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  • By far, Islam which means submission is the best

    • by andrew_writes
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      I have studied and tried many religions. I was raised orthodox Roman Catholic. I studied Judaism, Wicca, and even Druidism. By far, Islam which means submission is the best.

      It does not contradict itself. The Koran is full of beautiful prose that promotes peace first and Jihad, struggle later. Many people think think that Islamic followers in the East who are terrorist are that way because of their religion.

      This is not so. They are that way because of their tribal culture. Remember, Judaism, Christianity and Catholicism come from the same area.

      The main focus of Islam is peace and tolerance but first, obedience, or submission to the one true God. There is only one God and for us a name does not really matter although Muslims believe that Allah is the personal name of God. True or not most of us worship the same God but do not know it.

      True Muslims believe in the Bible and most of what it entails. Most Christians don’t even believe most of the bible, and Jews only follow the Torah, or the old testament. The Koran is so ...

      • much like the story of the bible.

        This is no coincidence, it is the same story. Only mankind disturbs the truth and I have found that Islam has the least disturbances. For a person born in the Western Culture, Islam may be hard to follow and seem strange but with understanding from research backed by Daleel, or proof a person can come to an understanding of why Islam is setup the way it is and finally come to submit (Islam) to the one true God.

        Even the Bible backs up that every knee shall bow down to

        God whether it wants to or not. The part where people say …. bow down and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord is not in the Bible and is made up.

        We are all responsible for our own salvation, find out the truth before it is too late. Open your mind. Islam may not be right for you because a messenger was sent to all peoples, but Islam is the closest to being right.

        It has never been changed or used by men like the Bible has and it does not ask people to believe the unbelievable.

    SunniHanafiIslam says :

    Asalam brother. I am so glad you choosed Islam. Becuz Islam truly is the best religion. Jazak Allah
    Adityaa says :

    I disagree with you. The religions which teach love, truth, ahimsa and brotherhood are the best religions. I think all religions teach these principles. So according to me all religions are best.
    Ron says :

    The problem with Religion is that it’s actual function in society has little to do with the underlying philosophy.For instance,televangelist Joyce Meyers professes to be a Christian and has a very huge following.Yet,she owns a 16 million dollar Jet Anyone who knows the Bible understands how Jesus felt about money and materialism.He even had to borrow a donkey from a stranger in order to ride into Jerusalem.Not a fancy carriage,but a lowly donkey.This is why I follow God but not Religion.If people truly believe in God then why do they think God would require a mediator or middle man?Furthermore,you don’t see a lot of Christians trying to push their way to the front of the line going to heaven.If you believe in a better place then,unless you have young children,why would you fight to stay here.It just don’t make sense.
    Tordai Mihai says :

    I don’t think you view the subject from a human point,see I’m christian and i don’t agree with them at a the points but i like some of the Satan’s rules.Every religious person thinks his religion is the best bu i think the humanity is the most important.I respect the other religions and learn from should change your perspective.
    Mohammad Abid says :

    This world is a test for all of us, You ask a question that why god sent a mediator or a middle man, well God sent human messengers to deilver his message because of two reasons, if we were judged by angels, Human civilization would never be here, Angels would have faced difficulty in understanding humans in the first place, second human prophets would easily relay the message of God as they were human like ourselves and we could understand them and not fear them in any way. We asked them questions and they replied through the wisdom of God
    Aadil Rawal says :

    Aadil Rawal says :

    Islam is not created by Humans. We got it through revelations from the sky by Allah Ta’ala. You can go through the Holy Book of Quran to know each and every aspect of human’s life. The all the things good to human is written in the Quran and all the things that may cause harm is also written in the Quran. Islam is the religion that teaches its followers to be non-violant, peaceful, caring, loving, honest, trustworthy.
    Aadil Rawal says :

    We all have our different opinions on things. I won’t ever force you to convert in Islam because forcing is prohibited in Islam. Please go through some explanations to know what is Islam actually. TO start with, do search for Zakir Naik speeches. Hopefully by the time you will gain knowledge and would be able to take decisions more accurately.
    tuliy says :

