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  • I know that sounds funny but it is true and what that means is I have a hard time getting all of my urine out when I pee
  • So that left me asking myself which one did I like the best
  • I wouldn't say that it was the best for me but it had very few side effects
  • I love my minerals and vitamins and I take calcium every day
  • This was one of the things I learned from the insert that came with the drug

    • by makeithappen

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      Inoflox Ofloxacin is a prescription medicine that is used to treat urinary tract infections. After my 3rd child my uterus and bladder never returned to their original position and they are now both tilted. I know that sounds funny but it is true and what that means is I have a hard time getting all of my urine out when I pee. Or at least that is what my Dr. told me after my 7th urinary tract infection in a short time. So of course if you cant get it all out then it makes it easy for bacteria to grow. Now people get urinary tract infections for all kinds of reasons. But there you go that’s my sad story.

      Along the urinary tract journey we had to keep switching the antibiotic used for fear that

      I might get resistant strains because overuse of antibiotics. Of course all of them helped and they all did cure their own respective urinary tract infections. So that left me asking myself which one did I like the best?

      Inoflox Ofloxacin is a good drug for bacterial infections. It can treat all kinds of bacterial infections and is really good for treating urinary tract infections. I wouldn’t say that it was the best for me but it had very few side effects. I did feel a little bloated like I was retaining water but other than that it did help my symptoms to go away after the first 24 hours.

      Now one thing I didn’t like is that you can not take any minerals or mineral based vitamins with in two hours of taking this. I love ...

      • my minerals and vitamins and I take calcium every day. So it was a bit of a hassle to try to remember to take this two hours away from taking those. This was one of the things I learned from the insert that came with the drug.

        Now I did like this because it doesn’t just work on urinary tract infections. It also works on other types of bacterial infections. That’s good because there are other abdominal biased pains caused my different bacterias. My doctor started me on this before I got the lab result back. I of course was having another urinary tract infection but even if I wasn’t starting this would not have hurt anything. And I do like that I was able to start it sooner than latter.

        Now it wasn’t the fastest

        antibiotic there were others that worked faster but if you get them chronically like me and need to switch antibiotics this is one to go ahead and add to your list. I am happy with this and I am glad it had so few side effects. It didn’t even make my stomach hurt when I took it without food. If you have a urinary tract infection do you really want to eat? If you get a urinary tract infection always go to your doctor. Don’t try to self medicate. Your doctor will know what is going to be the right course of treatment. Urinary tract infections can be quite serious and dangerous and cause Kidney infections so if you think you have one get to a Dr. or you will end up in the ER.

    Maria says :

    re : I wouldn’t say that it was the best for me but it had very few side effects
    My recommendation is that you ask a qualified medical doctor, and go with his/her advice. that’s really the best thing you can do.
    Pogi says :

    Sir if Case’s STDs?? the Inoflox Ofloxacin he treat them.??
    Galega says :

    Ofloxacin may not be suitable medicine for the treatment of sexually transmitted disease. You should better consult a doctor and follow the prescription.
    Shiela says :

    I take ofloxacin inoflox i heard some people that medicine is for (tulo)?.what kind of UTI thats take this? worred becouse i take this medicine if i have (tulo)..if my husband have that..
    Galega says :

    It can be used for minor UTI. Higher antibiotics are generally prescribed these days. However, the most important thing you need to remember is that you can’t think there is UTI and start treatment.

    You need to consult a doctor. A proper Urine culture test will be done and only then your doctor will prescribe medicine for the treatment.

    Self medication for UTI should be avoided.
    Kahlia says :


    Good day

    I’ve taken Inoflox for 7 days, 3x a day as a prescription when I was diagnosed with UTI last month. Now my period is delayed for 22 days. I have already checked and I am not pregnant and I’ve never had an irregular menstrual cycle before. Could it be that Inoflox altered my monthly period? If so, when could I expect my menstruation to be normal?

