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  • So I decided to try Heno de Pravia Bath Soap in a bar
  • So at some point I wanted to give it a try so that I will not regret not having to try this even once
  • This really helped and I think because of that, I give this soap a plus

    • by dzzy21rn

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      I am constantly looking for a good soap with a fragrance that lingers and that can last me a long time. I have tried Olay, Dial, Nivea, Safeguard, but I still have not found it. So I decided to try Heno de Pravia Bath Soap in a bar.

      I bought the soap for Php150. For a 135g soap, this is quite pricey However, this product has been in the market for years, and I have not been able to try it, not even once. I have seen a lot of commercials when I was younger, back in the 80’s. So at some point I wanted to give it a try so that I will not regret not having to try this even once. I was also thinking that since the product has been in the market for a long, long time, then it probably means that people are still continuing to purchase and this equates to a good

      product per se.

      The soap came wrapped in waxy paper. It is still the same old yellow waxy paper that I have come to see in the supermarkets back in the 80s. I feel that every time I look at it, I feel nostalgic.

      Even if the product is still wrapped in the waxy paper container, I can already smell the goodness it has. The soap is colored green, dark green. It is said that the product name came from the province of Pravia in Spain. The scent is based on a hint of Geranium, Lavender, and Sandalwood. So it’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone already! 3 fragrances in one soap. I love it.

      I rubbed some of it on my hand washcloth or loofah, and started to lather. The lather it creates is good, it does not lather too much and the bubbles are okay. I have had experiences with Olay where just a little product ...

      • will create a lot of bubbles and lather. This one feels like it is a luxurious soap, like you need more product to mix with water to see more lather.

        The smell is absolutely fantastic! It is quite strong, yet it does not smell of laundry detergent. It smells as if I am in the country side; like there is a field of flowers and fresh leaves. I guess this was the scent that they have formulated in Pravia. They wanted to recreate the country side living and the scent of the native flowers and leaves.

        After I dried myself up, I felt that my skin was smoother and softer. The soap boasts of having 70% Palm oils to make skin smooth. This really helped and I think because of that, I give this soap a plus. This is so much better than Dove or Olay. This makes my skin feel squeaky clean but not dry. This does not

        leave a film residue too just like Dove does. It makes my skin slippery in the shower, but once I rinse it, it comes off right away with no slippery residue that I have to remove for a long time. I loved this about Heno De Pravia.

        The manufacturers boasts of the scent to last a long time. Well after I have toweled off, the scent of course went away. So in the shower, the scent is good, but after the skin is dry, the scent wears off. Of course, as expected.

        For its price, this is a value for money product. The price is really a little steep to tell you the truth. The good thing is that this comes in a family sized bar and it lasts a long time. I would surely repurchase because I am satisfied with the product, but I would not be able to assure that the fragrance lingers a long time.

    Yolanda Narciso says :

    My sisters and I have been using Heno de Pravia soap since 1970’s. We love the smell which lingers all day. “It really leaves something you behind “, as the commercial would advertise it.

    However, Heno de Pravia has run out of stock in the supermarkets. Is it because of the pandemic? I wonder where can I get Heno de Pravia bar soap.

    Galega says :

    Pandemic has definitely disrupted the supply chain. However, it has little effect on soap industry because they have been categorized as essential services around the world. Unfortunately, the supply of this soap is not happening and the reason, as I have mentioned above, is not pandemic. It is not available in market where I live. It is not even available online.

    quick note by anonymous :

    I have used the soap for years, usually bought at a discount store. It is getting harder to find. while the scent does lessen over time, when I change from day clothes to night shift, I still notice the scent. My Latin mother-in-law turned me on to it….

    Arlene says :

    A friend came home from Spain for a visit and gave us Heno de Pravia. My sweat is acidic so I really smell when I perspire. Surprisingly, the smell lingers even after going to the gym. Just last week, after an hour in the gym, I need to go back to the office to check a presentation with a colleague, she was amazed that i do not smell sweaty and asked me if I took a bath after my gym time. I do not usually take a bath in the gym (shared bathrooms a no-no due my immune system is shut down). This product holds up to its promise, after taking a bath the smell disappears but once you sweat, the Heno de Pravia smell linger - which made me a fan of this soap.

    Angie says :

    I ve been using heno de Pravia for a month now and my acne has cleared up. I have rosacea and this soap soothes my skin and you can barely see any redness. I recommend this to any adult out there who has suffered for years of rosacea and cystic acne.
    This has truly been a blessing to me.

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