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  • I found this movie to have pretty low comic appeal
  • If pistacchio is a novice at disguises,won't he need help from his grandfather who is a master of disguises and has more experience

    • by Henry Savior

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      I recenlty watched a film starring the comedian Dana Carvey.It was called the Master of Disguise.It was about a young italian waiter named Pistachio Disguisey who must rescue his father Fabbrizio who has been captured by a villan Devlin Bowman.Pischaccio’s family has the gift of super skills in disguise.Devilin wants to use Fabbrizio’s disguise skills to capture various well known and expensive artifacts to sell on the black market.He threatens to kill pistacchio’s mother if Fabbrizio does not do what he says.Pistachio is trained in the art of disguise by his grandfather who is a master of disguises and a beatufil female assistant who eventually falls in love with him.Pischaccio must use a variety

      of diguises to rescue his father such a sinfiltrating Devilin’s liar .Some of pischaccio;s disguises are tony montana from scarface and george w. bush.

      I found this movie to have pretty low comic appeal.It’s methods of humor seem cheap.For example,there is a gag in which Devilin bowman farts.For example,while he is traveling with Fabbrizio in his limo to go the location of artifacts so he can steal them,he laughs when Fabbrizio ccritizes him for being so evil.Afteer laughing for a couple of seconds,he farts and then suddenly stops laughing.Despite how unfunny it is,the same joke is used many times througout the film.There is a gag in which Pistacchio and his assistant msut get into a place called the turtle club to find clues to where Devilin may be.Dana Carvey dresses up as a turtle like man because the club is called the turtle club.He constantly yells turtle which annoys a lot of the club attendents.This is really not funny but annoying.he does it several times.At the end of the scene where he is in the turtle club,he randomly starts breakdancing.It attempts to be funny but just comes off as random and stupid.A really unfunny scene is when Pistachio impersonates George Bush as a disguise.He sounds and acts almost nothing like george bush.The imitation is very cheap.

      There are some other issues I have with the movie.For example,Pistacchio’s grandfather says ...

      • Master of Disguise-movie
      he can’t help pistacchio while he is on his quest because of some family rulebook about the disguisy family going on quests.It really dosen’t make much since for the rulebook to have this kind of rule.If pistacchio is a novice at disguises,won’t he need help from his grandfather who is a master of disguises and has more experience.It seems that the creators of the movie thought it up to save some screen time and filming becuase they didn’t have enough money.I also don’t understand how the expensive artifacts can be captured by Devilin and Fabbrizio so easily.Fabbrizio frequently dresses up like celebrities such Jessia Simpson to capture artifacts .For some reason, the people who
      guard the artifacts like the constitution document just give them to the disguised Fabbrizio jsut because they think he is a celebrity.This would not happen in real life.I also don’t get how Pistacchio’s assistant falls in love with him in the movie.He is a really childish,goofy man who dons mostly ridiculous disguises that are barely successful in helping him defeat Devilin Bowman.He also calls her by a couple of sexually insenstive monikers.When she asks him why he is doing it,he simply denies it when he did it 5 seconds ago.

      The Master of Disguise may be funny to some kids but it probably will not appeal to adults.Most will find the comedy material to be a little too silly.

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