Dial Antibacterial Soap (Mountain Fresh Scent) 4 Oz Bar
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  • I know that Dial has been in the market for years already, along with LifeBouy and Safeguard
  • I noticed that my heels and hands are not peeling with regular use

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      I was searching the supermarket for a good, non-drying antibacterial soap, and I came across the Dial Antibacterial Soap in Mountain Fresh Scent pack of 3s. It only costs Php 120 (around $3). I tried to smell it even in the packaging and it did smell fresh, so I opted to try it.I know that Dial has been in the market for years already, along with LifeBouy and Safeguard. But I have not yet tried to use Dial at all.

      It came in packs of 3. There are 3 bars individually wrapped in white waxy paper.

      The bar is green, quite slim, not as huge as the Safeguard soap white that I usually buy. The scent is great, smells really fresh, not like laundry detergent.

      I am little paranoid because I have used Safeguard and it is very very drying to the skin. I have peeling hands and heels because of it, and I only want a soap that can fight germs but not dry me out like a prune. Safeguard has been approved by the PAMET (Phil Associaton of Medical Technologists) but I

      have not seen any certifications on Dial yet. Nothing on the packaging about it. I only know it contains Triclocarban, and from research it is used as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal chemical used in disinfectants, soaps and other household products. Household products?! Well I realized that soap IS a household product. But I feel better that it has anti-fungal properties as well.

      In the shower, I rubbed a little bit of some product on my washcloth and put some water to create some lather. This produces a decent amount of lather, but not as good as the Olay’s. The bar is tough and firm, and does not melt as easily as glycerin soaps on my first use. The scent is fresh and mild, not too strong. Not as strong as the Safeguard’s.

      Cleansed my face too with the same soap. It lathers okay, my skin did not sting even for a bit. It is also not too slippery nor creamy. My skin did not itch and I did not get any rash or redness.

      This soap rinses well too. No residue build up on ...

      • my skin! Nothing slippery lingers on my skin. It’s squeaky clean but not drying! I noticed that my heels and hands are not peeling with regular use. This really has moisturizing effects along with antibacterial properties which is perfect for me. I feel that this does not leave any slippery film on my skin that I usually get from using moisturizing soap. When I rinse off, I can rub my fingers on my skin and yes I do feel clean, but I don’t feel dry.

        I will continue to purchase Dial soaps as my antibacterial soap, because it does the job well, and it is not drying to my skin. It is a little expensive by Php 30 to the Safeguard soap, but I will not trade it for anything.

        I used a single soap for about a week and a half, along with my husband. I noticed that I can finish the 3 soaps in probably less than a month. For its price, it’s a little bit expensive because it does finish right away. It kind of melts away bit by


        I have read reviews about people complaining about the size of the soap too. I don’t really mind it. It seems that the 4.5 Oz has been reduced to 4 Oz with the same price so people are getting furious over what a rip off it actually is. I don’t really care about that, because I am happy with it. However I noticed that one time I left the soap near the shower area, the soap melted off rather quickly. I noticed that eventually it breaks in half quicker than the Safeguard does. Sometimes I see bits and pieces of green soap on the shower floor. I mean how did it come to be like that? I have never experienced this with any other soap that I am using. I don’t know how it happens, and it’s kind of annoying really, but I really like the quality of this soap so what I do is I just pick up the small bits, try to attach them to one another and just use them to wash my underwear until it melts off completely.

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