    His way of viewing the subject different from yours, but that does not make it inhuman and make you have the human point, people have the right to tell their opinion, without judging them humanity is not religion, clarify your point
    kashif says :

    right brother Islam is the best religion may Allah guide us on right path Amen.
    Kenroy Hunter says :

    In my opinion one of the best religion is the Bahai Faith since it teaches that all religions has some truth in it and they will ultimately lead to God.
    Kenroy Hunter says :

    I think Ministers who lives extragavantly are werving wealth and not God and the Lord did say you cannot serve both God and Wealth
    Aisha says :

    Maybe they do all have something of what you mentioned, however, I think most religions come from the same source in essence but Islam is the most up to date version
    Lan says :

    Why do you say so? If only Muhammad were not the Prophet, I would gladly accept Islam. In truth, . . .
    kashif says :

    Muhammad (SAW) was last prophet not the only prophet bro Islam is the best religion we believe in all books and all prophets of Allah
    Sopjoophie says :

    Since you have studied and were exposed to the other religions from a non-biased point of view I feel like you do have the right to state which religion you prefer.
    shazipk says :

    Islam is the continuation of previous religions (Christianity and Judaism) so that’s why in Quran v can find loads of incidences happened in past and discussed in Bible.
    MK says :

    re : By far, Islam which means submission is the best
    I think all religions are equal as with careful study all religions originated from the same source. Different ideologies were absorbed as we proceeded. Religion radicalism is the worst form of faith and Islam has a group proffesing to it and that is where the global problem arises
    Gilan Nurdiansyah says :

    I’m happy you made a compliment about this religion, because I am also Muslim. But we also have to respect other people that hold different religion. Many people would disagree with this with the exception of Muslim, who would abviously agree. Every religion are the best. Every religion taught us how to be a good person. There’s a no religion that taught us to do bad thing or kill people.
    kashif says :

    re : By far, Islam which means submission is the best
    you are right Islam is the best religion of the world and Koran is the best book it has never changed and it will never change.Muslims believe in all books send by Allah people have made changes in those books for there benefits but Allah took the the responsibility to save this book from changes that is why it has never changed and it never will. it is a true message from God . may Allah guide us all on right path. Ameen
    I Gede Budhi Satryawan says :

    re : By far, Islam which means submission is the best
    In the beginning, since I converted to Islam, I didn’t really understand it. At that time in January 2002, I was 27 years old.
    In my daily life for many years, I practiced Islam, I mixed my logic and previous religious knowledge as a comparison. And sometimes I use the proposition of marriage that makes me convert to Islam.
    But what happened then was when over the years I began to understand it little by little, it turned out that I realized that God had saved me with my decision. This is destiny, this is God’s will and this is a form of God’s love for His servants and not because of that marriage. The key to understanding Islam is to empty your glass, then fill it with an Islamic drink, then taste it. Your thirst will disappear, even the bonus is a smile on your lips.
    I’m not trying to influence anyone, but the evidence says. I still committed self-defeating sins when I converted to Islam, for many years. But little by little the actions that harmed me were hindered by understandings of Islamic compassion. I believe God directed me at that time.
    If anyone wants to ask me about my experience about how I became so confident in Islam, I will tell my story.
    Total-beauty says :

    re : By far, Islam which means submission is the best
    I agree 100% because right from time up till date, no religion has won the heart of many as Islam does, why because it’s truly and surely is the real religion of God.
    Aisha says :

    re : By far, Islam which means submission is the best
    I agree because I converted to Islam quite some time ago, I was only seventeen but I felt and saw that Islam completed the other religions. I was Christian and was surprised that Muslims believed in Jesus peace be upon him. The story of Jesus in Islam is a lot better, God saved him and did not allow him to be killed on the cross. The story of Adam and Eve was also better, since Eve is not blamed for everything. I saw that in Islam we must believe in all the Prophets and none is better than another, God is also not like a human being but entirely different to everything. We are one humanity created by One God and from too humans. I think that because of this alot of prejuduce and discrimination could end if we understood this and that Islam is alot more tolerant of other religions, beliefs and human differences than most other belief systems I have come across
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