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1 G/F SM Centerpoint Building, StaMesa, Manila, Philippines
  • However, I have noticed that they are beginning to be not enough anymore
  • However,I noticed that the headbands have been used by other people, and that was kind of off
  • It was the best facial massage I have ever had
  • So she left me for about 10-15 minutes I think, and covered my eyes with cotton pads that have been saturated with water to avoid my eyes from getting burned by the hot steam
  • I thought the skin needed some time to rest

    • by dzzy21rn

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      I have very dry, flaky skin, and I would just settle for something like St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub to cleanse off my face and get rid of dryness. Or somehow, I manage to keep it moisturized and scrubbed by Ionax Facial Cleanser. However, I have noticed that they are beginning to be not enough anymore. I feel that I needed much more than just the normal out of the counter, supermarket scrubs.

      I visited DermStrata over at SM centerpoint building. They are conveniently located near the entrance to the supermarket. Their facial center is very small, like maybe about 80 sqm only, and they have a small counter without a door. Upon going there, you will be greeted by their facialist and be asked what procedure you want done. I told her I wanted to avail of their Php 3000 (3 sessions) promo for their Diamond Peel. For Php 3000, ($60) this was a steal. This included some back massage, facial steam, acne and blackheads removal and treatment, and after that, the diamond peeling itself. I was really scared because this is the first time that I will be going to a facial skin center to have my skin ‘peeled’. But the facialist convinced me that this was not the normal deep peeling, like TCA, wherein the skin will be burned by chemical solutions and would peel off visibly for weeks!

      I was quite enamored by their offer. I have tried to inquire at DermClinic but it costs Php 10,000 ($200) for 3 sessions. That is quite expensive as I am at a budget and I am only trying this out just for the heck of it. And also, I needed something to improve my skin texture and quality.

      So from the counter,there is a small waiting area with a bench,and then there is a small sliding door where patients and facialists are only allowed to go inside. Note: there is no door before the reception area.

      I was guided by the nice facialist to my facial chair. This was a public facial chair, with no dividers or anything like that and while I was there, there was somebody else in the next facial chair. That was one thing I did not like with this facial center; there is only one private room for the more intimate services (like underarm and groin peeling, or full body scrubs, or something like that). I have been to other facial salons like Clinica Dermatologica in Ortigas that have individual cubicles just

      for facials. Even DermClinic has that too. Oh well, since this comes for a cheap price I should not complain anymore.

      The facialist cleansed my face first, rubbed off my makeup by using some water and some facial cleanser while I was lying down. In some other salons, like Let’s Face it or DermClinic, they will give you a sanitized white towel and guide you to the washing area where you will be instructed to wash your face with their liquid soap or black soap. Here, I just laid down and I was given a small bib and a headband so that my stray hair was away from my facial skin. That was pretty good. I did not have to stand up and go to the washing area to wash my face. They did that for you and I just had to lay there as she removed the makeup, dirt and grime on my face. However,I noticed that the headbands have been used by other people, and that was kind of off. I wish they had just used a plastic disposable shower cap or something that individual customers may use. I mean I did not want to share anything that touched other’s people face with mine. That is so unhygienic.

      After several gentle rubs, she massaged my face very gently. I almost fell asleep! It was the best facial massage I have ever had. After that, she proceeded to put the facial steamer in front of me, asked me too if the heat was just enough because otherwise she would adjust it. So she left me for about 10-15 minutes I think, and covered my eyes with cotton pads that have been saturated with water to avoid my eyes from getting burned by the hot steam. I liked the fact that she was caring enough really to ask me how hot it was, how I felt, and how she then covered my eyes to avoid from getting burned. But one thing I did not like was the fact that they did not have any timers to turn off the machine on time. I mean, if they had other people to tend to, or if they had forgotten about the time, the customers’ skin might get burned by the hot steam. They should have enforced that.

      Afterward, the facialist came back and she then removed the cotton pad from my eyes. She then turned on the light and then proceeded to extract my blackheads and whiteheads. I ...

      • am assuring myself that the metal blackhead remover she is using has been sterilized. I also noticed that the needle she used for piercing my whiteheads to open was disposable. I saw it being opened up from the plastic container. That made me feel at least better. She used a very small needle, maybe 23 gauge, and when she does prick the jacketed white heads, it does not hurt as much. The procedure of manual blackhead extraction was a little painful at first, but when she got to my nasal area, I really could not help but tear up! My eyes welled up with tears because that area was really sensitive. That was okay though, after ward, she made sure that I was not bleeding anymore and wiped my face with a tissue. She showed my how icky my blackheads were as they were all stuck in a tissue! At least I know that she was able to remove the blackheads on my cheeks and nose, and that as proof, she would clean out the blackhead remover by sticking the blackheads on the tissue.

        After grossing me out (well not really), she then proceeded to get the dermal diamond peel wand. She took the wand and gently pressed against my forehead. It felt like my face was being sanded and vacuumed. It was not painful, but it was a very exhilarating experience. To those who have a low pain threshold, avoid this or make sure to tell the facialist that it hurts. She proceeded to carefully cover all areas of my face, starting from the forehead, to my cheeks then to the chin. I noticed that she did it in a very systematic way. Like, she would do my forehead in rows, making sure that every part of my skin is covered. She changed the diamond peel wand head to a smaller one when she proceeded to cleansed my nasal area, sides of the mouth, and around the eye area. I did not bother to ask about the settings in the machine, but I think she may have changed it to a lower setting when doing the sensitive areas of my face.

        After that, she proceeded to put some cold gel on my face, and she placed a flat, iron-like machine over my face. The iron felt really cold, and it was very refreshing. Like putting cold water over your burned skin. She did it on my whole face, like cold ironing the skin. It was the

        best part of the treatment. After feeling my skin being raw and peeled off, I felt that this really made my skin refreshed.

        My face felt like a thousand bucks after the treatment. She proceeded to put SPF lotion on my face so that my face will be protected from the sunlight. I felt very relaxed and my skin felt smooth for the next couple of days.

        I was not allowed to wash my face overnight after the treatment. After that, I can just proceed to my normal routine.

        This was a very good service done by DermStrata. I loved how the facialists are very gentle on my skin and how the diamond peel service was so worth it I will do it again for the next weeks. For the price, it was value for money. I truly recommend this service to be done at least once in a while. The facialist told me it was best to do it every other week, but I think I will skip that. I am afraid my skin gets too raw from too much scrubbing if I do so.

        To add, diamond peeling is like super exfoliation only, and there are no visible signs of peeling. It is like micro peeling. She showed me how much dead skin she got in the machine. For those who want to have a clearer, fresher face, try this service. For those who have really bad acne scars, I suggest you try a different, more deep peeling like TCA peels. I have read somewhere that it exfoliates the skins outer layer to reveal a fresh layer. I felt that for the next months that I have tried this. My skin felt softer, and the dry areas on my skin went away. But I noticed that I have to do it very often. Every month? I did not want my skin to be battered by too much cleansing and scrubbing. However, the facialist told me that the 3 sessions are only good to use for a month. So that means I will have to do it every other week? I thought the skin needed some time to rest.

        I stopped for a while now, and is still looking for a different facial salon to do my diamond peel at a cheaper price. Or maybe I just needed to purchase one machine for my own use? There are a lot of diamond peel machines in the market that is available for customer use. Maybe I’ll try one of those.

    Ryan says :

    re : It was the best facial massage I have ever had
    Hi guys, I tried diamond peel yesterday at centerpoint. It really helped my acne scared to slightly fade and I feel so refreshed after the session. I highly recomend diamong peel for those who have dead skin cells and acne scars.
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