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  • Although I am not too sure if all the people who take Conzace experience the same thing
  • Besides, taking it for three days was already enough for me to see if it really works and I found out that maybe for some Conzace is effective but one thing for sure, this vitamin supplement is not suitable for all human body

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      I got a chance to try Conzace Soft Gel capsules when a friend of mine gave me some. This is composed of Vitamin A,C,E and also Zinc. So this vitamin supplement said to be an effective preventive and cure for skin problems like pimples and acne. It also can heal wounds, rashes and allergies.

      That time I had some skin rashes

      that I want to get rid of, this was the reason why I tried Conzace. I took one capsule a day for three days. I was doing it after taking my meals. At first, I don’t feel any side effects not until the 2nd day. I started to feel dizzy, sometimes I was also getting an upset stomach. I wasn’t taking any other vitamin supplement that time so I am sure that this is the side effects of Conzace. I called my friend who recommended me to take this capsule and told him about this and he confirmed to me that this was also what he got in his first week of taking the capsule. But the good thing he said, that ...

      • Conzace Soft Gel Capsules Vitamin Supplement
      these side effects lasted for only a week, thus he continues to take this vitamin supplement up to by now because for him obviously it is effective. His acne were lessen and gain him more confidence.

      But unlike him, I really can’t take the dizziness and the upset stomach so I stopped using it. Although I am not too sure if

      all the people who take Conzace experience the same thing. I rather declined to take more of this. Besides, taking it for three days was already enough for me to see if it really works and I found out that maybe for some Conzace is effective but one thing for sure, this vitamin supplement is not suitable for all human body.

Sherwin Mendizabel says :

Hi, as what you said it is your first time to try the conzace softgel capsule. Your sensitive stomach reacted to the vitamin you’re taking, so sensitivity to acidity triggered an upset stomach and dizziness followed that experience. Vitamin C with ascorbic acid content usually trigger acidity to persons with sensitive stomach, so why try a vitamin C with an ascorbate content to avoid experiencing acidity?
Galega says :

Ascorbic Acid is considered a weak acid which doesn’t always cause acidity or reflux. That can happen with a small set of users, and for that Sodium Ascorbate can definitely be a better option. However, even for those, I would suggest to take Ascorbic Acid supplement after eating something.
Grace says :

Can I take conzace and Cherifer Premium at the same time?
Galega says :

There is no need to take more than one multivitamin supplement at the same time. You should stick with only one of them.
Jez Alvarez says :

I normally take Conzace at night before I sleep and I have been taking it for almost 2 weeks now.

Last night I forgot to take one so I decided to take 2 capsules this morning (with an empty stomach). On my way to work, I felt really uncomfortable. I thought I was just hungry. When I arrived at the office, I went straight to the toilet and threw up. This has never happened to me before. So I went straight to google the side effects of Conzace. That’s when I saw this page. So apparently unlike other vitamins, you should take Conzace after a meal.

I will still continue to take Conzace for two more weeks to see if it makes a difference to my immune system.
Galega says :

Conzace or other multivitamin supplement should always be taken after eating something. You did another mistake in this case. You took the missed capsule on the next day - taking two at the same time. If you miss Conzace on a day, there won’t be any problem. There is absolutely no need to take two capsules on the next day. That can only lead to side effects. Take one capsule a day and if you miss just avoid that.
Maria says :

Perhaps I am an exception to the rule when it comes to taking Conzace. I have been taking it for a couple of months as I speak, but I have been able to take it anytime of the day, with or without an empty stomach.I hope taking Conzace improves your skin and hair too, the way it does to me.
Galega says :

Taking it in the empty stomach can lead to acidity problem. That has worked for you, but that should not be the norm.
Chuchi says :

Hi there I think you shouldn’t have took 2 capsules though you forgot to take one the other day. You can only take 1 capsule per day.
Louise says :

the three of us (me, my wife, and my daughter) tried conzace and we all got dizzy to the point of vomiting. conzace do have a side effect. i think its not the vitamin c (ascorbic) since i have been taking ascorbic acids ever since i was in high school.
Joanna says :

Hi Louise,

No, ascorbic acid should not make the three of you dizzy like that. It is more likely that you suffered an allergic reaction to the coating on the vitamins. I have suffered side effects like dizziness before from the coating of vitamin caplets.

I would suggest switching to a variety that you have used in the past. Personally, I like Nature’s Made vitamins.

Hope this helps.

sely says :

I also feel like vomitting each time i take conzace that is the reason why I came across this page :(
Galega says :

I think you are taking it at the wrong time.

