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  • I won't recommend this at all since we are not getting what we have paid for

    • by jbs

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      We have subscribed to PLDT Broadband Internet with the P999 per month plan but recently it has been nothing but a big headache! There are no tall buildings and skyscrapers around our area and everything is already set up properly but the internet is so slow and so fluctuating! My neighbors have already told me the same thing that their internet connection is also PLDT and they are having the same problems

      similar to ours, we are all paying PLDT every month and imagine we are not getting the service we are supposed to have! A friend who lives about 2 blocks away from us also said that the internet connection in their area and street is also slow and fluctuating, and I wanted to curse at PLDT for not providing us the services we are paying for! I have called them up and ...

      • they say it’s nothing like there are no services that are down or there are no problems that they can see in our area according to their system, well their system is total bs and if our whole area is not responding to their internet connection and the data is not corresponding to what they are saying, then who is the cheater and the ones being cheated here? I won’t recommend this
        at all since we are not getting what we have paid for! I will just switch to another internet plan and company as PLDT internet is so lousy and I have to reset the router over and over again like 5 times in the past hour alone but nothing still gives! Don’t ever use PLDT internet again as they are not really helpful and the agents don’t know anything when you’re talking to them!

    Emerlita Bernardino says :

    re : I won’t recommend this at all since we are not getting what we have paid for

    I have been paying P1299 since Jan 2013 and have yet to experience the speed for which I am obligated to pay for each month.

    THIS IS THEFT,,Breach of contract
    Kay says :

    Hi emerlita. one catch about internet providers is they would print in small letter the words “up to” then the number of Mbps they are trying to sell. Internet speeds can not be guaranteed since there are a lot of factors that may affect it. the computer itself, the modem or internet hub, the location and weather. Im also pretty sure that they stated that in the contract.
    fooled says :

    yeah restaurants could probably do that also in fine print saying you could die from eating this and its not our fault.
    Arnold says :

    PLDT sucks. I was applying for a plan upgrade from plan 999 to 1299 with an increase in speed up to 1 Mbps. Its been three weeks past since my application and i made about ten times follow up with their so called helpful agents, but was only promised several times by the agents that they will upgrade my plan in the next 24 hours. Every agent told me this and they did a follow up every time but my upgrade did not materialize. PLDT as a company does not take care of its customers. As i see it they dont have any tracking on any complaint reports that is why every time the agents talk to you, they will just say that they will generate a job order for the request. They cheat us with their poor service and it really is not fair to the customers. This must be one of the most corrupt companies in our country promising great service but will disappoint you every time. In summary PLDT rating is two thumbs down for such poor service. Truly a lousy company.
    Katrina C. says :

    I have tried both PLDT’s broadband and DSL. I was initially one of the people cursing at them. I even switched to a competing company because their broadband simply can’t deliver their promises. However, I was also having trouble with my new ISP. A few months later, I decided to go back to PLDT but apply for the DSL connection instead. Miraculously, the service and installation was swift and smooth. I am enjoying stable internet and wifi as of now. I believe, you should go do the same. End your broadband subscription and apply for DSL instead. :)
    fooled says :

    there should be laws enacted to protect consumers from internet companies that scam their customers saying its up to 5mbps but its actually only limited to 3.5. the Philippines has the MOST EXPENSIVE AND SLOWEST INTERNET FOR THE MONEY YOU PAID FOR IN THE WORLD that’s on the the book of world records for the Philippines
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