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67 K-1st street, Kamuning, Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • The only problem I encountered is the long waiting hours, the minimum time I have waited is only about 30 minutes and that was once in my lifetime
  • I really recommend this clinic as they're the best, they take care of their patients and they really do know the owners' names
  • I was really surprised they know my name and our pups and even my husband's name, they're not only a business but they're like a family clinic who really wants to take care of animals, I consider them family and when I always have emergencies I just call the doctor up first before going to see if it's an emergency indeed and I can't ask for anything else here

    • by shunnem

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      A couple of my friend recommended long ago that I go to Sicam Veterinary Clinic; the veterinarian is supposedly really good but there’s always a long line so you’d have to go there early or it’s always just luck when there’s only 2-3 dogs ahead of you.

      My puppy was sick at the time and she was throwing up and I was scared because it might be parvo and my puppy might suffer and can die, so I immediately went to Sicam Veterinary Clinic and was greeted by a long line of pups in waiting, all for their turn! There were about 5 dogs ahead of us and I waited for 1.5 hours before we were finally called! Dra. Lorna Gavino-Sicam was the doctor and she and her husband Vicente L. Sicam were the owners of the clinic, but the husband is only available for surgical purposes and he’s in a different criteria because he’s the one doing all the x-rays and ultrasounds, mostly for pregnant dogs and for surgical purposes.

      The clinic is an old

      house but it’s really nice and cozy! Their waiting room is a huge garage which there are chairs and long wooden sitting chairs with overhead electric fans and a CCTV camera in front of the gate so they can see who’s in waiting. There’s also a girls’ restroom and a separate boys’ restroom at the far end and inner corner of the waiting area and you can read a lot on the bulletin boards because there are advertisements and also articles posted to keep you entertained while waiting, but they aren’t enough as the wait would be always a minimum of 1 hour! But Dra. Sicam saved my puppy’s life twice now! And I’ll never go to anyone else because she and her husband are really good, not only that but I was expecting a really expensive professional fee but they were only cheap - they aren’t the type of veterinarians and doctors who would charge a huge amount just because they are good, in fact, sometimes when I would have my dog for ...

      • several ultrasounds, they would only charge half the price for the next ultrasound, let’s say I had my dog’s ultrasound last week, and I wanted it again in the next 2 weeks, they would only charge me half the price already since they’re not leeches (like Animal House) and they’re such good people sometimes they won’t even let me pay the change I have when I still owe them some change but of course I do!

        The assistants Letty and Urisis (don’t know if spelled correctly) are also dog lovers and they really took care of my pup when she was confined there. They aren’t like the assistants at Animal House who handles dogs roughly and are non-caring of the dogs’ feelings! Here, they always ask first if the dog is friendly or not, if she’s used to this and that, they’re really like family and treat the dogs as children. They’re also really used to the hard work and all the labor in just one day as they operate from 10 am to 10

        pm, sometimes it takes them up to 12 am midnight before the customers are all gone! That’s how good and caring they are!

        The only problem I encountered is the long waiting hours, the minimum time I have waited is only about 30 minutes and that was once in my lifetime; I’ve been with them for 1.5 years now and the minimum waiting time is 1 hour when for a normal check-up, but when you’re scheduled for ultrasound and x-rays then it’s no problem. I really recommend this clinic as they’re the best, they take care of their patients and they really do know the owners’ names! I was really surprised they know my name and our pups and even my husband’s name, they’re not only a business but they’re like a family clinic who really wants to take care of animals, I consider them family and when I always have emergencies I just call the doctor up first before going to see if it’s an emergency indeed and I can’t ask for anything else here!

    Amor Cortez says :

    I have been with Dra. Sicam for over 10 years now and she is the best that I have ever had as far as vets for my dogs go. I am never going to Animal House bec that place is filthy I brought my husky in there one time since I wanted to try their grooming service in New Manila. When she got home, i noticed she started scratching. I thought it must be the shampoo and i ignored it. But after a couple more days, she hasnt stopped scratching and was starting to scratch raw her buttocks area and her hind legs so i took her to Doc Sicam and we found out my husky picked-up mites I swear I am never going near Animal House ever again Also, Dra. Sicam had saved many of my puppies’ lives many times in the past and that is why i am never leaving that vet. And i will highly recommend her in a heartbeat
    Nancy says :

