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  • It cost 10.00 for the small tin of caramel popcorn that was only 28 ounces
  • Then I found out the at 70 percent of the money goes back to the boy scouts
  • So if you can aford it I recommend you buy it because it helps others

    • by sadonna
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      Trails End popcorn is something my son’s boy scout troop sells every fall. It is how they make most of their money for summer camp and other scout functions during the year.

      It is very good popcorn.

      My favorite is the

      chocolate caramel crunch.

      The only thing I don’t like is the price.

      It cost 10 for the small tin of caramel popcorn that was only 28 ounces.

      Then I found out the at 70 percent of the money goes back to the boy scouts.

      Typically 30 percent goes to the troop that sells it and the rest to the council.

      Of the 30 percent the troop gets the boy who sells it gets 25 percent to help pay his way to summer ...

      • Trails End Popcorn
      camp, ski trips, or camporee’s and sometimes they can use part of it to pay for uniforms if they need it.

      When I realized how much the kids actually get towards their camp I did not mind the high price

      as much.

      There are alot of boys that would not get to go to camp if they did not raise the money by selling Trails End Popcorn.

      So if you can aford it I recommend you buy it because it helps others.

Mike B says :

I purchased an extrodinarily expensive bag of Trails End popcorn from a local scout troop. The popcorn was 10 for a 2.5 lbs. It would begin to pop and then burn. It was the worse popcorn I ever had. I went out and purchased a bag of popcorn for 2.50 and it popped just fine in the same Quisinart popper. Even though you are trying to support a cause by purchasing a product, it should still be held to a usable standard. Trails End`s website doesn`t even allow you to contact them and let them know of their poor quality product.
Liz K says :

The last bag ($ 30 ) of Caramel Corn with almonds, cashews, and pecans had hardly any nuts at all. We have 2 Cub Scouts so have to buy from them, but the product is not at all worth the $ $ $ . As Mike B says, there is no way to contact Trail’s End to even complain. Maybe they are hiding?? Better to donate to Scouts directly.
johnD says :

The trails end is crap. my troop refuses to sell it. We have other fund raisers. Talking to other parents leaders in other troops, they are embarrassed to sell it as well.
Jon says :

Just bought trailsend for the first time. I have to say it is not that good and way over priced. We got the kettle, caramel and plain. I will just give a donation next time instead of buying something lacking flavor
Michael Dee says :

re : Then I found out the at 70 percent of the money goes back to the boy scouts
What a complete SCAM This company(Trails End Popcorn/Boy Scouts) is getting rich off children that are being used as pawns, and free labor to peddle their crap. $ 20 for 1/4 bag of chocolate popcrap.
These kids sell to their neighbors, and family members who buy because they want to help the children NOT because they want this crooked enterprise to get fat off free labor.
Prices are ridiculously and wildly over-inflated. Very little goes back to the scouts, with the majority going to fund the management’s cushy lifestyle. What a disgraceful way to make money. I suggest to all friends,family and neighbors of scouts, to donate directly to the scout
leaders, ask for a receipt(for taxes) and ask to see proof or documentation for where the money actually goes.
Sandi D says :

I bought the Caramel with Almonds, Cashews, and pecans. Last year it was great, this year it smelled old and there weren’t any pecans, very few cashews and I had to hunt for the almonds. I love supporting the scouts, but this is not okay. It is a horrible rip off. I will never buy Trails End Popcorn again. I will support the Scouts in some other way.

Linda ozmun says :

I bought a 20.00 bag of the caremel gourmet popcorn. It was awful. No taste of caramel and about 3 nuts in the whole bag. Way overpriced. Next time I’ll just donate the money. I don’t feel like paying that kind of money for something that should be in the garbage
june says :

re : Then I found out the at 70 percent of the money goes back to the boy scouts
Having been involved in BSA for years I abhor this fundraiser. 70% coming back means the majority goes to the Council. We sent our boys for a day of door knocking, taking turns at store fronts. To me it was child labor. Individual scouts pay for everything. Camping, uniforms, awards, meetings. NOTHING is paid by Council and they benefit the most from sales. Then I had the opportunity to see the main BSA head quarters in TX. Just drove by. Thought to myself, "is this what these children are fund raising for?". Love the BSA, was highly involved for years in all positions. Please, donate direct to your local pack or troop.
Rick Beason says :

Every bag of the boy scout microwave popcorn burns in my microwave. The Orville Redenbocker cooks perfectly. The Boy Scouts need to find a new popcorn supplier. This is my third and last try with this awful product. I love the a scouts but this product needs to go away. I’m mad that I could be so stupid to purchase it for a third time.
Sandra says :

I think this popcorn is great and worth the money,I bought 2 different kinds from our neighbours( who are boy scouts)Chocolatey Triple Delight Unbelievable Butter Microwave Popcorn,I think it is a great fundraiser,I look forward to this every year I
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