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  • After reading such things regarding the scary mini-strokes some people use from using yasmin as well as the nausea/loss of libido I decided to settle down on Althea
  • On the 2nd week of taking it I noticed my breasts were getting really tender and sore
  • I notice that I began to sleep early upon taking the pill
  • My suggestion is that if you're a first time user, this pill is probably not good
  • I suggest going to your ob-gynecologist prior to taking anything, so they can carefully assess what type of pill is the best for you

    • by angelie

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      Althea Contraceptive Pills have been out on the market for a while, it is being manufactured by the Trust Contraceptive brand.

      I took this pill last month of June 2010 after an exhaustive research on worthwhile and safe contraceptive pills. After reading such things regarding the scary mini-strokes some people use from using yasmin as well as the nausea/loss of libido I decided to settle down on Althea.

      Upon my 1st day of period, I quickly took the pill and for the next few days I did not feel any change in terms of libido or appetite. My libido and appetite

      stayed the same. I also did not encounter any mood swings that are of a peculiar nature, no bloatedness, no constipation, no insomnia, not a lot of nausea and irritability.

      On the 2nd week of taking it I noticed my breasts were getting really tender and sore. It didnt hurt but it was more sensitive than it was prior to taking the pill. I also felt a lot of bad headaches from time to time, for example in a course of week I would get 3-4 headaches especially if I am in the heat of the sun for too long ...

      • or stressed for too long.

        On the 4th week I noticed breakthrough bleeding, just a little bit of it, but enough to be noticeable. It would happen 3-4 times a week also. I don’t know but I suppose it could be due to the fact I would smoke 2 cigarettes every day that I shared with my boyfriend. Im not a smoker by the way.

        I havent taken pills for at least 9 years. This is the first time I took it in a long time. So I guess my body was getting used to it.

        I notice that I began

        to sleep early upon taking the pill. I would take it at 10:30pm and I would feel sleepy at 11:30 pm.

        On the following month, my period started early. The bleeding was not a lot but it began early and lasted for quite a while.

        My suggestion is that if you’re a first time user, this pill is probably not good. It has anti androgen properties and I believe that is not preferable for first time users. I suggest going to your ob-gynecologist prior to taking anything, so they can carefully assess what type of pill is the best for you.

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    zofeya says :

    i use DMPA as a contraceptive but i don`t feel ok with it cause it makes me sleepy. I want to shift on a contraceptive pills but i`m a budget conscious. I heard lot of nice thing about Althea i want to try it, how much is Althea?
    angelie replies :

    It costs about Php 250 or less, over the counter.
    nov says :

    I currently take Althea and it cost me 450 per box at TGP
    quick note by anonymous :

    As a quick note I would like to add I think due to the androgen form of the pill, my hair started falling out about 3-4 months from my first time of using the Althea brand of pills.
    Galega says :


    It is not an androgen form of pill, but being anti-androgen. Anthea Contraceptive pill is manufactured with cyproterone acetate along with female hormone Estrogen. The combination of these two makes it a powerful anti-androgen product which help containing acne/pimples, obesity, AND BODY HAIR.

    Yes, Anthea Pill can control the growth of`unwanted body hair’. It is not supposed to be an aid in hair falling.

    All contraceptive pills (regular) have generally similar type of formulations, and there have been many clinical trials to study their possible side effects.

    There is no report of hair falling as a side effect of Althea, or any other estrogen based contraceptive pill.

    Though it may be possible that your hair falling is related to it. Stop this pill and take some progesteron based pill (you can find many person opinion about other contraceptive pills on this website).And, check what happens.
    Anna says :

    I have experienced the same also, hair falls has been evident this time. I am on my fourth pack. Any advice? Should I change my pills?
    Galega says :

    I have written the scientific reason about this paradox above. Hair falling, though not documented as a side effect of Althea, can happen with some users.

    You need to contact a doctor and discuss this issue. Changing the pill might be one solution, but before that your doctor may prescribe you the more suitable way to keep taking Althea without compromising the quality of your hair.
    myerl says :

    Hi I just wanna ask is it possible to get pregnant after missing one pill and having sex at that time. I took a pill after realizing I didnt take one on the same time.
    Galega says :

    If you had taken the missed pill within 12 hours of the scheduled time, then you should be safe from unwanted pregnancy.
    myerl says :

    Thank you for your response. One last thing, is it okay to drink laxative tea then taking pills also? I take pills 10 in the morning and laxative tea 10 in the evening? would it affect the performance of the pills?
    Galega says :

    If your laxative tea contains Senna Leave extract, then you should not take that along with Althea.
    quick note by anonymous :

    how to use althea pillS?do i need to follow the day?what if my 1st period falls on friday
    Jennifer Davis says :

    Hi, while you can start althea at anytime, you should be sure to take the corresponding pill for that day of the week. If your period starts on a friday then you should take the pill marked friday. You should take one pill each day at the sametime to ensure optimum effectiveness. Also, be sure that if you are sexually active that you use a condom for at least the first 7 days.

    If you need more information, I would suggest talking to a pharmacist or your OB. Hope this helps.
    Galega says :

    What matters is the first day of your menstruation. Not, on which day that happens. Many women are misinformed that they need to start the pill on Sunday only. That is wrong.

    First of all, it is always better for you to consult a doctor and go for complete medical check ups. You are going to use Althea for long term - daily - hence it makes sense to use some caution before starting it, so that you can stay away from side effects.

