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  • I found it hilarious when the commando's made some barbie like dolls into military troops to aid them

    • by Henry Savior

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      I am going to review a 1998 film called small is a 1998 movie about a toy company that creates new toys.Some of them are commando toys called the military elite with a leader named Major Chip Hazard.The commando toys include a demolitions guy named Nick Nitro and a heavy artillary guy.The toy company also makes toys that are supposed to be enemies of the commandos.

      They are strange creatures called Gorgonties with an animal like creature named Archer as thier leader.THe owner of the toy company decides that he wants the toys to be really realistic so he tells his employees they can use any resources they needed to make the toys realistic.One of the employees ends up finding military computer chips and decides that they will be good at making the toys realistic.He buys them and they end up being put in all the commando and gorgonite toys.Later when toys are beng shipped outa boy named Alan decides to get a shipment of the commando and gorgonite toys to be in his dad’s toy store to get a good profit.Later,alan discovers that one of the gorgonite toys archer is actually intelligent and can hold on conversations with him along with walking.Archer tells Alan he is a member of the gorgonites and is looking for his home planet gorgon along with the other gorgonites.He also tells him that the commandos were out to kill him and the other gorgonites and he should be careful.Alan thinks that something must

      be going on with teh commando toys at his dad’s shop so he goes there.He finds out that the commando toys have broken out of thier packaging.

      He does not know where they are.Panicking,he calls the company that made the toys for help.WIth no immediate help,he decides to see what the commando toys are up to.It turns out that they are going to his home to search for gorgonites to hunt.They end up almost killing archer until alan stops them.He manages to almost destroy one of the commando toys and the commando’s retreat to the garage.Alan and Archer attempt to find more gorgonites and eventually find them.Some include Ocula,a one eyed creature,insaniac,a purple creature who talks fast and a large creature named Slamfist.The commando’s are aware of Alan’s love interest of a girl that lives next to him and they plan to hold her hostage so the gorgonites will surrender.They drug her parents with sleeping pills,capture her little brother and turn the girl’s doll collection until mercanaries.The commando’s manage to trap the girl and send Alan a message to surrender the gorgonites or the girl will die.

      Later,Alan arrives to save his girlfriend .In a series of events,teh commandos end up chasing Alan and his girl who are on a scooter.During the chase,the commando’s end up being destroying.however,the leader Chip Hazard survives and finds more commando toys that are near a toystore.Chip Hazard and the commando toys return to Alan’s house and stage war against the gorgonites and alan ...

      • and his family.They manage to build miniature,yet powerful weapons.For example,some commandos had a really powerful bazooka.Some employees of the toy company arrive at alan’s house because he contacted the company earlier.They discover that the commando toys are homocidal.They tell Alan that the only way the commando’s can be stopped is from a giant electromagnetic pulse which would fry the computer chips in them.Alan discovers that he can create a giant electro pulse form a nearby powerline.Meanwhile,alan’s family and his girlfriend battle with the commando toys.Some of the gorgonites also help.Alan manages to trigger the electromagnetic pulse therefore destroying all the commando dolls.However,the gorgonites do not get destroyed because they were protected by staying under a satellite dish which had fallen to the ground.Later the owner of the toy company arrives and bribes Alan’s family with large sums of money so they wont tell anybody about the miliary toys.Later the gorgonites attempt to find thier home gorgon by sailing on a lake.They say goodbye to Alan before leaving.

        i found this film pretty amusing and had considerable entertainment value.The toys looked and acted very realistic and the action scenes with the commando’s looked like it had a high budget.Explosions looked realistic and the commando toys had good battle stategies.The movie also seemed to have a moral lesson about how war never solved anything.The commando toys staged a war against the peaceful gorgonies and ended up losing to the end.The film also had some comedy value.I found it hilarious when the commando’s

        made some barbie like dolls into military troops to aid them.They were highly feminine looking dolls who were homocidal.Some things in teh film didnt make sense however.Even though the chips in the commando toys wer high tech it didnt account for certain behavior.For example,why did the commando toys have any reason to fight other humans like Alan.They automatically assumed that they were gorgonite allies for some reason.It also didnt make sense how they manage to bring the barbie like girl dolls to life with advanced computer chips like the commando’s had.The advanced computer chips were specifically designed for commando and gorgonite toys.The chips would have no effect on the barbie dolls because they weren’t made of components thatt would interact with the chips.Despite this,its not that big of a deal considering the movie is about homocidal toys blowing up things and attempting murder.I also didnt like how the gorgonites barely did any fighting in the film.I understand they were supposed to be peaceful but they took no real steps to defend themselves from the commando’s Alan did most of the fighting.The gorgonites did end up fighting a little at the end but they didnt do much.Despite this,they were likable toys.They were kind ,gentle,and interacted will with humans like Alan.I found this film entertaining overall.It didnt have the most intelligent plot but it was good enough to keep me watching the film.This film will entertain kids mostly since its about toys but it may interest some adults as well because of the violent content.

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