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  • I love how detractors try to simultaneously paint him as an inept doofus, but also a devious mastermind

    • by David Finniss


      During the years that George W. Bush was President, a lot of hyperbolic rhetoric was thrown around. People said that he was the worst president in the history of the country, they called him a liar, a war monger, comparisons to Adolf Hitler were made, and some even said that he was the Anti-Christ.

      This is ridiculous. I don’t exactly call myself a supporter, but he wasn’t the epitome of evil. Was he a bit dim? Sure, you can’t talk about a guy who said “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice can’t fool me again” and claim that he was brilliant. Still, the criticism was a bit harsh.

      Even from day one, when he won the election (which he did, quite a few times in fact) people were dead set against him. He wanted to cut taxes and the criticism was that he was only doing it to help rich people. One could point out that the rich pay a lot more in taxes, but whatever.

      He wanted to reform social security since the system wasn’t working and people claimed that he wanted to cut benefits. Given that the program was bleeding money, this was necessary, but more importantly, he wanted to give the money to the people so that

      they could invest for themselves. This would benefit them in the long run as they can handle money a hell of a lot better than the government. If people put it into IRA’s or 401K’s, the continual input of money into the market would help keep stocks up and allow the market to remain stable. If you’re not a stock person, you could put the money into a simple savings account or some other place to tuck it away for a rainy day.

      The big thing was the war on terror. We got attacked and he vowed to catch those responsible. Some radicals even went so far as to say that Bush either planned the attacks or at least knew about them ahead of time and did nothing about it to justify his war. I don’t know, this comes off as ridiculous to me.

      Things only got worse when he decided to invade Iraq. Again, people said that he knew there were no weapons and that he doctored the whole thing. I love how detractors try to simultaneously paint him as an inept doofus, but also a devious mastermind. Really democratic congress people? You were outsmarted and duped by the guy who said “nucular”? That’s the story you’re trying to ...

      • sell me?

        You want a conspiracy theory? Cheney set it all up and played Bush for a patsy. Bush always came off as a compassionate person, and maybe I’m just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it seemed like he saw a real threat and wanted to stop it. Now, of course, there were no weapons.

        Unlike Bush, Cheney seemed more like the super villain that the media tried to paint Bush as. Cheney was surly, cold, and had an eerie resemblance to The Penguin in terms of appearance and even, to some extent, mannerisms.

        There was Katrina as well. I put some responsibility on Bush for that, but there were screwups on every level for that. Even worse, the way people talk, it sounds like they blame Bush for the hurricane. That’s ridiculous, but even in terms of response, a lot of people dropped the ball on that so you can’t put all the blame on him.

        The same goes for the economy. When everything went down the pooper, people blamed Bush. The economy doesn’t work that way, you can’t just point to Bush and say “he did it”. To be honest, I hold the bank executives more responsible for what happened then I

        hold Bush accountable.

        Still, the Bush era wasn’t exactly a shining moment. I mean, people got tortured and torture is bad. This is true, I understand the argument that in a war of ideas, we have to hold true to our morals. However, the argument that torture never works seems false. Does it work all the time? No, but it can get results. Still, if you don’t know whether a person is telling the truth or telling you what you want to hear, it doesn’t accomplish much. Putting that aside though, the liberal idea that if we sit down and ask them what we want to know politely, they will spill their guts is patently ridiculous. Chit chat is not going to work.

        OK, how about this. Instead of waterboarding, we give them swirleys, or noogies. You know, grade school stuff. What if we put them in a furnished room with AC and all that, but play Ace of Base’s “I Saw the Sign” on a never ending loop (at a comfortable volume of course).

        Is Bush the WORST PRESIDENT EVAR!!! No, is he a great one? Hardly, but he did do some good in office and comparing him to the likes of Hitler and Satan is needless overkill.

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