    Start it on the first day of your menstruation. You can also start on any other day, but in that case stay away from making unprotected physical relationship for the next seven days.

    Follow the seven pill free days religiously.

    Don’t worry if you find little brown discharge during the use of the first pack. Your period will be regular and on-time over the time.

    Use one pill a day regularly at around the same time. If you miss a pill, you should take it as soon as you remember. Never take more than two pills within 24 hours.
    belle villamor says :

    I have a problem. I took the pill earlier It was my 6th day pill free day when I accidentally took the pill (the sunday) pill where in I should have take the monday pill instead. what should I do?
    belle villamor says :

    should i have to continue taking the pill? even if I didn’t finish the 7 day pill free days?
    Galega says :

    Yes, now you should continue to take pill at the scheduled time. I don’t see any problem for you apart from slight possibility of irregularity in the next period.
    Rachell says :

    Hello. I usually took my 1st pill on the last day of my mens Saturday). Now, I’m in my 20th day however, I realized that I missed my yesterday’s pill. So what I just did was, I took both 19th and 20th pill at the same time. Am I still protected if?

    Also, can I just change the first day I will take my first pill? Since, currently, I started it on my last mens (Sat), would it be fine if I change it to 1st day of mens (Wed)? So instead of having 7 day free pill, i will only have 3 day free and on the 4th day (start of my mens) will start the new pack?
    Galega says :

    Yes, you can take two pills at the same time. However, the protection isn’t optimum after delaying a pill for more than 12 hours. But still you should be safe.

    Further, there is no need to think about days when taking the next pack. Wait for seven pill free days and start the next pack on eighth day. That’s it.
    Mike says :

    I’m on the second pack of Althea pills now and had my period last November 14 and ends at November 19. My second pack started November 15 since it’s the 8th day of my 7 free pills. Then, last November 22nd I had unprotected intercourse with my boyfriend. Is it possible that I get pregnant? I religiously take my pills at the same time everyday and haven’t missed any pill since I started taking it. Any information from you will be a very big help. Thank you
    Galega says :

    In the given condition, you should be absolutely safe. Stay chill and don’t be in unnecessary stress.

    As a matter of fact, Althea provides 98% of protection. So, technically, there is slight chances of pregnancy. But, that should not be a matter of concern for you.
    Louisa says :

    I am using Althea pills. I m already on my 5th day of my free pill days and still I haven t got my period. From the previous months, I usually have spotting on the 4th and 5th day of free pills and will have my heavy period on the 6th day. It was always like that. But this month is different. I didn t miss any pill and I took my pills same time every day. Is it possible that I m pregnant?
    Galega says :

    Period can be delayed without pregnancy. Many women who are on any oral contraceptive pills also face this issue. Since you have taken pills daily, there shouldn’t be any possibility of pregnancy.

    Technically, Althea provides protection for up to 98%. Hence, there is possibility of pregnancy. If you don’t get period within next ten days, go for home based pregnancy test. Till then continue to take Althea as scheduled.
    Mike says :

    Hi I am using Althea pills for months now and I never had a problem with it. I just have one question, is there a possibility that I could get pregnant if I had unprotected sex any day on my 7 free day pills? Am I still protected? I take my pills on time religiously and I have never missed any ever since I took it. Thanks
    Galega says :

    If you have taken all 21 hormonal pills religiously at the same time daily, you should be free from unwanted pregnancy during seven pill free days.
    Maria :

    Hi good people )

    Can someone explain in simple words difference between Trust pills and Althea pills ?
    carmie26 says :

    Hi there,

    Both Trust pills and Althea pills are known oral contraceptive or birth control pills released by the Trust Family Program (TFP) in the Philippines.

    Trust pills indications are as follows: contraception, treating menstrual dis orders like that of dysmenorrhea, some premenstrual syndrome as well as menorrhagia. On the other hand, Althea pill also has the same effect but with added benefits on the skin. It is called a beauty pill for it also controls acne and pimple breakout.
    Galega says :

    Trust and Althea are regular contraceptive pills. They come with the same hormonal pill cycle. You need to take 1 pill daily for 21 days for both Trust and Althea. However, Trust offers 7 brown pills, which are actually iron supplement. There is nothing with Althea and users are required to go for 7 pill free days.

    Trust is cheaper than Althea.

    Both are combined form of contraceptive pill, containing Estrogen and Progesterone hormones, among others. The quantity of these two hormones slightly differs in Trust and Althea.

    In a nutshell, both are almost same with similar intended results.
    Aveneg says :

    Hi. Im on my 18th day of my pill. I have unprotected sex that day. May i ask if i am still protected ??
    Galega says :

    If you are taking one pill daily at the same time then you should be completely protected on 18th day. Althea is supposed to do exactly this - to offer protection from unwanted pregnancy.
    Avengers says :

    Hello. Im on my 19th day taking the pill and had a sex on my boyfriend that day. Is there a posibility that i can be pregnant considering i only have 3 pills left to take?
    Ahm, im on my 7th day free pill now, and i dont still have my period till now.
    Thanks for the reply.
    Galega says :

    You should be perfectly safe in the given condition. If you had taken all 21 hormonal pills at scheduled time without any missing pill, then there is nothing to worry about. Period can get delayed by few days with new users.
    Avengers says :

    Yes, i have taken all 21 hormonal pills, thankyou
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