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  • Once on earth,Nicky has a problem with getting used to earth
  • I found this film to be a little amusing but average overall
  • I think this scene was supposed to be amusing but I didn't really find it funny

    • by Henry Savior

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      Little Nicky is a 2000 comedy film that starred Adam Sandler.Its main plot is about a demon named Nicky who is one of the three sons of satan.i will go into further detail of the film before reviewing it.

      In Hell,Satan is pondering to make one of his three sons the new ruler of hell after ruling himself for 10,000 years.There is Adrian,Cassius and Nicky.All sons are humanoid in appearence.Nicky and Adrian have anglo saxon facial features while Cassius has african american ones.Nicky has a disfigurement with his mouth because at some point Cassius decided to mess with him and hit him in the face with a shovel.Cassius and Nickey are mean spirited demons and pick on Nicky a lot such as playing mind games with him.Nicky is different from them because he is gentle and sensitive.After pondering his decision for awhile satan decided to keep his psot for awhile because he dosnet think any of his son’s are mature enough to rule hell.Cassius and Adrian are angered by this and decide to rule earth.They leave hell through a portal to go to earth and spread havoc such as possesing humans of political and religous power on earth and make them have evil influences on the rest of the human population.When cassius and adrian leave,they freeze the entrance to hell.This prevents

      souls from humans from going into hell and starts making satan dissapear.Little by litte,his limbs dissapear.He tells his other son Nicky that he must save him and the rest of hell by stopping his brothers.He gives his son a magic flask that he can use to capture his brothers.When they would drink from the flask,they would get trapped in it.

      Once on earth,Nicky has a problem with getting used to earth.he is constantly hit by cars and buses because he dosent know what they are so he dosent run from them.When he dies,he just goes back to hell and he goes back to earth again to continue his quest.He also needs to learn how to eat and sleep while on earth.A talking bulldog named Mr.Beefy who helps him.Mr. Beefy is a friend of Satan.He helps Nicky get a place to stay by paying for him to stay with a a roomate who’s an actor naemd Todd.While on earth,Nicky falls in love with a design student named Valerie who becomes friend with him.Eventually Nicky comes into contact with one of his brothers Adrian who possesses him and makes him scare his friend Valerie away.Nicky also encounters his brother Cassius at a basketball game who possessed the referee.He tricks Cassuius into drinking from the flask and trapping him by telling him that it was some special juice that gave you magic powers.Later nicky apologizes to valerie and explains who he is and why he acted mean towards her before.He was possessed by one of his brothers.She believes him because he sees him floating in the air.Knowing that no human can just magically float in the air convinces her that he is actually satan’s son like he said.

      Eventually nicky is confronted by the chief of the nypd and acccused of being a killer.It was actually adrian possessing the chief to stop Nicky from capturing him.Not knowing what to do,nicy has tod kill him so he can go back to hell for advice from his dad.However,he discovers that his dad canno’t hear him because both of his ears and nearly all of his body parts have dissapeared.Nicky decides to go back to earth and tries to trick Adrian into drinking from the flask but doent work.Adrian knows he is being tricked.Adrian then tries to kill Valerie who is with them by having her get hit by a train.Nicky stops this and has both him and Adrian get hit by the train by mistake.Adrian manages to get back to hell.He discovers that eh can take over hell by sitting in his father’s chair.He pushes hsi father’s remains aside and sits in his dad’s throne.Meanhile Nicky ended ...

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      up in heaven because he sacrificed his life to save Valerie.In heaven,Nicky discovered his mother is an angel and hse gives him an orb as a gift to stop Adrian’s evil.Nicky then goes to central park on earth where Adrian is causing more havoc.Nicky uses the magic orb his mom gave him which summons teh musician Ozzy Osbourne who bites Adrian’s head off and spits it into Nicky’s magic flask,trapping him.Nicky then ventures into hell by dying to bring back his captured brothers.He does so by making a sin because he earned his way into heaven earlier.His dad is saved and Nicky tells his dad he would rather stay on earth to have a quite life with his friend Valerie.

      I found this film to be a little amusing but average overall.First of all Nicky is really non-threatening throughout the film.This movie is about the son of satan and you would expect nicky to have some kind of evil powers.He has no powers whatsoever.During the first parts of the film when mr. beefy tells him that his brothers could have possesed human bodies,Nicky simply goes around and asks people to get in his magic flask.He does not attack them or give them a curse.He just asks them to get in the flask.It is also sort of confusing why he suddenly

      has the need to eat food when he gets to earth.He didnt require food before while he was in hell,so why did he need food when he went to earth.I found the mr. beefy character to be sort of annoying and a bit unneccessary.Why would satan have a harmless talking dog as a friend?Also,many of his scenes show him having flashbacks to when he was in a club partying with scantiy clad women.I found a scene in the movie to be really strange and a bit disgusting.It was a scene taht had satan punish Adolf Hitler in hell by shoving a pineapple up his butt.I think this scene was supposed to be amusing but I didn’t really find it funny.i just found it weird why Satan would punish humans by doing things like sticking pineapples up butts.I also found the sub-plot with Valerie a bit unnneccessary.The plot is a comedy about demons from hell.Having some kind of romantic plot didnt really seem to fit in the movie.However,I did find some scenes amusing in the film such as Ozzy Osbourne biting Adrian’s head off.Other funny scenes are when Nicky keeps getting hit with moving vehicles like cars and getting sent back to hell.This film is enjoyable if yuo wnat to catch a bunch of cheap laughs.The comedy is in the film however is average quality.

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