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  • They then try to find mac's family while also trying to avoid having mac get captured by Nasa Agents
  • I recommend that people watch the original e

    • by Henry Savior

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      I am going to review a 1988 science fictio n movie called Mack and Me Mack and Me can best be explained as an E.t.-extra terrestrial clone.A myeterious alien creature(mac) is captured by nasa agents from his home plantet along with his parents.Once on earth he gets separated from his parents and makes friends with a boy in a wheelchair named Eric and his older brother michael who have moved from california with thier mom.They then try to find mac’s family while also trying to avoid having mac get captured by Nasa Agents.

      i found this movie to be highly unoriginal.ALmost all of the content copies off of steven spielberg’s e.t.There is a boy wo befriends and alien from outer space.He has a brother just like the boy in e.t.He also has a single mom just like the boy does in e.t.The movie has the same basic plot of e.t which is about helping an alien get reunitied with his parents.There are just a few small changes.It also was lacking a lot in visuals .There was a scene in which the alien was captured in a

      vaccum cleaner by Eric and a girl who was a friend of eric.The girl was wearing a vacuum cleaner on her back.The alien that was in the vaccum pulled teh girl up across the floor and the ceiling in a way that looked like strings were attached to the girl to make her go up the ceiling.There is a scene in which eric accidenly falls off a cliff after going to fast down a hill in a wheelchair.When he falls off a cliff and lands in water below,it looks like a stiff dummy is falling whilel a screaming sound affect is being played.The alien,mac looks really fake and is highly visually unappealing..He will most certainly scare small children which should not be intended. He has a mouth that never moves in the film.It is always open and rarely opens a bit wider a few inches throughout the film,.The filmakers had a cheap way of making mac an dhis alien family talk.He speaks by making a whistling type sound.This sound seems like somebody literally whistled for a sound affect.The mouth of mac dosen’t even move when ...

      • he makes this sound either.As stated earlier it is obvious that he is some kind of puppet.He moves in a waddling sort of way as if strings were attached to him.It is the same with his alien family.They look just as fake.

        Besides the plot being cloned from e.t I found that there was a large amount of unneccessary product placement.Througout the film,the aliens like mac need to drink coca-cola to stay alive.It is their main source of food.At the end of the film,the parents of mac are starving and eric and mac find them and have them drink coke to revive them.Coke as a form of nutrient for aliens is a stupid idea and is an obvious ad for coke.A girl who has a lot of screen time always wears a mcdonald’s shirt.At one point,Eric tries to feed Mac skittles candy.Througout the film,some of the main characters talk about mcdonalds.For example,while in the car with thier mom,eric and michael say that they are hungry and have a craving for mcdonalds food.The largest indication of product placement is a dance sequence in a mcdonalds restuaraunt where

        a female friend of eric is having a birthday party.Everyobdy in the restauraunt randomly gets up dancing and there is a long choreographed dance nubmer with music.This appears to be an unneccesarily large promotion for mcdonalds in the film.That and the fact that eric’s friend is having her birthday party at mcdonalds.

        I really didn’t enjoy this film.It is an very inferior copy-cat of E.T with unbelievibly large amounts of product placements.It attempts to have tearjerker elements like having Eric be in a wheel chair and have eric and mac hug once in a while .However,these parts look like lame attempts to have similiar emotional effects to the audience like e.t did.Even though there is a particular point in the film that didn’t emulate e.t,it is pretty stupid.It’s the ending of the film which has Mac and his parents becoming U.S citizens and then driving a pink cadillac on the road with human clothes on.How can they be citizens if they can’t communicate with human lanquage and customs.It appears they can only speak with whistles.I recommend that people watch the original e.t and not this cheap knock-off.

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