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6911 King George Highway, Surrey, BC, Canada
  • It is not often that I walk into any type of store and not find something of value there, some good price or bargain, some merchandise that I need or want, a good customer service experience, or even just some ideas
  • Then I found aisles of dry and canned goods, cereal and other non-perishables, but not in bulk, just sold individually

    • by Jessie Bahrey

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      It is not often that I walk into any type of store and not find something of value there, some good price or bargain, some merchandise that I need or want, a good customer service experience, or even just some ideas. Yesterday, I walked into a huge warehouse-type store which I had driven past several times but had never been inside, and one that I was most curious about. It is called Price-Pro, and it looks as big as a Costco or other warehouse type of store.

      There is a sign on the street showing the name of the store and also the phrase ‘Changing Lives’ and

      a picture of the Canadian maple leaf under the name of the store. I was always unsure what these words meant, so I finally had time to investigate.

      I had at first assumed that it was some type of thrift store, but then I saw another sign visible from the parking lot that read, ‘No Membership Require’ and I guessed that it was a Costco or Sam’s Club type of retailer. I was wrong on all my assumptions, and after browsing through the store, I can honestly say that I see no reason for its existence, because the prices are not low and the merchandise is not ...

      • unique or even good quality, so this entire store seems pointless.

        When I walked through the door of this store, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I first saw shelves of clothing in the centre of the store in bins, much like Costco.

        Then I found aisles of dry and canned goods, cereal and other non-perishables, but not in bulk, just sold individually. I looked closely at all of the prices, and found that none of the prices were as low as Walmart or Real Canadian Superstore.

        I next found bakery and fresh produce sections, and again, the prices were not low, and the selection

        not good. Then, I wandered over to the furniture area, and found poor quality tables, chairs, couches and other items that were, again, not at all inexpensive.

        Other than a snack food bar, which looked like it had some good-tasting food, I found nothing that I wanted to purchase at all. This surprised me, but there were some customers shopping, so maybe I missed something.

        However, with other grocery and warehouse-style stores in the area that have better prices and a much better selection, I am unimpressed. I assume the ‘Changing Lives’ motto is because everything they sell is Canadian-made, but at these prices and quality, I will shop elsewhere.

    Nicole Stewart says :

    My name is Nicole Stewart and i am wondering how I would go about applying for a job at your store. I have heard very positive things about your store and after being a costumer there find it a very friendly work atmosphere filled with very cheerful and positive people. I await your reply. Thank you for your time, Nicole
    Jason says :

    I would like to know how to go about applying as well for a PT position 1 or 2 shifts a week.
    Courtney says :

    Please feel free to bring in your resume and drop it off at customer service
    quick note by anonymous :

    Dissapointed many of the links do not open on your official site.
    Darling Violetta says :

    Simply because prices are not as low as Wal-Mart, you ask why the establishment exists? The majority of retail outlets across North America aren’t cheap - but they still stay.

    And as for quality.. What makes you speak of a quality standard? Did you see something unhealthy occurring? Were employees rude? Was the store dirty? What makes the quality so low, when you stated that you did not make a purchase, that you would shop elsewhere?
    Felton Wong says :

    As for the lead review, um, are you serious? I`ve been involved with the retail food industry for most of my adult life in management and also as a contracted consultant and remain observant regarding all the major players week by week–not to be confused with deal by deal or flyer shopping. The pricing at PricePro, I can assure you is better than Safeway, Save On and for the most part even Price Smart lack of food variety notwithstanding. Sure, they`re not as aggressive as Walmart Super Centres, Costco and Superstore but on plenty of items they`re close enough. Surely you must have read what they`re all about or does that matter to you? Not likely. Someone so tuned to cheap is not likely to care about a concept that is trying to actually make a difference in people`s lives. I`m betting you love Zellers too and all the mess on the floor. Just step around it, though, and snatch up that deal and keep moving there`s more somewhere, right? In this day of unprecedented corporate greed I find the Welcome Home Society concept wonderfully innovative and worthy of support from consumers who actually believe in the virtue of redemption and human dignity. I nor my loved ones have ever experienced drug or alcohol problems but are well aware of their devastating effects on families and the community.I`m glad I found this store and I will continue to shop there when I can. They seem to want and appreciate my business and I like that. I`m on a pension and don`t have a lot to spend but I`ll be damned if i`m going obsess about a few pennies here and there on good solid brand names. Moreover, if just by buying something at this store, often at a price comparable to the big guys and it helps, in a small way, get someone back on their feet then why not? It`s the least I could do. I like the idea of helping people help themselves without the need of the proverbial handout. Great idea Welcome Home Society PricePro. And thank you. I mean that. Felton Wong Surrey, BC
    quick note by anonymous :

    I agree, the store seems to fill no need or purpose in the marketplace. As a grocery store it’s a joke. Alot of their packaged food is actually stale-dated … is that even legal? Plus, as some others have commented, many on staff are actually drug addicts who work there without pay in exchange for room and board. Do you really want your family eating food from this place. The health inspector or somebody should be investigating.
    Elaine Jansen says :

    On the huge sign above the doors at Price Pro, it says Save Money, Change Lives. But when you delve into what goes on behind those doors on King George Highway in Newton, the changing lives aspect takes over. Price Pro is a not-for-profit retail store and it`s part of the Welcome Home Society, which is an organization that creates a free long-term residential peer community for men who are committed to changing their lives. Their problems can include substance abuse, difficulty with the law or behavioral challenges. The people in the program, also known as a life skills academy, work in the store and live nearby in a transition home.The 60,000-square-foot store is set up similarly to a Costco, and all profits go back into the Welcome Home Society. I thought that you should have done your research into this type of store before making such harsh judgment as you can`t compare this store to any other store in the Lower Mainland. I should know, I have a son in this program and he has worked diligently to stop abusing alcohol and has been free of it for the past 8 months. He is committed to this program for the next 3 YEARS He is working there and NOT getting a wage. This covers him a roof over his head and sobriety. He is working for his recovery not at the cost of a TAXPAYER or his parents. When he successfully completes the program he is given 5000.00 to get himself started. I would appreciate that you delete your judgment or make sure you do your homework in future. Thank you from a mom that THANKS PRICE PRO everyday for keeping my son sober.
    anonymous says :

    Why do they so many recovering addicts from the United States? There are plenty of addicts to help locally. ANSWER: MONEY.. THEY COLLECT ALL THE SOCIAL ASSISTANCE AND CHARGE THOUSANDS TO START THE PROGRAM. NO REFUNDS IF YOU LEAVE. BURN EM AND TURN EM. THEY NEVER PUBLISH SUCCESS RATE.
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