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  • It has been longer than a month of taking this vitamin and so far I noticed improvements day by day
  • Actually I felt quite disappointed at first because I wrongly assumed that I could immediately feel comfort
  • I think I will continue taking this medicine

    • by ladyli

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      I have been taking Pharex Vitamin B-Complex tablet for more than a month now. A tablet is actually composed of Vitamin B1 100 mg, vitamin B12 50 mcg, and vitamin B6 5 mg. and so far it has been beneficial to me. Actually, I took this vitamin without consulting a doctor. I just read in the internet that Vitamin B complex could help solve stiff fingers and other nerve related disease. I’ve been having problems especially in the early morning because of very painful fingers that feel very stiff and could be hardly moved. I noted that it happens whenever I do chores that would require

      me to wet or soak my hands in water like washing the dishes, and doing the laundry. I also used to feel numbness of hands whenever they are kept immobile for long. That normally happens when I am inside the bus and have fallen asleep. As I wake up, my hands would be all numbed and would take quite awhile before they are restored.

      It has been longer than a month of taking this vitamin and so far I noticed improvements day by day. Of course the healing did not happen overnight. Actually I felt quite disappointed at first because I wrongly assumed that I could immediately feel comfort. It did not happen. I was actually thinking that in three days I could get benefits but there was none. Nevertheless, I went on taking the vitamins until I felt the benefits. I have been taking 2 tablets a day. One tablet in the morning and one tablet at night after dinner has been my regular dosage. Actually, it took around two week before I noticed good effects. I noticed the painfulness had been reduced. So I kept taking the vitamin and it is now a month and indeed the healing gets even more apparent.

      Apart from this, I also noticed that taking this vitamin ...

      • Vitamin B Complex by Pharex
      helped me get a more restful sleep. I am not taking other vitamin supplement except this so it is obvious the sleep enhancement is caused by vitamin B complex. I don’t get easily disturbed by noise from my sleep these days. My husband even noticed that I am even snoring softly even when it is already morning and there are already noise from vehicles and people passing by.

      I also have noted that I seldom get hands numbness these days. I travel each day for up to two hours from home to the office depending on the traffic situation. I almost always do fall asleep during

      the trip nevertheless, now I noted that I seldom get my hands numbed. Unless of course I’ve placed them on a very bad position.

      I think I will continue taking this medicine. It has proven itself to be beneficial to my health and what is really good is the fact that it is not burdensome to my pocket. Each tablet costs only PHP3.50. Of course Pharex is well known for cheap but effective medicine so I have always been a supporter of Pharex. I’m glad they’ve come up with a cheap vitamin B complex and for as long as there is Pharex brand, I don’t think I will stop taking this vitamin supplement.

jules says :

What was the effect, i accidebtally took stresstab and and vitamin b complex at same time
Galega says :

There should not be any problem in taking both stresstab and Vitamin B Complex simultaneously. You can definitely take them one after the other.
JP says :

Can I take pharex and revicon max at the same time? Will it be too much?
Galega says :

You should avoid taking both of them simultaneously as revicon max also contains Vitamin B - Complex along with other vital nutrients and vitamins. It would be better if you stick with one of them, depending on your requirements and vitamin deficiency, if any.
Galega says :

In your condition, it will be better to first take suggestion of your doctor. Since you are feeling numb finger every morning, a proper diagnosis is required.

Having said that, you can definitely take this medicine, or a similar B Complex supplement.
jonalyn villarosa says :

Good day I need help i alread cnsult a doctor i have pain in my back my joint my hands and fingers..even i do household chores like washing clothes cooking or walking in near i felt easily tired i take pharex b complex for 3 days but i planned to take it daily pls i need a doctor to explain if what is my sickness thanks
Galega says :

The pain in back, join and hands can happen because of variety of reasons. If there are no numbness, burning sensation or tingling in the affected area, there won’t be any serious issues. You can take pain killer for few days and see if that makes any difference. Otherwise, you may need to see a doctor for proper diagnosis. You can definitely take Vitamin B complex supplement, but you will also need some other medicines to completely heal this problem.
Michele Miller says :

re : It has been longer than a month of taking this vitamin and so far I noticed improvements day by day
I’m not sure what "helping" means to you, but B complex is a great supplement. It is considered a stress tab. It relieves the effects of stress on the body therefore, making us feel better.
Galega says :

There is no denying that B-complex supplements may relieve stress, boost cognitive performance and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, even in people without B vitamin deficiencies. Apart from cognitive side, it has many other benefits which are being discussed by the author.