    Through this thread, I thought of giving the above mentioned veterinarian a try. Little did I know, it was going to be the most horrible experience I ever encountered. Upon our arrival, no attendee was present to put our name on the list. After half an hour, I knocked on the door to the doctor’s office and an attendee came out and told me that for new patient, the doctor will call me instead. So I patiently waited yet many new arrivals coming in and were admitted ahead of me to the doctor’s office. One hour and 30 minutes past, I knocked on the doctor’s office again and another attendee came out and I told her I’d been waiting for 2 hours already. She jut down my name and told me to wait…again. I was perplexed because the first attendee I talked to didn’t bother to put me on the list. After 2 more hours of waiting, the second attendee came out and chatted with a maid. They started looking at me even pointing their fingers toward me. It was quite obvious they were talking about me. All through 5 hours of waiting, I kept my silence. Didn’t complain nor raised hell. Just sitting quietly with 3 months old pomeranian who was already stressed up due to the long hours of waiting and couldn’t sleep because of the 2 crappy bichon beside us who never ceased to bark. Then the attendee said that the doctor will take a break at 2PM. How swell…the doctor can take a break while letting her patient waiting in vain till perdition come. I was already so tired and hungry at that moment that I called up a friend to recommend another vet for me. The next vet I went to admitted me right away to his office after I voiced out my dilemna at the Sicam clinic. Before his nurse took me in, she told the others waiting in queue of my situation and they were all considerate enough to let me go in. I don’t know about Dr. Sicam, but I think she forgot to train her attendee to be more professional in dealing with new patient as well as observing the proper etiquette. My name is Nancy who was dressed in black shirt and black capri pants that day and I am sure the attendee will remember me as I was the only owner who was tending to my puppy unlike others, who had a nanny or maid to attend to their charges. A big thumb down for this unprofessional clinic.
    Irene says :

    Dra. Sicam is probably the best vet we have visited. My lab was coughing incessantly and numerous trips to other vets yielded little or no result at all. She made the right diagnosis and treatment.I like how dra. Sicam listens to your concerns and tries her best to answer all your queries.. Her consultations are not timed.. She takes as long as it is needed to finish and not try to rush inspite of always having a long queue outside. Each patient is given the proper treatment and attention. A lot of people complained of the long queue and waiting time.. But if you see it in terms of her attention for each patient.. You wouldn’t mind the long wait.
    christine says :

    I could say that this clinic is somewhat a savior for a new fur parents. My fur baby ” chow chow ” is not eating for 2 consecutive days and vomiting and i dont have money to finance the laboratories and any necessary test for him . i bring my baby to the first VET CLINIC (bretton former Noah) but instead of taking care as an emergency the store attendant ask for payment first and charge 1500 for the emergency cases wherein its just 30 minutes before their vet opening time(somewhat gold digger)and spoke to their vet if atleast we can be accomodated and the payment will follow but she insisted to pay a down payment.

    Unlike with SICAM Veterinary Clinic Dr. Lorna immediately took care of my baby without hesitation and when the bill out i ask if i can partially pay she accepted and i promised to pay her back since we are coming back for some test.

    No doubt that people are waiting in line because its worthy to wait.

    Dem says :

    Hi my sister recommended Sicam Vet for my 13 yr old Dachshund who has suspected lesions in liver and spleen. Are they good at taking care of sick senior dogs?
    Ryan Cu says :

    Good afternoon, i have a problem with my 8yr old jack russell terrier. I have a complete bloodtest and a x-ray and everythings normal but the problem is he still vomits the food he ate and doesn`t drink his water. What do u think is the problem? Well anyway, i`ll go to Dra. Sicam`s clinic early tom morning to have my dog checked…
    Lyn says :

    DO NOT take your pet to Sicam Veterinary clinic. Our shitzu was our darling angel. She was coughing and breathing rapidly.
    My dog died the same day after she visited Siam. She took ecg, heartworm test, blood test, along with our money - and did not find anything.
    At 12 midnight our dog collapsed and we rushed her to the closest vet but it was too late.
    I am really angry at Lorna Sicam veterinarian.
    Shunnem replies :

    Hi, did you go to Sicam`s Clinic already? If xray shows he`s normal he maybe having indigestion or was it something new he ate? I`m sorry I`m not really a vet but I hope you were able to look for the problem already? What was your jrt`s problem? Hope everything went well.
    Tala says :

    how much is the consultation fee, deworming and rabies vaccine in sicam clinic? thanks
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