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  • Another huge problem I have with the film is that it is supposed to be a parody of disaster films but had little to no disaster parodies
  • I would not recommend anybody to see this film

    • by Henry Savior

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      I am writing a review for the spoof movie Disaster movie.This movie was amde by the same people who created spoof movies such as epic movie and date movie.The sppof movies are usually low quality a dn recieve really poor ratings from critics.i wanted to see if disaster movie had soemthing to offer that the other spoof movies didn’t.

      The movie starts with a caveman encountering the celebrity Amy Winehouse who is sabertoothed and burps alot.She tells him that the world will end on august 29.It is then showed that a man has dreamed the entire sequence.The man is named Will and wakes up to discover his girlfriend is having an affair witha couple of men in bed with him such as the rapper flavor flav.The two then decide to get out of thier bed and then break up.Later will has a sweet 16 party although he is 25.Quests at the party include will’s african american friend Calvin adn Seth and Mclover from the film superbad.Suddenly the lights go out,the room shakes and somebody on the radio says its the end of the world.Will,Calvin and Juney, a pregnant teen( a parody of the girl juno) go outside and witness a meteor shower.They see Hannah Montana has been hit by a metoer who is promoting her merchandise while dying.The city starts freezing over and the gang secides to take shelter in a garage.They encounter The Sex and the City Girls who selfishly want the garage to themselves.Juney beats up one of the sex of the city girls who is a transexual.This scares all of the sex and the city girls and they run out of the garage.Will then has a dream that he is the main character from Jumper and then falls

      down from teh air and kills himself on prince caspien’s sword.They all leave the garage and Willg gets a call from his ex-girlfriend who tells him that a statue fell on her at a museum and she needs help.As Will’s friends try to comfort him,some kind of princess comes out of a sewer,runs out into the street and gets hit by a bus.Calvin cathes her in his arms.The princess explaines that she is an insane homeless woman who lives in the sewers and thinks she is a princess because she does too many drugs.A prince who is the pimp of the princess girl then comes out of nowhere and then engages in a dance contest with will and his friends before leaving.

      Will,Juney,Calvin and the princess then go find shelter.While they are in a sheltered place,they come across rip-offs of alvin and the chipmunks.They first sing a couple songs including a christmas one before randomly getting rabies and attacking will and his friends.After awhile,all of the chipmunks start attacking only Juney from some reason and then eat her flesh until she dies.The chimpunks then try to attak the rest of the gang but are trapped in a trash can and suffocated until they die.After killing the chipmunks,will and his friends manage to run into batman on thier way to save will’s girlfriend.Batman tells them that they have to get to evacuation buses by 9:00p.m. The princess then sees speed racer and kills him so she and her friends can steal his car to get to the mueseum quickly.Theye ventually get to the museum and save will’s girlfriend.She tells them that a crystal skull being placed on an altar is the only way to stop the disaster from happening.will and his girlfriend ...

      • amy then go to find the altar to place the skull on while calvin and the princess try to leave.Calvin and the princess find that they are unable to leave because some of the museum statues start coming to life.

        Kung Fu Panda then finds them and attempt to kill them.He engages in a long battle with calvin.Calvin knocks kung fu panda out.However,when he is not paying attention,kung fu panda gets back up and kills calvin and the princess with a sword.While searching for the alter,Will and Amy come across Beowulf who is naked.He then starts fighting will but is defeated.On thier way to find the alter,,amy and will find Will’s long lost father who is an african american midget dressed like Indiana Jones.Will’s father attempts to put the skull back on the alter but flies out of a window becuase he was trying to be like indian jones and do some action stunt.Will then picks up the skull on the floor which his father dropped and puts in on the alter which stop the earthquake on earth from happening.

        Later,Will and Amy get married in a ceremony performed by a parody of guru pitka from the love guru.During the marriage ceremony,Will randomly starts to sing about dating Matt Damon and many other characters from the film talk about dating people.

        I found this film to be very atrocious.It had a severe lack of plot development.The main plot about surviving a disaster was discarded all together at the very end of the film for a random plot about getting a crystal skull to an altar.Also,the plots were simply strung together with a bunch of poorly made parodies from other movies.For example,a large sum of the movie consists of characters from other movies

        and celebrities randomly popping out of nowhere.Ironman is shown in a small scene for no aparent reason and gets hit by a cow.The Hulk and Hellboy also appear for a short amount of time before being hit by cows.Hannah Montana is shown being killed by a meteor and bragging about her merchandise.i found a lot of scenes that were stupid and had nothing to do with the presumed disaster plot of the film.An example of this is the fighting sequence involving kung fu panda.Kung Fu panda had no real reason to be in the movie and he had no real reason to fight anybody.He just randomly pops out of nowhere and starts figthing the character Calvin.On top of that,the fighting sequence goes on for far too long,It is a pointless scene and should not have existed at all.Another pointless scene is at Will’s sweet 16 party and the characters from high school musical start have a really big dance sequence while singing.Once again,the scene is far too long.It is silly and had no reason to last as long as it did.Another huge problem I have with the film is that it is supposed to be a parody of disaster films but had little to no disaster parodies.The parodies consisted of things from a bunch of random films.Some films were sex and the city and alvin and the chipmunks.I also found the song sequence aobut dating at the end of the film to be pure shit.It was way,way too long and had absolutly nothing to do with anything from teh film.It was basically just filler.I would not recommend anybody to see this film.Even for free.There is so much more you can do with your valuable time than to watch this poor excuse for a parody film.

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