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  • Also, I found that the lather was incredibly rich and thick
  • It doesn't take much shampoo at all to get to the lathering point that I like to feel in my shampoo products either
  • This shampoo isn't a 2-in-1 product but there is definitely some conditioning going on, probably thanks to the aloe vera

    • by Anasuya

      I don’t know when Suave started putting out a more “professional” line of products, but I was thrilled a couple weeks ago when I saw this one on the shelves. We typically buy Suave shampoos because they are almost always one of the cheapest at $1 or so a bottle, and my kids really like them and it’s something the entire household can use. But I typically like to have a fancier shampoo for myself so when I saw the Suave Professionals line of products on the shelf, I jumped at the chance to try one. It was only $2.50 or so and seemed to be comparable to like an Herbal Essences or Pert Shampoo + Conditioner (which is one of my all time favs). And this volumizing bottle of shampoo said it was specifically designed for fine hair, and mine very easily falls into that category. But, I have a mixed review about this product.

      First off, it smells really nice. Has a light and pleasant, refreshing scent that almost reminds of cucumbers in a way, though there isn’t cucumbers anywhere in the product. It’s just that kind of farmers market scent to it that I find very inviting. It’s not nearly strong enough for my

      liking though. I’d much prefer a shampoo that has a scent strong enough to smell long after getting out of the bath even if the scent may choke me a little at first with its intensity. This scent pretty much disappeared the minute I was finished rinsing the product out of my hair. Shame, because it was really very nice. Also, I found that the lather was incredibly rich and thick. It doesn’t take much shampoo at all to get to the lathering point that I like to feel in my shampoo products either. I only need about a silver dollar size amount in the palm of my hair and that’s enough shampoo to thoroughly clean my whole head of hair. Sure, my hair is fine, and thinning, and it may not seem like there’s a lot of it to clean, but it’s still a little longer than shoulder length and that’s not a lot of shampoo, but it still gets the job done. Also, when it was rinsed out, my hair didn’t squeak, which tells me that the nutriets naturally found in my hair weren’t stripped out. This shampoo isn’t a 2-in-1 product but there is definitely some conditioning going on, probably thanks to the aloe ...

      • vera.

        But here are some of the problems I had with this shampoo. Firstly, right after I toweled off and went to comb out my hair, my hair felt very stringy and tangly. I was hoping that a shampoo with some conditioning properties would really get rid of the tangles. In fact it was more tangled than it is with the cheaper shampoos (not that this one was particularly expensive by any means). Once it was combed out, it was fine, but if I got distracted and didn’t come out my hair immediately after getting out of the shower, it seemed like those tangles just carried on alll day long and it would even create more frizz for me. The ends of my hair are always dry and slightly damaged and frizzy, while the roots are oily, and I if I wasn’t careful with brushing or combing after using this, while my hair was still wet, I had to contend with a whole head of frizzy hair.

        It did volumize though. I have to give it credit. In fact, my hair looked at least twice as full as it did before I used it. But, my hair also felt very heavy, ironically enough. It was almost like

        having a styling mousse that hardens in my hair all day long. My hair was smooth to the touch and I could run my fingers through it fine, but I just couldn’t get over the feeling that I had a vat of butter on my head. And sure enough, just five or six hours after shampooing, all that aloe vera or whatever else they put in this product really started to weight my hair down. I looked like an oily mess by the end of the day. I mean, my hair is naturally oily anyway, at least at the roots, so I need a very light product. This wasn’t really it. I was thrilled with how well it volumized my hair for the first couple hours, and the scent was so pleasant, but I didn’t like the all-day heaviness I felt in my hair, and I didn’t like that it had no staying power and that my hair ended up looking weighed down by the end of the day. A little more perfecting of this product and they’d have a perfect shampoo. Still not bad for the price. I’ve paid five times that for a bottle of shampoo that didn’t work nearly as well, so it’s not bad at all. 7

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