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  • The film was a litte entertaining but mostly it was boring There were little to no comedy or serier elements

    • by Henry Savior

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      I am going to review a comedy-drama film called Over Her Dead Body.A man and a woman are about to be married but on the day of thier wedding,teh woman,named Kate gets killed by an angel ice sculpture she ordered for the wedding.After one year,her boyfriend,Henry refuses to get on with his life.He hasnt gotten on with his life since Kate died.His sister tells him to talk to a psychic named Ashley hoping the psychic can tell him how to get on with his life.Henry’s sister gives kate’s diary to the psychic so that ashley can learn some info about kate.After awhile,the psychic and henry fall in love.Meanwhile,somehow kate gets back on earth as a ghost after dying.She first meets up with a strange angel woman in a white room and then finds herself suddenly on earth.She bumps into the sculture who made the ice sculpture for her wedding.He was

      also killed.he informs her that they are supposed to deal with unfinished business.Kate believes her job is to protect henry.Later,kate discovers that henry is now dating the psychic.Kate harrases the psychic into breaking up with Henry.The psychic,Ashley tries to go on with her relatioship with henry though.Despite this,henry discovers she read Kate’s secrets in her diary and decides to break up with her.

      Later the ghost of the sculpture meets up with kate again and tells her she may have misundrstood what her unfinished buisness was supposed to be she.She desides she wants Henry to be happy and date other people so she tries to get him and Ashley back together.Henry and Ashley eventually do get back to heaven and kate goes back to a room where she first went when she died.The mysterious angel woman still does not let her into heaven for some reason.There is a small sublot in ...

      • the film about Ashley’s friend Dan who let ashley think he was gay for years so he can be close to her.He was actually desperatly in love with her.She is a bit angry that he lied to her for so many years but they patch things up and become friends again at the end of the movie.

        I really didn’t take much of a liking to this film.It’s essential plot was a bit weak.It was about a dead woman becoming a ghost and trying to break up a relationship between her boyfriend and his new girlfriend.Even though its a comedy film,this premise really does not have a whole lot of substance to it.For most of the film,Kate,the dead woman,simply harrasess Ashley and gets on her nerves in an attempt to get her to stop dating Henry.There was a bit fo drama in the film taht dealt with the relationship between Henry

        and Ashley.However,most of the film consisted of Kate annoying Ashley.The film would have worked better as simply a drama flm without metaphysical elements such as ghosts.

        Also,the subplot about Ashley’s friend Dan was really unneccessary.The plot about kate as a ghost was sufficient.The relationsup between Ashely and Dan was really just filler and seemed to just be distracting to the main plot.Some of the acting is also subpar.The dialogue between Ashley adn Henry was dry and unconvincing.It is hardly believable that they are dating.Thier voices are generally monotone without conviction.Kate’s acting was fine however.She played a good role as an angry ghost attempting to sabotage a relationship.It was believable that she was angry and jealous of Henry and Ashley when she was acting throughout the film.The film was a litte entertaining but mostly it was boring There were little to no comedy or serier elements.The film was just one big drama party.

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