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  • I love the melody and the beat its set to
  • It entirely consists of GG yelling the interesting title over a chord
  • But what's amazing is that the song itself is actually quite good
  • I don't like the multiple vocalists during the chorus, which are heavily off-tune and poorly timed
  • This song is the best you'll hear til it ends

    • by Ricardo L

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      By the late 80’s, GG Allin’s music has become obsessed with murder, necrophilia, sex, drugs, and et cetera anti-social themes. His voice has become a heavily distorted yell, making his vocals sound like a 60 year smoker yelling. The recording quality has decreased to the point that some songs couldn’t even be listened to over the distortion and static. His songs have become increasingly noisier and less melodic, and many songs are nothing but rants and yells over random noise. If you are looking for every single one of the characteristics of GG Allin’s late 80’s output jam packed into one 19-song record, you must get your hands on “Freaks, Faggots, Drunks, & Junkies”.

      1: “My Revenge” 6/10

      To kick off the record, GG Allin gives a very disturbing, extremely hard to understand, and somewhat non-sensible rant, which is worth hearing only because of the content. At only 38 seconds, you might as well listen to it.

      2: “Dope Money” 7/10

      This is one of the better tracks on the album, though it doesn’t really say much. I love the melody and the beat its set to. GG Allin’s vocals are yelling, as always, but he somewhat sings while yelling. By the end, his vocals are nerve-racking.

      3: “Be My F**kin Whore” 7/10

      If you ever wanted to hear an oppressive song, this would be it. The lyrics are some of the most screwed up on the album, but not nearly the most. It is quite melodic and can be interpreted as music. It’s actually not that bad of a song, in fact

      it’s quite good. Definitely worth hearing.

      4: “Suck My A** It Smells” 3/10

      Probably the most pointless track of the whole record. It entirely consists of GG yelling the interesting title over a chord. Don’t bother listening to it if you don’t want to.

      5: “Dog S**t” 5/10

      As the title would suggest, this is an interesting song. The vocals are mostly monotone yelling, like most of the record. It’s an okay song, nothing really special about it. Worth hearing.

      6: “Wild Riding” 1/10

      I don’t really know what this is. It’s certainly not a song, nor is it music. It’s just a bunch of broken, heavily distorted yelling with nothing but a bunch of guitar and drum noise, also performed by GG, to fill in as “music”. It’s yet another one of GG Allin’s rants over noise. The lyrics don’t make a tremendous amount of sense, but you can’t understand what he’s saying anyway. This track will certainly give you a headache. It doesn’t fall under the category of “music” in one way. Listen if you want, but at five and a half minutes, it’s more of a waste of time than anything else.

      7: “Sleeping In My Piss” 8/10

      The title says it all. A song about wetting the bed after getting very drunk and passing out. I often wonder why he thought it was necessary to write this song. But what’s amazing is that the song itself is actually quite good. It’s actually melodic. The beat is pretty good and the main riff, despite consisting of only two chords, is awesome. One of the gems of the record.

      8: “Anti-Social Masturbator” 9/10

      The most apathetic, anti-social song of the whole record, by far. Musically, the song is more rock-influenced. It’s actually an awesome song. For some odd reason the recording quality on this song is slightly better than a lot of what preceded. The riff is great. Another sure gem.

      9: “Last In Line For The Gang Bang” 8/10

      This song opens with the most punk-relevant intros on the whole record, with GG’s awesome “Bang bang time!”. But just as you think this is going to be the sickest song of the whole record, it kinda goes the other way. The vocals sound like GG held the mic way too close to his mouth, and the chorus sucks. But nevertheless, for whatever reason, I can’t help but like it.

      10: “Die When You Die” 10/10

      Behold one of GG Allin’s most well known songs. This one ranks right up with “You Hate Me And I Hate You” and “Bite It You Scum”. There’s a good reason for it- it’s a great as hell song. The F#/A/B riff is killer. GG’s vocals are, for once, on time with the beat. If you haven’t heard this song yet, give it a shot. It’s extremely simple, but one of his most well known songs.

      11: “Commit Suicide” 5/10

      It is interesting to hear a song where GG finally wants somebody to kill themselves, rather than him killing them himself. It’s a pretty good song, but nothing special. I don’t like the multiple vocalists during the chorus, which are heavily off-tune and poorly timed.

      12: “Crash ...

      & Burn” 1/10

      Another four minutes of complete garbage. I honestly have no idea what this is. Words simply can’t describe it. It actually has a slow melody, but that’s where the “music” ends. The vocals are not even vocals. It’s just a bunch of yelling that doesn’t seem to make all that much sense. Like “Wild Riding” listen at your own risk. It will probably be a waste of four minutes.

      13: “Outlaw Scumfuc” 6/10

      Another very well known GG Allin song. This one is essentially a re-write of David Allan Coe’s “Longhair Redneck”. He made an acoustic version of this song, which I feel is better than the version featured on this record. The vocal quality suffers yet again. Worth hearing, but nothing amazing.

      14: “Caroline & Sue” 6/10

      This song features essentially the same riff as “Commit Suicide”, but the chorus has almost a Misfits-sounding riff. The song as a whole is pretty good, but yet again, GG’s vocals make it suffer.

      15: “C*nt Sucking Cannibal” 4/10

      Just another filler piece thrown at the end to make it longer. It is a song, but it’s not that good. If you have listened to the whole album up to this point, don’t bother listening to the rest. This song is the best you’ll hear til it ends.

      16: “Family” 3/10

      The melody and beat are awesome, but yet again GG Allin’s terrible vocals make the song suffer. The recording quality is even worse; it is as if it was recorded by a $5 tape recorder and played way too loud. The solo isn’t that

      bad, in fact it’s quite good. Not worth hearing if you don’t have the time.

      17: “Young Little Meat” 4/10

      This is the only hardcore song on the album. For once the yelling vocals actually fit. It would actually be a good song if there wasn’t that stupid screaming sound effect played throughout the song.

      18: “I Wanna Kill You” 3/10

      Well, this song certainly suggests that GG Allin wanted to kill a lot of people. In fact, that’s what the entire song is about. The recording quality is terrible, and anything but the drumming and the vocals are almost impossible to hear.

      19: “My Bloody Mutilation” 7/10

      I honestly didn’t see this one coming. It’s not really a song, rather just a drone of horror-themed sounds with GG yelling the title in the background repeatedly. It’s actually worth hearing. It’s something you’d expect to hear at a haunted house during Halloween. Not a bad end to an insane record.

      It’s a shame that GG Allin’s vocals had to take such a toll on the record, since they make it almost unlistenable, but nevertheless it’s an interesting album. It’s almost too raw, if such a thing can exist. One may find it to be a masterpiece; another, a pile of complete garbage. Either way, everybody will react differently to this unbelievable record. In all my years as a huge music fan, I have honestly never heard anything like this before. Filled with disturbing lyrics, vocals you can’t understand or even want to hear, and anti-melodic interludes, GG Allin’s 1988 album is one that can’t be missed.

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