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  • Don't forget the cost of the products, shampoo, and cleaning products for your house as well as all the laundry

    • by makeithappen

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      It happens to all of us, every single parent will be faced with lice eventually. Those who have know this can be a huge interruption to your daily life. You child can not go to school or may be sent home and de lousing your house and your child’s head is no picnic. You must really devote and entire day or maybe two really get rid of lice. Don’t forget the cost of the products, shampoo, and cleaning products for your house as well as all the laundry. This is why I am reviewing Quit Nits: lice Prevention Spray. It is much cheaper and easier to prevent lice and to get rid of them.

      I discovered this when my daughter went to kindergarten. What started as one child with lice

      turned in to an infestation. The first few children were sent home and then came back clean but by then a new group had lice, then a few more and so on and so fourth until the first child caught it again. I had to de louse two times through this fiasco and I can promise you that no one was happy.

      I finally decided to try Quit Nits: lice Prevention Spray because I knew none of us could take a third delousing. Now a little about the spray itself. It is manufactured by Wild Child Pty Ltd and is sold for between $9-12 for a 4.2 ounce bottle. The down side is that it has a bright yellow label with the words Quit Nits across the front. The bright side ...

      • is the label is small and easy to peel off leaving you with a white bottle. I peeled the label off and used markers to label it de-tangling spray.

        It is safe enough to use every day and I used it on my daughter every day. I knew it worked because I was hearing that the other students had caught it 4, 5 or 6 times before the classroom lice infestation finally stopped. For $9 bucks and and simply spraying it on to my daughters hair and brushing it through I was very happy. Saved me so much time, money and troubles.

        There is another downside to this spray. While it doesn’t smell like a lice product it does smell like bug spray. Like the sort you would use before you go

        on a hike in the woods. My daughter did not like this smell and neither did I. However I did find that if you spray this in first and brush. Then cover with a leave in conditioning spray then it does hide the smell. So if you chose to prevent lice with Quit Nits expect to buy a second product to cover the bug spray smell.

        Over all I give this a 9. Even with the few cons having my child use this spray has kept her lice free all through first grade now. I use it on all three of my children any time I suspect they might be at risk of getting lice. Outside of the smell and look of the bottle it has made my life much easier.

    makeithappen replies :

    This stuff does work if you follow the directions. However here is the issue. If you do not kill every single last lice and egg, they WILL come back. Lice removal is not as easy as the products alone. Quit nits is a good prevention method however here is what you do when your kids get lice. You have to remove ALL blankets, ALL stuffed animals, everything you can wash wash, if you can not put it in a garbage bag in a basement or shed for 7 days. Then there are the beds, carpets, ect. You may get them off the bed but there still may be lice in their rooms, their beds, mattresses, everything. You may even have to shut the bedrooms off for 7 days. I had to do this once due to a bad infestation. Close the door, place all items to be de infested in a garbage back in this or these rooms. Then place a towel in front of the bottom of the door. Also shut off all vents by placing a piece of cloth under the vents. I use a kind of batting because are can flow through but dirt, dust and mites can not get through. Then make that room off limits for 7 days. Anyhow, you have to do this BEFORE you use a lice shampoo. Once everything is in then shampoo the kids with a lice shampoo, then use the preventative spray. If you have boys, shave there head, it is easier. If you have girls, well you will have to sit under a REALLY good lite with a lice come, not the plastic ones that come in the boxes. THEY DO NOT WORK. Buy a metal lice comb kit. One is for eggs and one is for lice. Then sit for hours going through ALL of the hair. If you keep getting re infested, then you may have to leave your home for 7 days AND get 100 of the lice out of the hair. However, there could be a chance that the reason they are getting it over and over is because one of their friends has lice and their parents aren`t doing the full cleaning. If the quit knits is not working and you have 100 rid your kids, house, your husband and yourself. Then it is coming from someone else or school. This is where it gets very tricky, how do you get another parent to take responsibility? All you can do is not allow your kids to hang out with them. If you think it is coming from school then you have to go to the school and complain, explain to them you have done everything in the world and you think it is from the class, they will have to do an inspection, worse come to worse have your kids put in another class. If you have more details let me know and I might be able to help you formulate a plan or get you to an organization that can.

    natalie running says :

    hi there my name is natalie and i have two kids and my littles one keeps get it and i have payed out alot of money so i seen this suff and got it and it not working how what do i do can u help

    jennifer Davis says :

    Hi I have young children and the best lice remover that I have come across is Rid 3-Step Lice removal system from Wal-Mart. It is $ 18 at Wal-Mart and it comes with everything that you need to get rid of them. Also, be aware that you should wash everything that the kids have come into contact with that can harbor lice or their eggs. This includes sheets, pillows, pillow cases, blankets, stuffed animals, clothing. Just about anything that you can wash should probably be done. I made that mistake once and didn’t wash the blankets and pillows and my kids ended up with lice just a few days after I thought I had gotten rid of them all.

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