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  • I know when they first came out people thought it was another passing fad, but I say think again
  • The atomizers are small and easy to lose so I recommend having a carrying case
  • Now I will admit overall it cost me $500 but that might be due to the fact that I lost 2 of my Vapor King electronic cigarettes

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      Trying to quit smoking was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I tried everything on the market with no luck. I was allergic to the patch, the gum tasted gross, and the prescription medicines were not covered by my insurance. I did use Buspirone to calm my nerves and that was helpful but I still needed something else. For me I knew it was not only the addiction I was struggling with; but also the habit.

      Here is where the Electronic cigarette was a life saver (literally). I know when they first came out people thought it was another passing fad, but I say think again. There are many brands of E smokes so for this review I am only going to cover my favorite brand and model: Vapor King. This is manufactured by E-cigarettes Inc. Good company and they always have free shipping.

      The Vapor king is made of three parts. The battery, the atomizer, and the cartridge. I will go through each component as I review and also explain how it helped me quit smoking. Let’s start with the battery. It has the diameter of a normal cigarette and is about the length of your pinky finger. The Vapor King battery comes in black, white, and silver. It works like a cell phone battery and has a very long life. This is the portion that you screw in to the charger so it can power the atomizer.

      The battery alone costs

      about $19.95 and can be manual or automatic. I recommend automatic. With the manual you have to flip a switch to turn it on and off. If you forget to turn it off then the battery will run down and poof, no smoke. At the end of the automatic is an LED light. It will light as you puff or when the battery is low. It simply turns on and off with each puff.

      The atomizer screws in to the battery and is a much shorter component. An atomizer will work for about 555 puffs. The atomizer takes the liquid nicotine and turns it in to a vapor. This vapor has none of the additives or tars that tobacco has. It is only a very small does of nicotine that is converted to vapor. Alone the Vapor King atomizer runs about $12.95.

      The atomizers are small and easy to lose so I recommend having a carrying case. They are also very temperamental. I had to send one back because it wasn’t producing enough vapors. The down side is that you have to read and follow the instructions word for word or it will break very easily.

      The final part is the cartridge. This is the very tip and where you will suck from. The cartridge has a small sponge in it and hooks to the atomizer. When you puff you then get the vapors which seem like smoke. This is the most important part of the e-cigarette ...

      • if you are using it to stop smoking.

        The cartridge’s come in different mg of nicotine as well as various flavors. The first thing I must say is that the tobacco flavor is a bit strange with the Vapor King. It does have a funny smell though it isn’t as bad as cigarette smoke. I recommend you get flavors. I uses the vanilla flavor. It was smooth, tasted very nice, and left a pleasant smell that some thought was perfume.

        How you quit smoking with the Vapor King is all about the cartridge. Start with the 16 MG and move down to 11 MG then to 6 MG and then to pure vapors. Now this will probably not work with the tobacco flavored cartridges. This is because the nicotine free tobacco flavored cartridges tastes and smells terrible.

        However, if you use a flavor that you like there is no taste or smell difference between the nicotine and non nicotine cartridges. This will be the key to stopping smoking. The cartridge will be refilled with the liquid e flavors. A 5 pack of cartilages costs $9.95. Each cartridges can be refilled about 5 times and each refill is about a pack of cigarettes. The e-liquid costs about $14.95.

        You can buy each item separately but recommend buying a starter kit for about $54.95. Now I am going to be up front and warm you of the biggest drawback of the Vapor King. They are very easy

        to lose and for that much money very frustrating to lose as well. So you must get it a case if you want to keep track of it.

        Now I explained how you can use the Vapor King e liquid to step down the amount of nicotine until you are only smoking vapors. This is perfect for feeding the habit with out feeding it. Where this comes in very handy is if you are around other smokers. Your just dying to light up and its like torture. Instead you can just smoke your e smoke. In a way you keep the habit up to trick your mind and body.

        Before you know it you have quit smoking even before your body and habits have caught on. And you can even satisfy yourself in peer pressure situations. It is kind of like taking an end run around your brain. It worked for me and was worth the money I spent. Now I will admit overall it cost me $500 but that might be due to the fact that I lost 2 of my Vapor King electronic cigarettes.

        Considering that you can quit smoking, be healthier, maybe live longer, you wont smell, and your teeth will thank you it is a good investment in yourself. Even though this is not an FDA approved way to quit smoking; I know many people who have quit with this method. Give it a try and your lungs might just thank you.

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