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  • Yet, in spite of all this, I believe Super Mario Land is a superior game to Super Mario Bros
  • First of all, I felt Super Mario Land offered me a more varied gaming experience

    • by CirclingCanvas


      Super Mario Land is a video game for the Nintendo Game Boy handheld. In many ways, Super Mario Land is very close to Super Mario Bros. in level design. In fact, the Game Boy is less powerful than the Nintendo Entertainment System, so Super Mario Land is actually a shorter video game and appears in only a couple shades of color. Yet, in spite of all this, I believe Super Mario Land is a superior game to Super Mario Bros. First of all, I felt Super Mario Land offered me a more varied gaming experience. In some of the levels, I don’t control Mario, but instead, a vehicle that Mario moves around in. This alters the gameplay and provides me with challenges that I couldn’t have faced on foot, like having to maneuver in between objects while facing incoming attacks. Although I feel in a way this makes for simpler gameplay because I don’t have to time my jumps to overcome platforming challenges, it makes for a fun change of pace. A majority of the game takes place in the traditional two-dimensional platforming sense anyway, so it’s not a big deal. I’m glad that Nintendo added the vehicle in a few levels because, as I said, it allowed

      me to experience the game in a different way and take on some challenges that required skillful flying and maneuvering.

      Although the levels are, for the most part, linear with very little exploration that leads to secret areas, I did like how at the end of every level, there was an added challenge I could take. There was one of two ways to generally exit a level, with the easy way being near the ground and easily accessible and the hard way being near the top of the screen, and requiring extra careful jumping skills to reach. It was fun going for the harder exit, which would lead to a little bonus round. Another thing that I liked about the game is once I beat it, I could replay it on a higher difficulty setting that completing the game unlocked. Hard mode features tougher enemies and less power-ups, and completing hard mode was a definite challenge! I did very much appreciate the challenge though and it was a pleasant surprise when I beat the game the first time. I was even more surprised when I beat the hard mode and found that I could then replay any level of my choosing! The level select was a nice little reward ...

      • for accomplishing the difficult task of beating the game on hard mode.

        Hard mode aside, being the game isn’t too tough. There’s a good variety of enemies to be found in the levels, and some can’t be killed as easily. I rarely lost a life though as a result of being hit by an enemy. The platforming challenges within the levels proved to be more of an obstacle though, but thanks to the fairly responsive controls, with practice, I was able to successfully guide Mario over pits of varying sizes. I would say that the platforming challenges, although not ridiculously hard, feel satisfying when overcome. The boss battles can usually be won in just a matter of minutes once you realize the pattern of attack they employ, but I did really like that Nintendo put some thought into the design of the boss characters and made each boss battle pretty unique as opposed to Super Mario Bros. same boss battle time and again. The levels in which the bosses resided in where intricately designed and presented a nice challenge, more so than the regular levels. The number of platforming challenges and enemies really made it feel like I was indeed up against an army!

        Super Mario Land is a

        game that takes the two-dimensional platforming formula and doesn’t really do anything new or eye-popping with it, but it’s nonetheless a fun game with a number of challenges to face and extras to unlock. The hard mode is well-worth playing through as it really encourages a player to watchful and skillful. There’s not much in terms of visuals, with the exception of the boss stages, where there’s an extra amount of artwork to set the stage for the battle with the boss ahead. With visuals and music both kept to a minimum due to this being a first-generation Game Boy game, the focus is clearly on the gameplay, which is just as good, if not better, than what Super Mario Bros. had to offer. The game may seem kind of small and limited compared to later two-dimensional Mario platformers, and while the somewhat short length of the game is a legitimate complaint, just try playing through those same twelve levels on hard mode! The game will seem longer and more satisfying! Hard mode is really what makes this game memorable, and the hard mode is a significant reason why I’m rating this game a “6″. Without it, the game would be kind of forgettable and not nearly as satisfying to play through.

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