Mattini & Nath’s Anatomy & Physiology Second Edition: College Text Book
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  • Where the online software that accompanies it is amazing

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      If you are taking undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology then you may run in to Mattini & Nath’s Anatomy & Physiology Second Edition: College Text Book. I have quite a lot to say about this book but I will try to narrow my impressions of it down to what is really important. Before we go any further let me tell you where I am. This will give you a greater understanding of why I did not have a favorable opinion of this text book. I am a visual and kenestetic learner. This means I need to see and draw diagrams and involve movement and charts to really understand complicated subject matter.

      The book a professor uses can be a sign of how he teaches. Or it can be chosen by a board and all teachers use the same books. The book is the back bone of what you learn in a college course. If the teacher uses it or not. I found Mattini & Nath’s Anatomy & Physiology Second Edition: College Text Book to be far to wordy. The way it introduced material was from a very linguistic view point and the pictures did not stray to far from the linguistic point. I feel that is a downfall of this book. When you

      a pick a book that the whole class has to chose from then it should be one that every kind of a learner can learn from.

      I detested that in this book the subtext that went with the pictures and diagrams was just as wordy and linguistic as the text itself. I felt that this book is really only for people who have the sort of learning method that involves comprehension from reading. Furthermore, because the writes of this book didn’t take the time to properly draw, label, and illustrate the diagrams for use by visual learners who benefit from pictures and labels that this book is really only meant for one type of learner.

      The book is coupled with Pearson, which is an online language lab. However at my college they did not emphasis the use of it. Only recommended it. And they were unable to even show other students how to use it. However, since the book is only good for certain kinds of uses then the online software that goes with it is essential. The book was useless to me. It frustrated me and made me feel as if maybe I was just not smart enough to understand anatomy & physiology. However once I discovered the online material I ...

      • found all kinds of videos games and quizzes. And poof I have an A in the class even though the book and the professor were useless to me.

        I feel that this book is utterly useless and could be fire wood for all I care. Where the online software that accompanies it is amazing. What I found the most upsetting is that the staff at the college never emphasized how to locate and use the software nor the importance of doing this to tailor to your own learning style. It is no wonder that so many people fail the class. Not because they can’t understand it. But because they are not able to absorb it because they are using a useless book and useless tactics.

        I feel that the books chosen are a representative of the school. If you are choosing a school and they use books that have Pearson software it could be a good school. But if you ask them, how can a person use that software to tailor the learning process to their own learning style and they give you a song and dance or dumb look. Well the school may not know how to teach outside of one learning style. I feel it does not matter your

        learning style and that any person should have an equal chance to succeed.

        I would go as far to say that I was offended by how Mattini & Nath’s Anatomy & Physiology Second Edition: College Text Book only tailors to one type of learning style. They go on to provide online support and software it but make it so hidden that only 1 out of every 30 students figures out how to use it. Just because I am not the sort of reader who can read the book from front cover to back does not make me unworthy of learning. I give this book a 5 with the warning that it is only meant for people who’s learning style involves purely written word.

        If you find you have to use this book and you are not that sort of learner I urged you to take your own initiative to figure out how to use the online Pearson software. And I also urged you to make the biology department aware of the needs of people with different learning styles. I will go on to review different A & P books in the hopes that even if you are stuck with a fire wood book you can still learn what you need to know.

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