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  • Ultimately, this gets pretty boring after say the second boss battle
  • Sometimes, I think I'm jumping over a Piranha Plant with space to spare, and I end up killed
  • This is a problem in the underwater levels too with the Bloopers
  • I know that Nintendo should be cut some slack since this is 1985 we're talking about, but compared to today's video games, Super Mario Bros

    • by CirclingCanvas


      Super Mario Bros. is a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System that’s also available on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console for download for five dollars. When the game was initially released, it was both a real challenge and a lot of fun to play through. The challenge, more than anything, stemmed from the platforming challenges within the levels. One such example of a rather difficult platforming challenge was in one level where the ground in front of me ended and there was a wide opening of nothingness followed by a small, small piece of ground followed by another large opening of nothingness. Overcoming such an obstacle required excellent timing in terms of jumping and running. Another platforming challenge occurred in another level, where I’d have to run and jump over openings in the ground while flying fish flew through the air at me. Another challenge in the form of

      platforming occurred when I needed to traverse tall mushrooms in the sky at varying heights. To this day, there are still a couple of areas in the certain levels that generally require more than one try to get through, but overall, I have to say that Super Mario Bros. doesn’t hold my attention nearly as much nowadays.

      For me, Super Mario Bros. has become quite a bore compared with Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, two vastly superior two-dimensional side scrolling platforming and adventure games. I’m not simply talking about visuals or audio improvements either, although certainly, these two games look a lot prettier and sound a lot better than Super Mario Bros. does, but I’m mainly referring to level design. Super Mario World, for example, features many secret areas that can be discovered while playing through a level while Super Mario Bros. only has a few secret

      warp pipe areas that are all pretty easy to access. New Super Mario Bros. Wii, for example, offers new kinds of platforming challenges in the form of brief sand geysers and blowing wind to add an additional challenge to the obstacles in some levels. For 1985, Super Mario Bros. was pretty much a one of a kind video game that was basically unmatched in its level design and challenge, but now it’s over twenty-five years later, and the game is just much too simple and bare-bones to hold my attention.

      In Super Mario Bros., one thing that I dislike is, I fight the same boss in every castle and I defeat the same boss the same way every time. Ultimately, this gets pretty boring after say the second boss battle. That’s one disappointing aspect of the video game. Another aspect of the game that I’m not too fond of is the ...

      • Super Mario Bros.
      collision-detection system. Sometimes, I think I’m jumping over a Piranha Plant with space to spare, and I end up killed. Other times, it looks like Mario is partially consumed and he doesn’t end up dying. This is a problem in the underwater levels too with the Bloopers. It’s frustrating how sometimes I feel like Mario was killed when he shouldn’t have been, so the collision detection system seems off. I know that Nintendo should be cut some slack since this is 1985 we’re talking about, but compared to today’s video games, Super Mario Bros. simply isn’t a fun game to play any longer due to its repetitive and copy and paste style boss fights, the poor collision detection system, the limited number of different environments which generally consist of flat land, underwater, in the sky or castle levels and a lack of secret areas to look for.

      Another reason I don’t

      quite get much of a thrill out of playing this video game is the controls. They aren’t as tight and responsive as later Mario games. Mario doesn’t always immediately jump when I want him to and running and jumping seems more difficult than it should be. It takes some getting used to how Mario controls in this game and he always feels somewhat loose to play as. For all of the aforementioned reasons, I can’t recall the last time I felt an urge to play this game. It’s still challenging to an extent here and there, but take away those challenging moments and the video game is ultimately pretty bland, straightforward in its level design and obstacles and generally pretty easy to speed through most of the time. I feel that a “3″ is a very appropriate score for a video game that just doesn’t hold up well compared with today’s video game releases.

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