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  • I think this was supposed to be a family oriented christmas film

    • by Henry Savior

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      I recently watched a really poor christmas movie that was made around 1964.It is called santa claus conquers the martians.THe film looks like a mix of sci fi and family christmas films.The main plot has do with martians capturing santa claus from the north pole so they can jhave a santa claus on thier planet.Thier kids are unhappy because they never got to act like real children or play with toys.Martian children dont have a childhood like earthlings do.They are considered mini-adults.The martians hope that getting santa claus on thier planet will bring joy to thier children.They also kidnap two earth children who tell them where to find santa.They didnt know that they were planning to capture santa.The martians kidnapped the kids because they thought they would tell al the earthilings about thier earth arrival and kidnapping of santa claus.While on the ship,santa creates a workshoop and starts manufacturing toys for martian children.

      The film also has a sublot about one of the martians planning to send santa back to earth.He dosen’t want the martian children to be more

      childlike.He wants things on mars to be the same.He stages a kidnapping but fails.The king of the martians discovers his plans and stages a battle with hima and santa.He eventually enagages in a battle with santa and toys he made and is eventually arrested by the king martian.Santa is eventually sent back to earth becuase a goofy martian likes dressing up as him and has the christmas spirit.They decide to make the goofy martian the new santa and send santa and the earth children back to earth.I found this film to be very poor.The plot was absolutly ludicrous.The idea of santa claus meeting martians is a very idotic idea.I think this was supposed to be a family oriented christmas film.However,I do not see how adults and kids alike would want to watch this bad excuse for a holiday film.It blends two movie genres that just don’t belong together,sci-fi and christmas genres.I also don’t get the idea of the martian children needing a childhood and to play with toys.It is explained in the film that childhood does not exist ...

      • on mars.Martian kids seem to be eduated from birth and are considered adults by the age of 1 or 2.If there is no such thing as childhood on mars,how do the martian kids and adults know what childhood is?

        Why would martian children have a strong desire for childhood if they dont know what it is in the first place?The title of the film is also misleading.Santa Claus does not conquer any nartinas.He barely fights at all.All he really does is manufacture toys,laugh and tell jokes to people.There are attempts at comedy by having santa tell jokes.There are also comedy attempts by a goofy alien droppo who is a bumbling bafoon.However,these attempts at comedy are very stale and unfunny.The acting in the film is really lackluster.The lines are read without emotion and unnaturally.The martians seem like they just read lines off a script.The designs of the martian costumes were also really poor.

        They were nothing more than green jumpsuits with green paint splattered on human faces.There was also cheap looking antennas sticking out from the alien heads.It looked like the

        director simply used old tv antennas for the the alien ones.There were other noticable costume design flaws.There was a polar bear at the north pole that simply looked like a man in a cheap bear suit.There was a robot that the aliens used to capture santa that looked like it was made out of cardboard and colored with crayons.

        Most of the lines in the film are pretty dry and unappealing like I said before.However,a particular line was really irritating.When the martians send a robot to capture santa,the robot simply stops moving while he is with santa in his workshop.The martians notice this.One comments,”santa thinks he is a toy”.The other martian replies, “the robot has become a toy”.This is the line I hated.This has got to be one of the dumbest things I have heard in the movie.How did the robot become a toy?All it did was just walk into santa’s workshop and then stopped.It is an illogical and random idea.I did not really enjoy this film at all.There are far more superior holiday films like miracle at 34th street.

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