Gentle Treatment Hair Relaxer
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  • As I was I applying it, I noticed my head started burning much quicker than I have ever felt
  • I decided to moisturize my scalp and try to ignore the pain
  • I could have enjoyed it, if the actual relaxer didn’t put me through torture
  • I don’t recommend that anyone try this product
  • You will be highly disappointed and probably in a little pain

    • by adrean_j

      In the past, I have always relaxed my hair. I have been relaxing my hair about once every two months for the last 13 years. I’ve used a lot of different relaxers, but only one has me completely traumatized. I was at Wal-Mart looking at relaxers and saw a cheap brand that I never used before. It was called Gentle Treatment. I should have been weary of the box, because it was very plain, which is not usual for relaxer boxes. It was white with the words Gentle Treatment. It has a little picture of a woman laying on her side. I didn’t have much money to spend, saw the word gentle in the title, and figured it would be a good choice. I purchased the Gentle Treatment relaxer, not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. When I got home I read the instructions, and I applied my

      own relaxer as I usually do. As I was I applying it, I noticed my head started burning much quicker than I have ever felt. I could feel the heat, slowly creeping up on me. Relaxers sometimes burn, but this was outrageous. It was burning on one side, while I was still applying it to the other side. I couldn’t even get the whole relaxer in, before I was having problems.

      The instructions say to leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes, but that was just not possible. It was burning way to bad, so I had to wash it out almost immediately. I washed my hair 3 times, thoroughly, and it was still burning. I washed my hair out again, conditioned it and then towel dried it. My head was sill burning. I was wondering why this relaxer was having such a bad effect on me. I ...

      • got the box and looked at it, to make sure I didn’t get the super formula. Well, I didn’t, it was regular formula. My scalp is sensitive so I always make sure to stay away from super. Twenty minutes after washing it, it was still burning. I decided to moisturize my scalp and try to ignore the pain. After a few hours it stopped burning, but I looked in my head and it was red. There were scabs forming all over my head.

        I was so upset. I’d never had a relaxer do something like this. Over the years, I’ve used at least 10 different brand of relaxers. To top it off, it didn’t even straighten my hair out the way it was supposed to. The middle was still really kinky, and the ends were still very curly. I had to still use a straightener just to get my hair

        straight. Plus, my hair was terribly dried out. So I guess the conditioner didn’t work either. I had to moisturize my ends way more then usual. I was disgusted with this product, and will never ever try it again. The Gentle Treatment relaxer is far from being gentle. The only good thing about this relaxer was the shampoo. It had a fantastic herbal smell to it. I almost fell in love with the smell of the shampoo instantly. I could have enjoyed it, if the actual relaxer didn’t put me through torture. The scabs took a week to heal up, and it took days before I didn’t feel any irritation. I don’t recommend that anyone try this product. You will be highly disappointed and probably in a little pain. I can now see why this product was so inexpensive. It is better to just pay the extra money for brands like Optimum and Raveen.

    San826 says :

    I have used the Gentle Treatment—the ORIGINAL formula, lady with the tan shirt, works excellent o) for about 7-8 years off and on I switched up to test other relaxers, only to see that ONLY the ORIGINAL Gentle Treatment grew my hair, and kept a shine healthy coat, I have thick hair, semi-coarse, but fine enough that relaxers will easily break it. However about 1yr ago 2011 I used the NEW IMPROVED FORMULA Gentle Treatment, lady with purple shirt, this was a total all around disaster My hair became much thinner, shed greatly, and a large portion broke off, I assumed for a min it was cause I switched my hair lotion, then it came to me, the so called new improved Genlte Treatment for my hair was the MOST damaging hair relaxer that I have ever used. I went about 3 months avoiding any relaxer, went back to the ORIGINAL Gentle Teatment, lady w tan shirt, and my hair began to grow back, as before the shine and thickness, once again shaping back. Later about 6 mos ago, Also I drink the Blue Goodness, and the Vanilla Chai Tea- both by Bolthouse Farms All natural health drinks,(at Wal-Mart) taste yummy yum, and it does make you feel good on the inside. The Vanilla Chai Tea, has protein, B vitamins, calcium- …this stuff grew my nails so strong and long, quicker than pre-natal vitamins, I before never had nails like I have now,a helped my blood pressure- Blue Goodnes has Biotin, many more vitamins, also makes hair strong, grow and thicker.
    Maggy says :

