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  • This episode kicks off ten years of action and drama and is one of the best and longest running science fiction shows of all time

    • by Frowner

      Children of the Gods is the series orininally aired on July, 17th 1997 and takes place a year after the motion picture, starring Kurt Russell, and James Spader. The first episode, written by Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright, directed by Mario Azzopardi,  begins with the ailien artifact called the Stargate being casually guarded in a secure miltary facility, deep underground below Cheyenne Mountain. Believing the Stargate was burried on Abydos, a small group of soldiers are all that’s pressent when, out of no where, the gate ativates and a worm hole forms. Resembling a pool of water, soldiers wearing outfits similur to those worn by the slaves of Ra, who they defeated in the motion picture. Another being wearing golden clothing emerges from the gate and takes a nearby female soldier back through the worm hole.

        Events unfolding as they do, headed up by General Hammond, the Stargate program is reinstated to find out the true nature of the threat on earth and rescue the kidnapped soldier. General Hammond sends an officer to find Jack O’Neil,  who retired after his return from Abydos. After further discusion between Jack and the General, O’Neil confesses his report about having the

      stargate burried after they left the alien planet was a lie. Together with Captain Samantha Carter, the formost expert in gate travel and the science to what makes them work, Colonel Jack O’Neill return to Abydos to find Dr.

      Daniel Jackson. They find him soon after returning and he leads them to a cave he found with addresses to many more planets. Here is where the team learns there are far more planets with a stargate on them than just Earth and Abydos. While exploring the alien map room, local boys gaurding the stargate are overrun by soldiers, some wearing serpent head gear and Skaara, a character from the movie and friend of O’Neil is taken along with the wife of Daniel Jackson, Sha’re.

      Having been convinced that returning to Earth is his best chance of finding his wife, Jackson tells the people of Abydos to bury their gate until the day he is to return, one year later. If he does not return on this day he instructs the people to bury the gate again, but this time they are to never unbury it for all time. After being taken, Skaara and Sha’re are brought to a ...

      • giant dungeon like room deep inside a castle type facility. Here they put with a large group of prisoners and slaves, amung them is the female soldier who was kidnapped earlier.

        A guard comes and takes the soldier to his queen. There the soldier is stripped naked and inspected by the queen, and the golden clothed man who took her. She is being sized up to replace the host body of the queen. When the worm like parisite is introduced to it’s new host, the body is rejected by the alien worm.

        After learning the soldier was not going to be able to be a new host for the queen she is murdered by the golden man. Back at the SGC, Star Gate Command, O’Neil, Jackson, and Carter come to realize that Ra, may not be the only one of his kind. An injured man, pressent for the first attack when the female soldier was taken, remembers the gate address for where they took her. Teams SG1 and SG2 return back through the gate to that address.

        They soon are greated by worshipers of another “God” Apophis, and SG 1 is taken and put into the dungen. Here

        they meets the likes of Teal’c, played by Christopher Judge. We find he isn’t as loyal of a follower as his master is to believe. In another part of the palace like structure, the Queen had chosen another host, the wife of Daniel Jackson.

        Apophis orders the rest of the prisoners killed, and leaves through the gate with his queen, hosted by Sha’re. With the help of Teal’c SG1 escaped to find Apophis has escaped with Sha’re and that Skaara too has been taken as a host. In escaping back to Earth another team member is also taken as a host and infiltrates the SGC. With recomendation from O’Neil, Teal’c is made a part of SG1 who as a team will walk through the gate time and again in the hopes of finding new technology, allies, and Dr.

        Jackson’s wife. All in an attempt to save our galaxy from  the Goa’uld who would enslave all humanity use us as hosts. This episode kicks off ten years of action and drama and is one of the best and longest running science fiction shows of all time. The series premier is more or less a sequal to the movie and great jumping off point for where the series will take you.

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