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  • That's oversimplifying it, but it's the best way to sum the concept up in a nutshell
  • If he were to agree, I'm sure Laputka would write a character in solely to justify his presence
  • If you're into science fiction and enjoy audio dramas or audio books, I highly recommend checking this series out as I enjoyed the hell out of it
  • Definitely check it out as it's a fun ride

    • by David Finniss


      Back before television, people would gather around radios to listen to shows. Voice actors, narration, and sound effects would be used to tell a story and engage the listener. With the advance of technology, it seemed like a dead art form, although there are still those who enjoy them.

      I was talking with my roommate a while back and I expressed surprise at the fact that, with the rise of podcasts, people haven’t tried bringing audio dramas back as it seemed like a natural fit. My roommate did some browsing, and it turns out many people have made their own audio dramas.

      One such audio story is called “The Leviathan Chronicles” by writer Christof Laputka. My roommate stumbled up on it, gave it a listen and found it highly enjoyable. After some time, I finally had a chance to listen to it for myself.

      The plot is fairly intricate and complex, but if you want a quick blurb to give you an idea, it’s sort of a mix between “The Abyss” and “Highlander”. That’s oversimplifying it, but it’s the best way to sum the concept up in a nutshell.

      Going in, my roommate said that the first few episodes were a bit slow, but I was honestly intrigued by the end of the first episode. Now, it does pick up as the story

      progresses, but I would hardly call the early episodes slow; at the very least, I didn’t come away with that impression.

      The first thing you’ll notice when you start listening is that the opening theme song is quite rocking. It gets you pumped up and eager to jump into the story.

      The writing is quite strong. All of the characters have distinct personalities and developed backgrounds and they also grow and change as we move through the saga. The story is also well paced, making sure that something is accomplished in each chapter so that you never feel like you’re listening to filler.

      Much like the hit show, “Lost” (which Laputka is a huge fan of) this audio adventure knows how to leave you hanging. As each episode ends, you feel compelled to start the next one to see what happens next.

      Speaking of which, the season finale has an intro by a pretty well known actor. My jaw dropped when I heard that, it was only a second and a half long, but it was glorious. Now that the guy’s obligations are over, Laputka should see if he would be willing to be a recurring guest star. A: It would be freaking awesome and B: his distinctive voice would lend itself well to the medium. The guy ...

      • even said he was a huge fan so it’s a win all around. If he were to agree, I’m sure Laputka would write a character in solely to justify his presence.

        The story is set to be 2 seasons long and 50 episodes total. So far, the first season has been completed and season two is in production.

        I’ve been wondering whether the Leviathan system would work. When I first heard a character describe it, my reaction was that she was a commie (well not really, it was 1,000 years ago, but the idea is similar) but at the same time, the idea that you can pursue your passion without having to worry about annoyances like rent or other bills is a tempting one. It goes against capitalism sure, and being a conservative myself it does seemingly go against my ideas, but there is a certain allure to just pursuing your passion and doing what you want to do just for the sake of doing it. The immortality also gives you all the time in the world to do it. As a writer, that’s a pretty tempting offer. I mean, I would love to write novels and short stories, but with bills and only so many hours in a day, it’s had to be put on the back burner.

        In Leviathan, I would be able to get so much done as there would be no ticking clock to worry about.

        Each episode clocks in at about 35-40 minutes, which seems long, but it honestly goes by quite quickly. You almost feel saddened when the theme song pops up again, signifying the end of the episode.

        I was worried about the fact that I had to download it. Granted, I have plenty of hard drive space, but I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just listen to it on the page. It’s not that big an inconvenience however, and I’m glad to have it added to my digital library. The files don’t take up a lot of space and they transfer quickly.

        Also, it’s free. I love free stuff. As this is Laputka’s job now, it would be good if he could find a way to raise revenue through downloads, but the appeal of free is too good to give up.

        If you’re into science fiction and enjoy audio dramas or audio books, I highly recommend checking this series out as I enjoyed the hell out of it. You’ll get hours upon hours of high quality entertainment, and it’s free. Definitely check it out as it’s a fun ride.

        You can read more about the series or download episodes at

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