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  • I found this film to be a little entertaining but average at best
  • Also,I thought the subplot about chicken little joining the baseball team kind of drifted away from the plot
  • I enjoyed the films' sublot about chicken little having a relationship with his father

    • by Henry Savior

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      I am going to review the disney animated film chicken little.It is a remake of the sky is falling plotline of the original chicken little story.In this movie,it has a similiar plot with a twist.Chicken little is a very small student in a high school where he is picked on and bullied.he has a small gorup of friends who are outcasts like him such as a duck named Abby.One day,he decides to try and make his dad proud by joining the baseball team.When the team is about to lose,,he manages to hit a home run by luck and win the game.Everybody cheers him on and loves him.His dad is even proud of him.Later that day,he discovers some kind of tile that falls from the sky and thinks the sky is falling.The tile is actually some kind of advanced techology of some sort taht blends in to the floor when it hits it.

      His friends which include a duck named Abby convince him to tell his dad about the event.He dosen’t until he and his friends witness a space ship..Chicken Little attempts to get the

      whole town to see the space ship but the ship takes off before they can see it.They all think chicken little is a liar.Later chicken little and some friends discover a baby orange alien on eartth and then discover a fleet of alien ships is attacking earth.The aliens are attacking earth out of concern and desperate t find thier child.Chicke Little realizes that he must return the alien child to thier parents to stop the invasion.When attempting to get the alien child back to hsi parents, chicken little gets teleported on to the alien ship.The aliens threaten to do something harmful to him until the alien baby tells them that he was returning him.The parents then understand the situation and then thanks chicken little and apologizes for attacking earth.They turn out to be quite friendly.The parents and the rest of the aliens leave earth with thier child and Chicken Little is hailed as a hero.

      I found this film to be a little entertaining but average at best.The film dosent really have an original plot.It seems like it was heavily based on war of ...

      • the worlds.Children who watch the film may not notice it but adults most likely will.Also,I thought the subplot about chicken little joining the baseball team kind of drifted away from the plot.It was nice to see chicken little become popular and gain the respect of his friends and his father but the baseball scene didn’t really do anything to pull the plot along.It was mostly served as filler.I enjoyed the films’ sublot about chicken little having a relationship with his was a sweet and captivating element in the film.Chicken Little learns that he dosent need to earn love from his father.His father will love him no matter what.Despite the good plot about a father and son bond,the ending of the movie seemed rather rushed.The aliens who started attacking earth suddenly became nice and friendly when thier child was returned and just left earth as if nothing had would have been better if the filmmakers had longer scenes with the aliens and have the townspeople one earth get to know them and thier customs instead of having them just attacking earth.The movie
        had some interesting characters.There was a funny character called runt of the litter who was a large pig.Depsite being large he was a gentle yet slightly a coward.I also liked a character called Foxy Loxy.She was a portly fox who was good at baseball and liked picking on chicken little throughout the film.It was sort of funny to see a bully steryotype like foxy.i also liked a character,fish out of water who was simply a fish with a scuba helmet filled with water.He was cute.However,he served little purpose in the film except to be a cute character.he did not speak using dialogue.He basically made a bunch of gurgling sound and made facial and bodily gestures.The movie itself was a nice effort that will capture the attention of young kids.Howwever,older kids and adults might not get too much of it because it has little originallity.The general plot line looks like a parody of war of the worlds and the sublot seems like it is a basic high school cliche involving a dorky kid who gets bullied that eventually becomes liked by everyone at the end of the film.

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