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  • Frollo is perhaps the most interesting character at all
  • It is one of the best films that disney has made

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      The hunchback of notre dame is a 1996 animated disney adaption of a novel called Notre-Dame de Paris, written by Victor Hugo.The plot is centered on a deformed young man named Quasimodo who deals with his evil and prejudiced stepfather, Frollo and his friendship with a beautiful dancer named Esmerelda.The disney adaption of Victor Hugo’s novel is not all exactly true to the novel. However, that does not stop the movie from being really good.

      The movie begins around the 1400s in paris in a place called notre dame.A bunch of gypsies sneak into paris but are ambushed by soldiers working for a judge named Claude Frollo who is the ruler of paris.A gypsy woman attempts to flee from claude but is killed.He finds her deformed baby she had with her.He first considers killing it but an archdeacon appears and accuses him of killing a woman.To make up for his sin,he decided to raise the deformed child in the cathedral as his own son and names him QuasimodoQuasimodo grows up in thecathedral and eventually becomes the bell ringer of the tower of notre dame. When he is around 20 years old, he decides to leave the cathedral and attend a festival,the feast of fools.He is crowned the king of fools but then is publicly humiliated by the public.Frollo who is in the audience does nothing to help him.However,a young gypsy dancer named esmerelda helps him.Frollo then angrily sends Quasimodo back to his home the cathedral..Frollo notices esmerlda is a gypsy and wants her arrested because he hates gypsies and thinks they are vile people.

      Esmerelda escapes by using a magic trick.Later,she goes to the cathedral.She wanted to hide in the cathedral from frollo.Eventually a guard of frollo Phoebus finds Esmerelda.However,he refuses to arrest her because he believes the cathedral is a sacred place and no arresting or violent accts

      should be done there. Rollo then arrives but then he and phoebus then leave with the archdeacon of the cathedral orders them out. She then sees Quasimodo again and befriends him. Quasimodo wants to help Esmeralda becomes he considers her a friend so she helps her escape from frollo.In return Esmeralda gives Quasimodo a map to the gypsy hideout she knows about just in case he wants to leave notre dame.Frollo eventually finds out the Esmeralda’s espape and orders a man-hunt for her.In anger,he burns down villager houses in frantic search for esmerellda.Phoebus,one of his soldiers,realizes he has gone insane and tells Frodo he is not working for him anymore.Angry about this,Frodo attempts to kill phoebus but phoebus ends up falling into a river trying escape.He is rescued by esmerelda and taken to the cathedral with Quasimodo to hide out from frollo.While in the cathedral they hear frollo talking about going to the gypsy hiding place and destroying it.

      Quasimodo tells phoebus he knows how to find the gypsy hiding place because of Esmeralda’s map.When they get to the hiding place,they are almost mistaken as spies until esmerelda explains that they are allies of the gypies.Frollo suddenly arrives at the hideout because he followed Quasimodo and phoebus when they traveled to the hideout.Frollo decides to kill esmerelda after she refuses to fall in love with him.Frollo was a little attracted to esmerelda.Later, Quasimodo is tied up in the bell tower by Frodo. After he hears esmerelda in pain,he decides to aid her.When Quasimodo sees esmerelda,he thinks she is dead and sits down beside her body in agony.Frodo sees Quasimodo and attempts to stab him. Quasimodo sees frollo and almost kills him until he sees esmerelda is alive.Frollo and Quasimodo then fight on a balcony where they fight.They both fall of but Quasimodo is rescued by phoebus while frollo falls to ...

      • his death.The citizens then celebrate frollo’s defeat and praise Quasimodo as a hero.

        I really loved this film.The animation is extraordinary..The characters are drawn realistically and the colors of people and scenery are textured,brightand colorful.The plot is also really good..It is extremely dynamic aand dramatic.It deals with the social isolation of a deformed,man as well as tell an important social and political story.Frollo is a racist and evil man who hates the gypsy group of people.He wants them and their communities exterminated and there is a great rebellion by the gypsies against him.With the help of Quasimodo,the gypsies manage to win the battle against frollo.The film illustrates the trouble Quasimodo has with interacting with other humans because of his deformity.For example,he is hated by everyone at the festival of fools simply because he is deformed and doesn’t look like a normal human.However,he is befriended by the girl esmerelda.This seems to illustrate that true beauty is on the inside and people should be more like Esmeralda and overlook physical deformities in people and see their true beauty.The movie also has very complex characters. Quasimodo is a gentle,yet isolated and deformed man who feels conflicted in the battle involving the gypsies. It is hard for him to be frollo’s enemy because he is a father figure who took care of him all his life and educated him.

        He almost gives up helping the gypsies in one point of the movie because of his loyalty to his step-father. .However,he eventually finds the strength in himself to stop frollo’s evil.Esmerelda is a beautiful dancer who is a great political figure for the gypsies.She is loyal to her battle against frollo and aiding the gypsies.She also has a good heart.She is able to see past Quasimodo’s strange appearance and sees the good man that he really is.Frollo is perhaps the most interesting character at all. He

        is a very evil character.Despite being very religious and believing in god,he is a cruel man who despises the gypsies such as esmerelda for no real reason.He is simply biased against the gypsy people and thier culture.Despite having no serious reason to hate them,he goes as far as to try to exterminate them.Also,in the process of trying to hunt the gypsy esmerelda,he cruelly burns down innocent peasent homes in desperation of finding her Despite being very cruel he had a little kindness in his heart.He was kind enough to raise Quasimodo as his son and give him a good upbringing. He seemed really concerned about his safety because he wanted him to stay in the cathedral fearing he would be ridiculed and hated because of his deformed appearence.However,at some point, he attempts to kill Quasimodo, a boy whom he loved. This was due to quasimodo aiding the gypsies. It is still no excuse though. Quasimodo was his step-son whom he loved and raised from birth.Trying to kill him was a very heartless act. I also liked the character,phoebus..He was a solider of frollo that eventually had the heart and courage to realize how evil frollo was and leave his job as his soldier. He displayed courage in aiding Quasimodo and esmerelda in the cause for justice against frollo.

        The only thing I really didn’t like about this film were living gargoyles that Quasimodo talked to throughout the film.During some points in the film,they joked around and sang, showtune like songs to cheer Quasimodo up.Perhaps the gargoyles were not alive and their singing and movement were all part of Quasimodo’s imagination. It could have been a result of Quasimodo’s chronic loneliness. Nevertheless, they kind of undermined the serious plot of the film.The film would be so much better if they were not alive.I give this film 2 thumbs up.It is one of the best films that disney has made.

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