    I had the same reaction with Gentle treatment . I experienced so much shedding even the hairdresser was freaking out It felt like my head was literally on fire. I believe in lye relaxers . I have very sensitive scalp as well and I notice that when wash your hair or co-wash it a week before your relaxer and you do not touch your scalp ( only hand come your hair , no brushing what so ever ) for at least 3 days before doing your relaxer it should not be burning but of course you have to base your scalp.
    Myrtle says :

    re : You will be highly disappointed and probably in a little pain
    Purchase the product from a local bueaty supply-Gentle Treatment (regular) and I applied this to my hair. Unfortunately after the application of this product and several washes on a Friday morning three days later on a Monday morning my scalp is burning and my hair is shedding terribly. I use to use the mild product of Gently Treatment but recently this mild strength is no longer on the shelves in the stores, so I grabbed the regular strength brand. I am praying I don’t go BALD behind this ordeal. I’m 47 years old and never experience such trauma with a hair relaxer in my LIFE.

    This has convinced me to go natural and free of all chemical base products. I’ve never worn wigs or weave but now I may have to consider. My daughter keeps insisting that I contact the brand company but after reading reviews I’m sure they are aware of there damaging product and its effects with skin irritation and hair loss.
    Tonia says :

    re : As I was I applying it, I noticed my head started burning much quicker than I have ever felt
    I have used this product for years and for me it doesn’t burn anymore than the other brands. Gentle Treatment always left my hair straight, soft and silky and was unbelievably economical in the double pack. PLEASE bring the product back. Is there a substitute?
    tuliy says :

    re : I don’t recommend that anyone try this product
    Thank you for the warning, not many do that today
    Carol Leos says :

    I have used Gentle Treatment hair relaxer for thirty years and it has always been very good and my hair has always grown well with no thinning. I suggest that you do not scratch your scalp twenty four hours prior to relaxing your hair and never put the relaxer onto previously relaxed hair. To insure you relax only virgin hair, apply Vaseline liberally to hair that has been relaxed. Follow the timing instructions just as they are given. Do not allow the product to remain on your hair one second longer. Also, rinse thoroughly and wash that hair with all of the neutralizing shampoo provided in the kit.
    I have a sister who has used Gentle Treatment for longer than I have and she has beautiful hair,also. Apogee products are ideal for relaxed hair. Use them and have stronger,more beautiful hair. Enjoy.
    Licia says :

    After many years of using perm products, now I have been a year without a perm. It took about 5 months before I could see my hair texture/pattern change somewhat to a softer texture, just using hair oils, and leave in conditioners. The new growth texture of my hair while using perms was brittle and dry, after not perming my hair for like 5 months, my new growth hair texture became softer, and my hair retained the oils much better, so it was not as dry. My hair also was weaken by the chemicals in perms, lye, no-lye, all of them weaken your hair. My hair is now much stronger now that I am not perming it. I braid my hair myself, I comb it out in separate braids, discard the shedding dead hair, then re-braid, afterwards I wash it, then let it dry. That works for me,and its best to learn your own hair.
    Stacy says :

    Thanks for this review. I am actually in the market for a relaxer as my hair is very curly. But, I already know my scalp is insanely sensitive. So based on your review I will stay away from this one.
    lei says :

    Thanks for the feedback, actually I am planning to buy a hair relaxed and in case I find this brand I know what in it. Since here in my place some of the brands is not that branded, usually I am looking for a cheaper one for my hair but now I think I will stick to those in the middle price that we can be sure safe and reliable.
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