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  • As a result I know I can rely on REAL CANADIAN to supply my emergency water needs because the price of a 24 is so affordable

    • by Tim Price

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      This is a great tasting water that was made in Canada. I live in Canada so I can say with pride that this brand is far better than some of the bigger company brands such as Nestle, Dasani, and Aberfoyle. Firstly, REAL CANADIAN sells its water for a lower price than any of the brands I mentioned abouve. Second, the expiration date is stamped on every bottle so you never have to wonder whether or not the water is

      safe to drink. Third, the taste of the water is not lacking like the taste of Dasani, and it is not empty like the taste of Aberfoyle. Each time you open this water and have a drink, it will feel as good as it feels to finally get some water after a long hot trip to the fountain.

      I have purchased 4 24-pack cases of REAL CANADIAN from Costco and have stored them down in the basement so ...

      • they stay cool. It is important to keep in mind that many natural disasters may leave you without any water to drink. Therefore stocking up is imperative if you want to ensure your own well-being. As a result I know I can rely on REAL CANADIAN to supply my emergency water needs because the price of a 24 is so affordable. Not to mention the expiration dates are printed on every bottle so even in an emergency situation you
        would be able to check if the water is still drinkable or not.

        This water can be found at any major grocery store and most convenience stores across Canada and northern USA. It is not carbonated, and ozonated. Most of all, it does a great job of quenching my thirst after just one bottle, while i constantly see my friends unsatisfied with dasani and nestle water. If you want to save money and drink natural, great tasting water, go with REAL CANADIAN.

    Missie says :

    I would like to know if this brand of water has a ph level, as many others do? It would be listed on the bottle.But i don`t see any information with reguard to this.I hope that someone will be able to answer this questionfor me. Thanks
    sunny says :

    Yes it has a ph level of 7 which makes it perfect to drink.Acidic water has a pH level below 7 and alkaline above 7. This spring water is neutral to make it fit for drinking.
    Brian David Parker says :

    Well the Water itself might have been perfect to drink before putting it into plastic bottles at the plant this done at, but did you know that the plastic bottles this drinking water is placed in is not entirely without doing potential harm to the human body? I could go on for hours sharing with you the facts on this subject, but just Google inclgrediences in making plastic water bottles and you will learn a great deal on some things that you did not know about.
    Joanna says :

    Hi Missie,

    Like most other bottled water, this particular brand has a PH level of 7. This means that that the water is neutral in PH, and has been filtered and cleaned to make it fit for human consumption. Most health agencies dictate that bottled water must have a PH level of 7 to be sold to consumers. Anything above or below that is considered hazardous.

    Hope this helps.


    Dominic Rouse says :

    “Anything above or below that is considered hazardous.”

    This “above” comment is misleading. Water with pH levels higher than 7 is considered alkaline, and is, in fact, extremely good for the body. Especially when you consider the acidic diet of most western people. Consuming alkaline food drink is a great way to balance the pH of your body (specifically your blood) if you regularly eat acidic food drink. The body’s pH likes to be between 6.8 - 7.2 to create homeostasis. Check Google for alkaline diet. You will find many supporting doctors and medical publications.
    Barb says :

    Real Canadian spring water it smells like beach in it and taste like beach to why is that
    Carolyn Dube says :

    I love this water it is my favorite. I buy it faithfully from No Frills or Superstore. It’s the best. Quenches the thirst, is natural, it’s decently priced. Plus, it’s Canadian.
    Brian David Parker says :

    Well I am very informed and educated on this area for sure and I want others to be educated on this as well and I am referring to the Plastic Bottles that the drinking water gets put into and the stocked on all the store shelves that sells Bottled Water. I am not going to harp on this Subject beyond this response, but please do your homework on these things and you will imho, live a much longer and healthier life.
    Tracy says :

    Did you know that Superstore is a subsidiary of Loblaws? It is a US commpany. Also, placing anything in plastic bottles is not only harmful to you, it is harmful to the environment. It is best to purchase a home filtering system and use glass containers to contain the filtered water. There are numerous websites that will back up this information.
    jason says :

    Sorry but loblaws I’d definitely not an American company. Not sure where u pulled that fact from lol
    Rebecca says :

