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  • My son's growth was fast that everybody had noticed it

    • by rmc

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      Cherifer, It is a vitamin that boost the growth system of one person. I have seen a friend who is buying this vitamin and i’m using other brand.

      So i asked her what is the difference between the known brand that i am using than her brand

      which is the first time that i heard in our place… so with my curiosity i bought again another vitamin with this i am reviewing.

      I have 3 kids and i guess i have bought only two bottles which they share.

      And when this is finish i stop ...

      • and i resume after few months to let them drink again.

        I never notice the differenc then, as they are still little kids.

        And when my first child enter high school, he was so small and looks like still in elementary grades.

        That was time i remember again

        this vitamin.

        I said maybe this will work better this time and believe me.

        It did great wonders.

        My son’s growth was fast that everybody had noticed it.

        I am using this still in my second child and the effect was great.

        This is Cherifer… doing wonders to growth!

    jayeasy says :

    hi im 21 can i still grow with this product? thanks.
    Jules Li says :

    You are within the age range where most people stop growing. Growth tends to stop between 21-24, If you’ve stopped growing, it won’t have an affect.
    Galega says :

    You should try Cherifer PGM. It comes with high quality protein, among others.

    It can help in stimulating growth hormone, along with repairing tissues of your body. It can help you to gain some height. However, there is no guarantee as height has something to do with genetic factor and age (you are already 21). You can try this product along with regular exercise.
    afi says :

    i am 21yrs old..can i still grow taller if i take cherifer? pls answer my question
    Jules Li says :

    Afi, it’s possible, however it varies from person to person. Most people stop growing between 21-24, and if this is the case, it won’t have an affect.
    Galega says :

    You should try Tynor Cherifer PGM. It can stimulate the HGH hormone, which is responsible for height, to help you gain few inches. However, please note that there is no guarantee that it can help you to become taller. Height has also something to do with genetic factor and age.
    JOHN says :

    how many tablets do i takes per a day?
    Jules Li says :

    John, it’s recommended that you take one per day.
    Galega says :

    It will depend on the product you are going to take. The review doesn’t mention the specific product under Cherifer brand name.

    If you are taking Cherifer Premium, don’t take more than one capsule within 24 hours.

    If you are taking Cherifer PGM, you can take up to two capsules in a single day.
    Jay Frelle says :

    I agree. because I also take cherifer. When I was Gr 7 my height was 4″7 but now I m Gr 9 my height was 5″2 and I m very thankful to cherifer that I became tall almost 5 inches…
    carmina joy lopez says :

    I am 17 yrs. old… i started taking cherifer capsule since 16 yrs. old. can cherifer increase my height?… I am only 4`11 inches… wat i am going to u have other products. thank you.
    Galega says :

    Take Cherifer PGM (Pubertal Growth Maximizer), not Cherifer Premium. It can help you to increase height. However, there isn’t any guarantee.

    There are other products in the brand of name Cherifer like premimum and syrup. I don’t think you need them.

    You should also concentrate on having healthy lifestyle along with regular exercise.
    Albrenny says :

    I know of some friends who has gain 1 inch after 4 days taking cherifer capsules. You have been taking cherifer for one year, did you check your hight before taking cherifer in order to compare your growth after one year? I would recommend “growth factor plus”. Presently its the best selling height supplement for adults. Your currently 17, check with your doctor before purchasing. Growth factor plus maximizes cartilage length in your bones and spine. As well as transforms cartilages into longer bone structures while strengthening your joints and cartilage. I believe they have a guareentee 90 days money back if your not satisfied.
    Galega says :

    Growing by 1 inch after taking a height enhancer product like Cherifer is not possible. No products can give results in such a short-term duration.
    camrille says :

    my height is just 4.9 and im turning 15. i want to increase my height bu taking the pgm cherifer.does it really effective?
    John says :

    Cherifer contains tons of vitamins. You are still within growing age, so it will definitely have an affect. However, this will vary from person to person and it’s impossible to determine what the results may be.
    Galega says :

    Cherifer PGM can be effective in stimulating growth hormone. It is specially made for teenagers. However, there is no guarantee that you will become taller with the help of it.

    You can try Cherifer while keeping up with regular exercise and healthy diet.
    edgar says :

    Hello i am already 35 yrs old and was planning to take Cherifer…would this help me gain some inch of height still? What probable brand of Cherifer or another good and proven product suitable for my age would hopefully can you recommend?
    John says :

    Edgar, you’re outside of the growing age, so it won’t have an affect on your height. However, the additional vitamins are beneficial.
    Galega says :

    HGH hormone is known as growth hormone. Stimulating it can help a person to gain height. Cherifer PGM tries to stimulate this growth hormone.

    There are many other factors that come into picture when it comes to height like genetic and age. Generally, a person who is already 25 years old (even 2 - 4 four years below) stop gaining height. You are already 35. It will be quite tough for you to gain few inches at this age. You can take Cherifer PGM for short duration, but don’t expect it to help you in getting little taller.
    Thor says :

    Hi im 22 yrs old and i want to increase my height. is it ok to take cherifer pgm even if im 22? i think cherifer pgm is more effective that premium but what should you recommend for me to take cherifer PGM or Cherifer Premium? thanks
    Galega says :

    At 22 years of age, you can take any of them. I would recommend you to go for Cherifer PGM, which is better for your kind of requirements.
    belle says :

    hi , im 13 yrs.old and my height is 5 0. and my dream height is 5 7 can that be possible? and how many capsules of cherifer should i take per day?
    Jules Li says :

    You should take one per day.
    Galega says :

    You are just 13 years old. Why are you wondering about height? I don’t think you should think about taking any height enhancer product at this age. Rather concentrate on having a healthy lifestyle along with regular exercise apart from taking care of your study. Over time, you will have optimum height.
    Adrian says :

    hi… what time of the day do i need to drink cherfier so that it`ll be more effective? night or day? and is it really that effective? can u give me some testimonies of people who have used it already and has seen the results.. thank you
    Galega says :

    I had used similar product (I am an Indian) at the age of 23. I didn’t get any height. I do know one person who had become little bit taller with similar product (same ingredient). There might be placebo effect, though.

    Taking it after dinner may be the best time for you. It will help in better absorption and hence better result.
    Lauren says :

    You sure that the best time to take it is after dinner?
    Galega says :

    Not exactly dinner. You can take it at any time after eating something. If you take it in the empty stomach, you may feel little bit tired throughout the day.
    JR says :

    Why do we have to drink it after eating something first. What does it do to make us feel tired? Can you explain? Thanks
    Galega says :

    A supplement is recommended to be taken after meal for proper absorption. Your stomach also doesn’t need to do anything special to absorb the ingredients. That is how you won’t feel tired after taking with or just after meal/breakfast.
    jhaz says :

    how much is cherifer in philippine peso?
    Leah Mae says :

    here is the price for Cherifer PGM 10-22 With High CGF cap
    budget pack for 10’s - php180.00 (php18 per cap)
    100’s - php1800 per pack (php18 per cap)
    30’s - php540 per pack (php18 per cap)
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