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  • I loved the second one even more, and I've since held them both very high on my favorites list
  • However, it wasn't too long ago that I ran into Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

    • by Naoto

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      I’m a sucker for the Kingdom Hearts Games. I played the first game all the way back in 2003 and have since then beaten it at least ten times. I loved the second one even more, and I’ve since held them both very high on my favorites list.

      However, it wasn’t too long ago that I ran into Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Since it was a Kingdom Hearts game, I knew it HAD to be good!


      I was wrong. Since there isn’t a whole lot of story, I’ll just summarize it right here: Sora is forgetting stuff, so you have

      to travel through worlds from the previous game plus a few more to regain them.

      And… That’s about it. The Kingdom Hearts I knew and loved seemed to have died while this game was being made, then resurrected during the making of the second game.

      Everything in this game is different, and I literally mean everything. Instead of standard attacks you now have to rely on a series of ‘cards’ as your attacks.

      These cards are limited, and can be easily broken by the ‘card break’ system. In other words, if you play too low of a number even by accident,

      • the enemy can use as higher number to render you momentarily helpless.

        Also, you have to reload these cards every now and then, and in order to do that, you have to stand totally defenseless while the cards recharge then reload. In other words, this game is stupidly hard.

        There are tons of handicaps that are given to the enemy, as smaller shadows never have to reload their cards, come in groups or at least 3, and will often card break any and all heal cards. Not to mention, bosses have much more health than you and can move while reloading

        their cards.

        To summarize it, the graphics are ok considering the console, but the music is annoying and repetitive. Fighting is incredibly unfair.

        There is almost no storyline, and all you will ever do in this game is fight. Nothing but it, just fight 10 heartless here, another 6 over here, fight some more to get the cards you need to get through the next door, then fight some more to repeat the process.

        Every now and then you’ll get stuck at a boss,get frustrated after dieing twenty time, and stop playing. So, don’t buy this game unless you really like to torture yourself with impossibly hard games.

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