    I have tried this water but not for a long time. Not sure if it’s real spring water or filtered water, does not taste like spring water. It is Canadian but so is the stuff in Canadian taps.
    Galega says :

    Spring water can’t be used directly for drinking purposes, especially not as a bottled water. The spring water is first processed with O3. Later, it went through reverse osmosis process. Necessary minerals are added in the recommended dose. All these procedures change the taste of the water.
    liam says :

    the one thing that i highly dislike about real Canadian natural spring water is that you cannot twist it and the cap comes flying off. for some reason it doesn’t work on these ones and works on others such as nestle.
    joy says :

    I purchased a case of Real Canadian Spring water and so far there have been two bottles that are spoiled. They had a really pale yellowish tinge, light enough that it is hard to detect, I drank some before realizing it and it tasted terrible. It also doesn’t happen just when you open the bottle I know I’ve found the same thing in a partially finished bottle that was fine at first. When I drank the first one out of this case, I checked each of the bottles and couldn’t detect the odd colour of the second bottle. This happened one other time from a totally different case.
    Mar says :

    I’ve never heard such bunk. This water is great. They actually have the guts to publish, on their labels, the fluoride and mineral count.

    I feel much more comfortable drinking water that comes from a natural springs in northern Ontario than from who knows where. As for the larger bottlers, who have water that “apparently” taste better, who knows what they put in it to get it to taste that way. I don’t trust most large food and drink producers. The junk they put into our foods, to make them taste better, is sinful.

    Plastic containers is a concern but there are worst things to drink out of plastic containers than water…e.g. sodas. Let’s put pressure on the plastic manufacturers to make safer containers.

    Real Canadian is bottled for Loblaws. Anyone in the food industry is obsessed with food safety and Loblaws is no exception. In fact I would suggest they are more so, especially when you consider the commercials that they put out about their meats, “Blue” brand etc.

    Facts mean more than taste alone. Now, having said that, this panel of one loves the taste.
    Lawrence Smith says :

    In Manitoba, we always buy the Real Canadian bottled water. One case holds 35 bottles. We have noticed that the water used to come from a spring in Middlebro, Manitoba, now its coming from High River, Alberta. All the Loblaw stores here are called Superstores and the last few weeks we can t buy anymore Real Canadian bottle water, why is that.
    Jenn D says :

    They either changed ownership or decided to go for a new name. Maybe the Loblaws has stopped purchasing it. Please be careful with that bottled water you drink, though. I used to work in water testing and most bottled water, particularly in Canada, just comes from a tap and is no more fresh than what’s in a swimming pool.
    Joanne Myers says :

    We started buying Real Canadian spring water a little while ago, we put it in the basement and bring up a bottle or two and put in the fridge, what we found after its been in the fridge and you take it out and open it up ,take a drink and put it back in to have a drink later.
    When you go back for another drink the water is full of cloudy sediment, the stuff on the bottom i would not say is sand but had a dark appearance to it, and if you shake the bottle you cannot see through it, it is cloudy/milky looking, i would not drink this water like this and it is not normal.
    When its like this i don’t see how anyone could drink this water, also the taste is different when this happens.
    Putting it in the fridge ,which is what one would do in the summer should not cause this
    Anna Poot says :

    Is the fluoride naturally occurring or is it added. Natural is actually fluorine so wondering if it’s added - I’m trying to avoid artificial fluoride.
    Galega says :

    Fluoride is added artificially. However, you are not required to worry as the content is way within the recommended daily dose.
    Rebecca says :

    re : As a result I know I can rely on REAL CANADIAN to supply my emergency water needs because the price of a 24 is so affordable
    I think if you wanted to be thrifty you would have a water filtration system and rain barrels to collect water that would be best emergency kit.
    Susie Friessen says :

    Normally love the water the last pack I bought I had some open bottles n some were moldy tags.
    Cheryl Boutilier says :

    I have had such severe diahreah now going on 4 weeks and the only change I have made is to my bottled water drinking Real Canadian water.I am so sick.
    Could I be drinking poison water with Paresites?
    Galega says :

    First thing you need to do is to immediately discontinue using this water. The mineral content in this water may not be suitable for your stomach. There might be other issues, also. This spring water is little bit different from others available in the market. It is processed spring water.
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