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  • The middle is dominated by a much slower, darker section of the song that really completes such an amazing track
  • Definitely one of the highlights of the record
  • But when I listened to it, I was no short of quite impressed
  • Night Star Hel 10/10 To say the absolute least, this song definitely has one of the darkest and most interesting melodies I've ever heard
  • Deth Red Sabaoth comes up as arguably the best Danzig record to date

    • by Ricardo L

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      It has been six long years since the relatively unimpressive “Circle Of Snakes” record, but the long wait has been far worth it. To the people who thought Glenn Danzig was finally on his way out, this epic release gives them a sure wake-up call. With quality that surpasses everything from Danzig 5 and after, this album shows that despite being 55 and have over 30 years in music, Glenn Danzig still has what it takes to create some of the hardest, greatest rock n roll to ever be pressed.

      Despite Glenn Danzig’s vocal quality going up consistently since his early days with The Misfits until “Danzig 4p”, it took a turn for the worse afterwords. He started to loose the depth that he was famous for, and by 2004’s “Circle Of Snakes”, it was considerably shallow. But on this new 2010 release, his voice is almost as good as it was on “Danzig 4″. He has lost a lot of his vibrato, but it’s far from shallow. Considering his age and having sung full time for the last 34 years, his voice is truly excellent.

      The overall sound and quality is many steps above Danzig’s last four original releases in almost every aspect. Especially with the disappointing “Circle Of Snakes”, one would likely think that Glenn was on his way out. This album proved anybody who though that completely wrong. The songs featured on “Deth Red Sabaoth” can easily stand up against anything on “Danzig III” and “4p”. Like a lot of Danzig’s records, the album gets darker and more unconventional as the songs go by. Its worth listening to from beginning to end.

      Here is a more detailed song-by-song review:

      1: “Hammer Of The Gods” 10/10

      The instant the record started, I was brought right back to “Danzig II”. It’s a brutally heavy, almost bluesy song that simply rocks. Yo will find it impossible to keep your head still while listening to it. The middle is dominated by a much slower, darker section of the song that really completes such an

      amazing track.

      2: “The Revengeful” 8/10

      Though not as thick as the preceding track, “The Revengeful” is certainly in its place right near the beginning of the record. Glenn’s voice isn’t quite as deep as most other parts of the album, but nevertheless he got the notes right and his vocals accompanied the song perfectly. At 4:10, it’s a little long for repeating verse/chorus. Overall it’s a really good song, but a bit long for its lack of variety.

      3: “Rebel Spirits”

      My first reaction to this song was that I simply loved the intro. It features heavy, deep drums behind a dark melody that complement eachother perfectly. The song has a very dark atmosphere from beginning to end. Glenn did an excellent job with the vocals on this track. It is a little painful to hear the obvious absence of vibrato, but the guy’s been doing this for decades. This song would fit perfectly in “4p”. It’s slow, relatively quiet, and quite dark, but above all it simply rocks. The solo at the end is far worth listening to. Definitely one of the highlights of the record.

      4: “Black Candy” 10/10

      From the first second you are thrown into an explosion of deep drums and an insane guitar riff. But just as fast as it started, it gets considerably quiet, and then come Glenn’s best vocals on the whole album. The intro returns for the chorus, and like the beginning, it suddenly goes into a quiet bass-only verse that is later accompanied by loud, menacing guitar. This is the premier song of the album. It’s dark, menacing, and downright awesome. Glenn Danzig recorded the whole song himself, making it quite more of an authentic song that cannot be missed.

      5: “On A Wicked Night” 8/10

      This song is almost out of place on the record, but it’s a great break from the obnoxious loudness of the first four tracks. The beginning section, which lasts roughly half the song, consists of a clean electric guitar with Glenn’s again-amazing vocals. Even the heavier second part isn’t nearly ...

      • as heavy as anything else on “Deth Red Sabaoth”. It’s a great track for the most part. The only thing about it that only kind of annoys me is the way he says “On a wicked night”; he says “wicked” too fast. I admit I am picky when it comes to music, but I wish he lengthened the line an extra note. But other than that. excellent song.

        6: “Deth Red Moon” 10/10

        This song reminds me a lot of “I Don’t Mind The Pain” on “Danzig 4p” in that it’s a light, mid-paced ballad with roughly the same sound (this song is a bit heavier). It’s not a headbanger like most of the previous songs are, but its nevertheless a great ballad that is a magnificent addition to the album. The vocals and the melody accompany eachother so well, words don’t do it justice. The only way to understand this song’s true beauty is to listen to it yourself. The amount of subtle detail put in is enough to give it a lot of depth. Definitely don’t skip this track.

        7: “Ju Ju Bone” 9/10

        I’m not one to judge songs based on titles, especially with a strong background in punk and crossover thrash, but I really didn’t know what to expect for a song titled “Ju Ju Bone”. But when I listened to it, I was no short of quite impressed. It has the right mix of power ballad, metal, and blues that works perfectly. It’s not a headbanger, but certainly hard enough to keep you awake.

        8: “Night Star Hel” 10/10

        To say the absolute least, this song definitely has one of the darkest and most interesting melodies I’ve ever heard. The palm muted chords are unique in that I have never heard anything like them used in such a way before. They are an epic complement to an already dark song. This song leaves me pretty much speechless. I know Danzig’s music extremely well, but I never in a million years saw this coming. It’s slow, menacing, grinding, and beyond

        description. The last two minutes speed things back up to a heavy instrumental headbanger that comes rather unexpectedly. Overall, this song works. As unconventional as it is, it simply works. Words do it no justice at all.

        9: “Pyre Of Souls (Incanticle)” 10/10

        “Pyre Of Souls (Incanticle)” serves as an instrumental introduction to the similarly-titled succeeding track, “Pyre Of Souls (Seasons Of Pain)”. It’s a ridiculously quiet, mostly piano instrumental with dark, echoing backing vocals that accompany eachother like apples and pie crust. It’s worth listening to the whole 3 minute and 18 second length. It’s so simple yet so complicated. Definitely interesting.

        10: “Pyre Of Souls (Seasons Of Pain)” 10/10

        Coming in at a lengthy 7 minutes and 17 seconds, the tenth track is the longest on the album. Despite having just one, almost monotone riff from beginning to end, mostly consisting of solos, its long length actually doesn’t work against it. In fact, I find its length to be a plus. The vocal parts are spread out on each end of insane solos. Definitely worth listening to.

        11: “Left Hand Rise Above” 10/10

        A ridiculously loud and thick intro enters into a very quiet verse with some of Glenn’s best vocals since “4p”. Downbeat and depressing, combining loud intros and choruses with super quiet verses, this song is none out of place on a Danzig record. But it’s by far one of the best songs I’ve heard from him.

        “Deth Red Sabaoth” comes up as arguably the best Danzig record to date. A six year wait from the rather disappointing “Circle Of Snakes” was well worth the resulting record. It’s painful to hear Glenn Danzig’s obviously aged and worn voice in this, but you have to give him credit for doing such a good job despite the fact. The songs are some of the heaviest and thickest he’s ever put out. I am certainly surprised to hear such an amazing record after four consecutive disappointing releases. “Deth Red Sabaoth” puts Danzig back on top, as one of the greatest doom metal/hard rock bands of all time.

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