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  • I bought the 380 gram bottle for 150 pesos (around 3 US dollars)
  • Until one day, weeks later, I noticed that my friend’s skin has improved a great deal
  • I love this product because it is very affordable and yet it works even better than expensive beauty products out there

    • by gitana


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      I am a huge fan of this wonderful product from Thailand. I was introduced to A Bonne Spa Milk Salt Scrub when a friend of mine decided to join a beauty competition. She was not confident enough to wear a bikini but determined to join anyway because of the cash prize. So when one time I was doing my grocery, she texted me to buy this stuff for her. I bought the 380 gram bottle for 150 pesos (around 3 US dollars). I also bought another bottle for myself but I didn’t get to use it

      immediately because I always forget about it when it’s time to take my shower.

      Until one day, weeks later, I noticed that my friend’s skin has improved a great deal. Not only did her skin become lighter but it also looked finer and smoother now. So the next day I tried using the product for the first time and I was amazed because the effect was very immediate. I used it as instructed at the back of the bottle: I scrubbed the salt all over my body in a circular motion until the crystals melt, and left it there on my skin for three minutes. I was very careful in my scrubbing because I was scared the crystals might scrape my skin, but they didn’t because they’re too fine and they melt quickly. After three minutes I rinsed the powder off with water and I could really feel that my skin tightened and felt many times softer and smoother.

      It makes my skin smell very nice too. Unlike most of the milk products I’ve used before which had strong smells like spoilt milk, this one smells really sweet on my skin. But not too sweet either.

      • A Bonne Spa Milk Salt Scrub
      It just smells mildly sweet in a perfect, milky, way.

      I also noticed that one time, I accidently applied it on a wound that I got from scratching. It really stung like hell, but I noticed that my wound healed faster. I also noticed that after more than a week of using the salt, my belly and arms which were soft with fats before had gotten firmer and leaner now. I forgot this was a slimming product too, and a working one at that.

      I love this product because it is very affordable and yet it works even

      better than expensive beauty products out there. It is also available in 380 grams refill packs for 59 pesos so you don’t have to pay more for the bottle. I am still using the same bottle I bought the first time, and I have refilled it like five times already. It’s a lot cheaper this way. You can even buy just the refill pack on its own and just transfer the contents to a canister you have at home.

      I am giving this product a rating of ten because it succeeded in proving to me, all of its many claims.

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CJ says :

I did not buy this product but I saw this item one time in our bathroom since my sister was using it. I was curious enough to try it without telling my sis that I tried it (lol ) and to my surprise, after taking a bath and scrubbing the salt all over my body, my skin was sooo soft and smooth, and it smells so nice. However, I would recommend to use this product, 1-2 times a week since it’s a scrub, and it creates friction, I’m afraid it might damage your skin if you use it more than the recommended use. And please take note to scrub it gently and carefully on your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Overall, this is a great buy since it’s effective and most of all, it’ very affordable.

CJ says :

I definitely agree

Angela says :

How many times should I use this? Wouldn t it crack my skin? Since it s a salt-based.

Japheth says :

Hi Angela,

Use Bone milk once per day during bath. No, it can’t crack your skin unless you misuse the Bone milk.

Brielle says :

It’s best used three times a week.

CJ says :

best to use 1-2 a week. But if you have a sensitive skin, use it once.

Galega says :

This is a scrub. Overuse can make your facial skin sensitive. It doesn’t remove only pollutants, but also dead skin from your skin. Once dead skins are removed, it may start to act against fresh skin. That will happen if you start using it daily. I would recommend maximum two times a week.

Lorna Hermoso says :

Do i need to put any bath soap or any soap before i apply Spa milk Power salt scrub, ? is this also safe to apply on my face?

Gitana replies :

Yes and yes I use Johnson’s baby milk bath before applying the salt. They work best together, at least for me. I also use it on my face but I make sure the crystals have melted completely before I put it on my face.

CJ says :

From my personal experience, what I do is I take a regular bath - soap and water - then wash off, then use the scrub as my “finishing touches”. You can do it the other way around, and if you wish to use it without the soap, it’s fine, too.

Galega says :

That is not mandatory. I mean using soap or bath lotion before this scrub won’t enhance its performance. You can use them, if you wish to do so.

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