    Thank you.
    Galega says :

    In some cases, antibiotic can delay the arrival of menstruation cycle. It generally happens when heavy dose of antibiotics are prescribed, which isn’t the case with you. The period is delayed by 22 days, which is not normal. I would suggest you to consult an OBGyne and ask for suggestions.
    john says :

    hello,i just want to ask,i have this white thingy in my private part and i want to know if i can take this inoflox?
    Galega says :

    You can use it only if there is urinary tract infection. That doesn’t seem to be case with you. You are suffering from white discharge for which you may need to take other medicines. Consult an OBGyne for the treatment.
    jv says :

    i drink inoflox for since feb,24 till now its hard for me to get pee plss help me i have a sexualy transmited dieces
    Galega says :

    Ofloxacin can treat Urinary Tract Infection - UTI. However, it may not be a potent weapon against the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases - STDs. Even for UTI, doctors now prescribe higher antibiotic medicine than Ofloxacin.

    You should not rely on this medicine. You should immediately consult a physician and go for thorough treatment. If not HIC, majority of STDs can be treated. Some may take lots of time, so you will need to have patience.
    angela says :

    Can inoflox cure vaginal infection ?
    Galega says :

    It will depend on the type of infection. If it is bacterial infection then Inoflox can definitely help you. If it is fungal infection (the most likely) then this may not come to any help.
    Shau says :

    I dont know if i have a uti right now actually it started last tuesday Jan 26. When I pee it hurts, later that night the pain when i pee is getting worst then i noticed that theres a blood with my urine. I know that its not my menstruation. I went to the hospital to consult a doctor and they did some blood test and urine test but they told me that its clear. Can you help me?
    Galega says :

    If the culture test of your urine is clear, there is no possibility of UTI. What is the reason behind the current problem can only be diagnosed by a doctor. You may need to see an OBGyne, who can give you better suggestions.
    Jacob says :

    I bought 7 pcs of inoflox 200 mg I have gonorrhea or tulo how should I drink it?
    Galega says :

    It is required to be taken with water after eating something. The dosage depends on many factors and is not fixed. Your doctor will prescribe the right dosage as per your medical condition.
    laarni jimenez says :

    i like it..very well helps me a lot..
    sarah says :

    i have a yeast infection and i tried to drink that inuflox once but nothing gonna change how many days gonna take that inuflox for best result?
    Galega says :

    If you have yeast infection at the pubic area, use Candid B suppository. Or, Candid B cream should work for you. Inoflox Oflaxacin is an anti biotic medicine which is unlikely to help you.
    sarah says :

    i tried vaginal supposotory 2 weeks but nothing changes it got worsen i tried injectable and diflucan,ketoconazole,doxycline,unasyn,metronidazole,etc all the medicine i take i got allergy like itchy ,hard to breath,upset stomach i hope inoflox can cure me im 2 yearst diagnosed in yeast infection
    Galega says :

    I think you are trying too many medicines/ointment/suppositories without consulting a doctor. It would be better if you consult a doctor and proceed as per suggestions.
    sarah says :

    yes i go to 2 obgyne and all that medicine i take is prescribe by my obgyne i dont know what the exact medicine for me to cure my yeast infection ?
    Galega says :

    Your doctor has prescribed Metronidazole for the treatment of vaginal infection. However, doctor may not have diagnosed yeast infection.

    Metronidazole is used to treat bacterial infections of the vagina, stomach, skin, joints, and respiratory tract. This medication will not treat a vaginal yeast infection
    vicky says :

    can this inoflox ofloxacin can cure an HIV?
    junmae says :

    No. HIV is a Virus and the Inoflox Ofloxacin is just an antibiotic. Also, HIV has no cure as of now, you can only cure its symptoms and not the virus itself.
    Galega says :

    Ofloxacin is an antibiotic and it is not effective in the treatment of HIV, which doesn’t happen because of bacterial infection, but because of Virus. You should consult a doctor. Antiretroviral treatment is offered to HIV patient and elongate life without compromising quality of life. There are six different types of these medicines available prescription they include: Nucleoside or nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors - abacavir, didanosine, emtricitabine, lamivudine, stavudine and tenofovir.
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