remember the brand was still very cheap, but it was like theater buttery popcorn. Not extra but. ter pop weaver that equals chewy, dry, and Bland.

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