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  • When the adult Eliaabeth frees Fred from the jack in the box,he notiices that she lost her excitement for life and lives a boring unfullfilling existance
  • I found this movie a cute,lighthearted film

    • by Henry Savior

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      The movie Drop Dead Fred is about a woman named Elizabeth Cronin who just recently had a lot of bad things happen to her.She happens to lose her job,her car adn her husband Charles within a short amount of time.Without a job,she moves back in with her dominating,controlling mother Polly.But in her bedroom,Elizabeth found an old jack in the box and releases her old imaginary friend she named Drop Dead Fred when she was a child.Drop Dead Fred hasa mischevious personallity and likes to act goofy most of the time.When she was a child Drop Dead Fred incouraged Elizabeth to have mischievious tendencies like making mud pies in the house on the table and hiding various ktichen knives and forks in the ground.

      When she was still a young child her mother rapped up drop dead fred in a jack-in the box with tape and told her not to get near it.She supposidly did this becuase Elizabeth made a huge mess in the kitchen one day and blamed Drop Dead Fred for it.When the adult Eliaabeth frees Fred from the jack in the box,he notiices that she lost her excitement for life and lives a boring unfullfilling existance.It is also shown through flashbacks taht Elizabeth was tormented as a child by her mother who drove away her father Nigel.Fred served an outlet for her emotional problems.Fred wants to help elizabeth get happiness as an adult.She tells him she wants to get back with her husband

      Charles.She meets a childhood friend Mickey Bunce whom she is also attracted to.However,seh is determined to save her marriage with Charles who turns out to be cheating on her.Despite trying to help,Fred acts really childish around elizabeth and also has her look like she is talking to thin air.Only she can see and talk to Fred.This promps her mother Polly to get her psychiatric help and gets her a prescription for pills that would make fred go away.They are essentially supposed to supress the part of the brain that imagined Fred.Despite being sent to a psychologist,she seems to rekindle a relationship with her husband Charles and feels the need to get rid of fred with the psychiatric pills her doctor gave her.Now that she has her husband to talk,she feel she has no need for emotional support from fred anymore.Before she takes enough pills to get rid of fred from her memory,she discovers that Charles is cheating on her.He hears him talk to a girlfriend of his on the phone.This makes her very upset.Fred then convinces her to fall down on him which triggers some strange mental state in elizabeth.Seh finds herself in a strange fantasy world where she meets charles and polly.Fred tells her to stand up to them becuase they have been taken advantage of her througout her life.She does.She also tells her mom in the fantasy world,”im not afraid of you”.The mom burst into frames and and Elizabeth goes to room to ...

      • free her child self who has been strapped to her bed.Fred then tells Elizabeth she no longer needs him because she managed to free her adult self from emotional problems she had as a child but freeing her child self from her bed.Fred then dissapears.

        Elizabeth awakes from the fantasy like mental state she was in and decides to dump charles.She then deciedes to confront her mom about the way she has been treating her when hse was little.Despite this,she reconciles with her mom and gives her mom a hug.Elizabeth then goes to meet her old friend Mickey and his daughter.His daugthter seems to have knack for destruction and blames it on her new imaginary friend which happens to be Drop Dead Fred.

        I found this movie a cute,lighthearted film.it seemed to have a lot of psychological elements in it,like coming to grips with emotional problems you have in life.This is shown through Elizabeth and Fred interacting in the film.Fred was a coping mechanism for elizabeth’s childhood trauma and he eventually helped her come to grip with her emotional probelms she had in life such as her troubled marriage with Charles.The acting is a little stale with the actor who played elizabeth though.When she meets Fred in adulthood,she express little suprise or fear when she sees a guy who says he is her imaginary friend.Her acting is also dry when she expresses emotional pain when she discovers that charles is cheating on her.The acting of the character

        Fred was pretty amusing but a little annoying.Some of his antics may seem childish to an adult audience such as digging up his nose and putting one of his boogers on Elizabeth.About adult audiences who watch the film.It is not that clear whether this is a children’s film or an adult film.It contains adult subject matter such as issues with marriage and psychological tramas.There is also indication of cursing such as when Fred calls Polly a bitch.However,the subject matter of an imaginary friend and having Fred act goofy in many scenes will cater to mostly to children.I also found that some characters acting rather strangly.They acted in a way that a normal person wouldn’t in reality.For example,why does Elizabeth want to get back with Charles in the first place.In the beginning of the film,he states that he was in love with another girl and wanted to live with her.At a dinner scene with elizabeth and Mickey,Fred makes elizabth act strangly like having her throw a plate at a wall.Mickey,who sat across from her should have been alarmed and concerned when it appeared she was behaving this way.However,he liked the way she was acting and did a couple of goofy things himself like throw some of his food at other people in the restuaraunt.

        I enjoyed this film.It is not neccessarily oscar worthy but it is a fun movie to watch that has a captivating plot.It makes you want Elizabeth to find happiness in life and fix her emotional problems .from the past.

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