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  • The only issue with the album is GG's voice
  • Definitely in the top three GG Allin records, Brutality and Bloodshed For All is one that cannot be missed by any fan

    • by Ricardo L

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      GG Allin’s second to last release and his last punk album before his death, “Brutality and Bloodshed For All” comes up as one of his best. Now working with his band The Murder Junkies, GG Allin came through with one of the biggest highlights of his discography. The album is a little different than a lot of his previous work, but it maintains most of the classic characteristics GG Allin’s music is famous and infamous for.

      One of the most notable differences between this record and most of his earlier records is the recording quality. It’s noticeable from the first second and continues until the end. It is actually quite clear, almost

      professional-sounding. None of the static and distortion that dominated most of his discography. The sound is deep with relatively excellent bass response, and seems to have been mixed to almost-perfection. The guitar, bass, drums, and vocals are perfectly balanced. With such good recording quality, this one sticks out in his catalog.

      Lyrically, it’s yet another GG Allin record. The lyrics are as obscene and tasteless as ever. No surprises here. With subjects including murder and necrophilia, it comes none short of anything he’s ever put out. Depending on your view of such lyrics, you may find them funny or downright disgusting.

      Musically, the album is right up towards the top of ...

      • his discography. The songs are a combination of first wave punk and rock n roll, giving it a classic but heavy sound. It’s much more rock-influenced than a lot of his earlier material. Nevertheless, there are parts of and entire songs that are more towards skate punk (e.g. “Legalize Murder”). There isn’t an instant of faster hardcore, as it keeps mid-speed from beginning to end. The guitar is heavier and thicker than ever. Amazingly, there is not a single filler song, which most GG Allin records are known for. You can actually listen to this record from beginning to end; every song is worth listening to. The only issue with the
        album is GG’s voice. It has evolved to a deep monotone growl, which gets annoying after a few songs. I’m not a fan of it, as I feel it takes away from the sound, but that’s merely my opinion.

        Definitely in the top three GG Allin records, “Brutality and Bloodshed For All” is one that cannot be missed by any fan. Whether you insist on having every single record or just the good ones, this one is essential. It’s by far worth having a copy of. I give it a 10/10 because it’s recorded in reasonable quality, the songs are catchy, heavy, and simply awesome, and it’s definitely his most solid release ever.

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