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  • I decided to see what the sequal was like
  • I found this film to be rpetty discouraged
  • I thought it simply didn't fit in the movie
  • I think most kids won't find this entertaining

    • by Henry Savior

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      I have watched the first baby geniuses film and thought it was rather cute.I decided to see what the sequal was like.I watched the sequal called Super Babies:Baby Genuises 2.The main theme of the fil involves young toddlers who can speak thier own language that adults can’t understand.It appears to be baby talk to them.It was also about an old german media mogul named Bill Biscane who wants to take away the free will of children by having them get addicted to a tv show about a frog.He attempts to do this by using a super satellite system.A toddler superhero named Kahuna wants to put a stop to this.Kahuna is actually a grown man in a toddler’s body becuase he drank some scientifc formula his father made years ago.He re-made the formula and reguarly uses it to aquire super-powers to stop evil,It is also revealed that Biscane is actually his brother.

      Biscane is evil becuase he witnessed his brother drink his father’s formula.He was jealous of his brother because he aquired eternal youth while he grew old.A couple other babies discover this plan and seek out Kahuna to team up with him.These babies are Archie,Finkleman,Alex and Rosita.The babies are also helped by thier female teen babysitter who convinces some adults to help them also.Kahuna helps the other babies obtain super powers like him b y getting them to go into a machine at his

      childlike lair.THey have powers such as being super smart,super intelligent and one of them has supe bounce powers like a ball.They are all eventually able to stpp Biscane when tries to break into Kahuna’s lair.They were able to reverse the effect of Biscane’s satellite system and give all kids thier free will back.Becuase of this,children hardly watched tv anymore,read more books and played outside more.Biscane himself is turned into a toddler when he gets into the machine that gave the babies thier super-powers.he became a toddler for some reason.After Biscane is stopped,the rest of the children go home while Kahuna stays in his lair and commites himself to fighting for the cause of good.

      I found this film to be rpetty discouraged.The mouths on the babies when they were talking were obviously made with cgi.It didn’t look realistic at all.Most of the fight scenes were poorly choreographed.There is a scene where Kahuna is fighting a bunch of Biscane’s goons.When he is fighting them,it is obvious that a midget stuntdouble is used.It also seems like a cgi child character is also used in place of kahuna for some of the fight scenes.Other scenes are poorly made.Scenes that have the bouncing boy attack henchamn looks really fake.It is obvious that they started using a cgi child to do the fight scenes.The jokes in the film were not really funny and wound’nt appel to children.Some jokes consisted of ...

      • “what kind of milk you drinking”.There was also an obviously steryotipical token black child in the film as a main character.He would talk “black” and use slang alot.The plot of the mvoie itself was pretty flawed.It is not made clear what evil scheme Biscane has.It is explained he wants to brainwash children.But why does he want brainwash children?What does he want to brainwash the children into doing?Does he want them to steal for him?It is not really explained.It is also unexplained why no adults know of the existance of kahuna.It is shown in a flashback that his father was a scientist and well known in his community.

        People who knew his father must have known who Kahuna was.Also,it isnt explained how the imagination machine turned the children into superheroes.The film didnt really explain what the imagination machine really was and what it did.When the babies got into it,they just randomly transformed into superheroes.It also isn’t explained how Biscane got transformed into a toddler when he walked into it.He also didn’t gain any super powers.It is not explained why the machine has this different effect on him..The ending about all the kids in the world regaining thier free will didn’t make sense either.The film explained this happened becauase Biscane’s brainwashing satellite was destroyed.This still dosent make sense.Why did all kids suddenly want to no longer watch tv and spend more time playing outside.How did destroying

        the satellite system do this.It is not explained.The ending was a good message about children being more active.However,it dosen’t make any logical sense in the film.It is also explained that Kahuna understands the baby lanuage of the children who are superheroes.He is no longer a small child and can speak clear english.A person asks him about this.He simply states,I can remember the baby language.This defies logic in the film.It is established that adults and kids who can speak can’t understand baby langquage.How is kahuna able to understand baby languuage.There was a sublot plot with the teenage babysitter and some other teen guy falling in love.I thought it simply didn’t fit in the movie.The movie was essentially about babies with super-powers.Kids who are expecting to see a film about this don’t want to see teen romance in the film.

        Also, alot of the acting is bad.Biscane has a terrible unconvincing German accent.The teenage babysitter acts with little emotion or facital expression.Despite having sad,happy or angry moods,her facial expression seems neutral.There is a tiny sublot about a teen guy finding out about him mom who he hasn’ seen in many years..Once he is reunited with his mom,he expresses little excitement or joy.He simply says in a monotone voice how much he misses her.I really despised this flm.The plot was underdeveloped and the special effects were laughable.This film is targed to kids but that is not excuse.I think most kids won’t find this entertaining.

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