However, you may only feel the difference over a prolong duration. I mean there may not be any quick visible result.
Henry says :

My interest finding hair vitamins led me hear. Ive learnt that biotin or b7 is a good hair vitamin wc to my surprise, is already patt of pharyx bcomplex that ive been taking. At first I was just curious trying to be a sustained growing man in physiques and mentality that ive tried this cus its cheaper but contains just alot alot more. Thats when I notice that taking this before I sleep, it gave me a more relaxed and undisturbed sleep even most of the time I couldnt get a full 8 hrs full time sleep but mostly 5-6hrs cus im working at a call center. Plus as what the product would brand it it really relieves muscle aches and fatigues. Ive been trying alot of vits that promised the same result but I admit I could only stay and stick to this product cos other vits gave me some sort of side effects like headaches and heaviness. This one is just what I needed with nothing to compromise. Im 31 now and really I just have to stick with pharxy b complex. Not advertising, just telling the truth…theyve met my satisfaction, they deserve my praise
Clariza tobias says :

Is it ok to take vitamin b complex and enervon?
Galega says :

Enervon is also a Vitamin B Complex supplement. Hence, you should not take both of them simultaneously.
junmae says :

Yes, that would not be a problem since both are vitamin supplement. Enervon is a vitamin C and it can help the better absorption of Vitamin B complex.
Galega says :

Apart from Vitamin C, Enervon also contains Vitamin B Complex. Pharex is already a similar product. And, hence, these products should not be taken simultaneously.
Dr Hristofor Cherkezov says :

What you are describing sounds like rheumatoid arthritis. People with this autoimmune condition experience morning stiffness that disappears after you start moving.
If thats the case with you I’d suggest that you first see a rheumatologist to confirm the diagnosis and prescribe a course of treatment. I don’t think that taking vitamin B complex alone will fix your problem in the long run.
Best regards,
dr. Cherkezov
Galega says :

Exactly that should be the case. Vitamin B Complex is just a supplement which is widely prescribed for a person having rheumatoid arthritis. But, only taking this supplement can’t cure the problem. The patient needs to follow the prescription of a doctor for scheduled period for complete treatment. Delaying it will only lead to more problems.
Miles says :

Hi Im Miles and im 31, is it ok if i take Pharex b complex before i go to sleep? next question is is it ok to take pharex b complex even if i dont have any issues over arthritis or any nerve and joints problems?

Galega says :

It is not a medicine, but a supplement and you can definitely take it without having any arthritis issue. You can take it before going to sleep. Just ensure to stick with only one capsule a day.
demetria says :

Is it okay to take pharex b complex to those person who has arthritis?
Galega says :

Yes, a person suffering from arthritis can take Pharex B Complex. There should not be any problem.
Valentine says :

Yes Pharex B Complex can be taken by people who suffer from arthritis. It is a non-antioxidant vitamin that improves the mobility of joints and hand grip for those suffering from osteoarthritis. It also reduces the levels of inflammation for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
Galega says :

Some evidence and clinical trials have suggested that vitamins B3, B9 and B12 might be of some benefit for treating osteoarthritis, particularly in improving joint mobility and hand grip.

However, I would still suggest patient to not rely on it completely and continue to take medicine for arthritis as per prescription of her doctor. There is no problem for her to take this, though.
adam says :

excessive use of vitamins and is not suitable daily dose will be highly addictive. We recommend using vitamin when the body is truly in need, such as when you feel tired or you feel ill will, after strenuous activity
Galega says :

Overdosing should always be avoided. But, there is also no harm in taking a multivitamin supplement daily which contains all Vitamins under the recommended daily dose.
Helen says :

Can i take a pre-natal vitamin w DHA (healthy option) along with pharex b-complex at the same time?
Galega says :

Yes, you can take these two supplements simultaneously. There should not be any problem.
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