Conzace should always be taken with or just after meal. If you will take it in the empty stomach, it may lead to some stomach upset, vomiting tendency or even dizziness. Please remember, these side effects do not happen with all users. We all are different. Ensure to take vitamin supplement with or after meal.
Lynn Pasaporte says :

Hi,same side effect I experienced.I take Conzace yesterday,and I felt dizzy and shortness of breath which promt me to get my blood pressure.It’s normal.After breakfast this morning I take again hoping that it will be ok,but same expreience like yesterday.,and nauseous.I need to lay down quite awhile before all the discomfort was gone.I bought 10 of it for trial,but I’m sad cant take it anymore.So I have to give it to my friend that dont have the discomfort taking conzace.Maybe because of its high Vit A content makes me feel toxicated(sorry for the word)
Marissa says :

Hello. I am 60 yrs. Old and my first time to take multivitamin s and tried conzace for 2 days. A little headache. To me it seems it’s effective Ed I don’t know yet I am just startibg
Galega says :

A multivitamin supplement should not cause headache. It is not as such among possible side effects of Conzace. The problem of headache you had experienced might be just a co-incidence and nothing else.
Arni says :

i work for 8 hours, can conzace help me? what is effective time to take it?
Japheth says :

Hi Arni,

Yes, conzace can help you with your work. Conzace contains vitamin A,C,E and Zinc this given vitamins and mineral can boost your immune sytem and can give your energy. The best time to take conzace is morning after breakfast and befor you go to work so that it can give you energy to work all day out.
Galega says :

You can definitely take Conzace. There won’t be any problem. Go for a convenient time. Just ensure to take it after eating something. Avoid taking Conazace in the empty stomach.

Eight hours daily work is not as such a heavy workload. If you feel fatigue, concentrate on taking daily diet rich in all nutrients and minerals. Add protein rich stuffs in your diets. Only taking a multivitamin may not be helpful.
Marissa says :

Thanks i’ll just message you again, if there is changes.
But I hope it is good for me.. God bless. I am taking it after meal. And now after lunch… Hehe
Rodrigo Rago jr says :

re : Besides, taking it for three days was already enough for me to see if it really works and I found out that maybe for some Conzace is effective but one thing for sure, this vitamin supplement is not suitable for all human body
Oh mu goodness this is exactly what happened to me. Usually i take my vitamins after breakfast that s why when i try conzace, i did the same routine. After about 15 mins i started to feel dizzy. Sometimes I can t handle i wanna throw up. It last about half to one hour. After suspecting it was the conzace I started taking it before to sleep so that I wouldn t feel dizzy. It kinda work but sometimes my dizziness wakes me up which super annoying. Although i think it helps getting rid if my cystic acne. I ll just take what s left and shift to other vitamin i guess
Tin says :

re : Besides, taking it for three days was already enough for me to see if it really works and I found out that maybe for some Conzace is effective but one thing for sure, this vitamin supplement is not suitable for all human body
I watched Kris webisode about Conzace so bought it from Mercury Drugstore. It was on promo buy 9 1 and so I bought 2 packs of it. The first week of taking it was just fine and I took it before bed. On the second week, I attended a party and got drunk(it was NewYear 2019), so I threw up allday so I took kremil S twice and felt better in the afternoon. I still took 1 cap of Conzace before going to bed. The next morning I felt acid reflux so I ate breakfast and took antacid which is kremil S again and felt better. That night I did not take Conzace afraid that I might get gastritic(due to hyperacidity). So I stopped taking it for the next 5 days. I took Conzace after lunch to avoid hyperacidity but I felt dizzy and acid reflux..I even took Conzace with Soymilk because they said that it counteracts acidity and yes it does, I didnot feel acid reflux but I still felt dizzy. So now, I dont feel acid reflux or gastritis anymore but I just feel so dizzy whenever I take Conzace. Can someone explain us why? By the way I actually bought 6more packs of it because I had my husband and son tried it and they din’t feel dizzy or experience any upset stomach.
Gen says :

I have been taking conzace for the last 10 years and i have not experienced dizziness. At first, i always take it in the morning after breakfast but it made me drowsy so i tried taking it in the evening instead and it helps me sleep better. I’ve also noticed i seldom catch cold and have stronger immune system to fight virus.
Emo Gothicalolita says :

Hi, I have an ulcer and heart problem. Can I take conzace in that case?
Galega says :

People with heart issue can take Conzace. For ulcer, you need to little bit cautious. Take Conaze or any other Vitamin supplement only after consulting your doctor, especially during the course of your treatment.
Ranz says :

Is it ok to take conzace with myra e ?
Japheth says :

Hi Ranz,

No, you cant since conzace contains vitamin E. Mayra e is a vitamin E based supplement, overdosing vitamin E can cause side effect and health issue. I advice to choose one of the supplements or you can take both vitamins but in alternate day.
Galega says :

Myra E comes in two variants - 300 and 400 IU.

The daily recommended dose for a normal person above 19 years of age for Vitamin E is 400 IU.

Conaze also contains Vitamin E.

If you take a look at all these three statements, you can easily figure out that taking Myra E 400 IU along with Conzace won’t be recommended. You can take Myra E 300 IU, though.
jonalyn dela cruz says :

hi.i have ulcer its ok for me to take conzace or not…
Galega says :

You must have been under medical supervision for ulcer. If not, do that first. Your doctor will prescribe all medicines and supplement that you will need during the course of the treatment. You should follow the prescription.

Taking Conzace may not be problematic for you, though.
jannin says :

im just 17 years old can i take conzace?
Galega says :

There isn’t any problem for a 17 years old to take Conzace, or for that matter any other similar multivitamin supplements.
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