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  • I think that this minor subplot is a perfect example of the quality of the show's writing
  • We haven't had a lot of exposure in regards to Fire Lord Ozai, but I love Mark Hamill's voice work

    • by David Finniss


      This episode is freaking huge. Jao unleashes his plan to negate the waterbender’s reliance on the moon by making it disappear.

      Aang is still separated from his body. He travels through the spirit world and Avatar Roku tells him to find a spirit called Koh. The trick is that you can’t show any emotion around him or else he’ll steal your face. It’s quite literal as we see an animal that has had it’s face stolen.

      Aang does a really good job with this and it’s a great scene. The face stealer is creepy and tries to get a rise out of Aang

      to no avail.

      When the ordeal is done, Aang goes back to his body. I’m not sure why such a big deal was made of his body not being moved. Yes, he returns to where he left to find his body gone, but his spirit is pulled back to his body anyway so it doesn’t seem like that big a deal.

      The climax is stellar. There’s a legitimate, “oh man, they’re screwed moment” when Jao manages to erase the moon and Aang turning into that water spirit/god thing was mind blowing. The score for this episode was really well done. My jaw hung open as ...

      • Aang’s water form laid the smack down on the fire nation fleet.

        We also see a rematch between Zuko and Admiral Jao. I hope he’s not dead, Jao’s too cool a villain to kill off, even if it was at the hands of a water god.

        The Yue/Sokka romance comes to a tragic end. I think that this minor subplot is a perfect example of the quality of the show’s writing. Her final scene is poignant and you honestly started to feel for them. It’s not often you see this level of quality in kids show.

        In true season finale fashion, we end on a

        cliffhanger as Zuko’s sister (who was, for some reason, never mentioned until now) is sent to finish the job that Zuko couldn’t do.

        We haven’t had a lot of exposure in regards to Fire Lord Ozai, but I love Mark Hamill’s voice work. It’s got a hint of Joker, while also having it’s own style. I hope he plays a bigger part in the next two seasons.

        This show lives up to the hype. I’ve gotten through season 1 and loved every second of it, from what I hear it only gets better from here and I’m as eager as ever to check out the upcoming episodes.

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