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  • I prefered the forum back then, because it was more simple, and it was also easier for me to find christians who were more interested in studying the bible and having healthy christian discussions as compared to now
  • However, because of the bigness of the forums, it was also harder to make true christian friends there, since there were simply too many people there for me to remember them for long

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      This is a cool forum to visit if you are a mature christian, who will not be easily shaken in your faith by wrong christian doctrines and will not be stumbled by atheists and non believers or weak christians who may pose difficult questions there at the forums

      to challenge your christian faith. I join this forum back in year 2002, when it was still a small forum, with not that many users as the current number of users that it had today. I prefered the forum back then, because it was more simple, and it ...

      • was also easier for me to find christians who were more interested in studying the bible and having healthy christian discussions as compared to now. The wider variety of audiences and the increase in the number of features in christian forums had expanded the number of users that
        participated there. It had successfully turned christian forums. com to be one of the largest christian forums in the internet. However, because of the bigness of the forums, it was also harder to make true christian friends there, since there were simply too many people there for me to remember them for long.

    Pete says :

    Christianforums is honestly the most ridiculously moderated things I have ever seen. The staff is a running joke for their arbitrary infractions and favoritism and harsh banning policy. I’ve been through a number of permabanned accounts, generally for not capitulating to the rants of a moderator’s favorite pet fundamentalist, who can be as insulting as they like without any consequences.
    Charlese Thorant says :

    It doesn’t help that the owner, who goes by PaulR, has multiple sock accounts. All of which identify as every faith option available at registration. From Christian unto atheist.
    And he also occupies the majority of moderator seats. Which explains the favoritism. He’s favoring his own sock and those who are his personal friends on the board and have a multitude of socks as well.

    Revenue stream via advertising on every single page generated in every single thread.

    If he can incite drama he inspires page counts. And page counts garner cash returns on the advertising side.
    All monies go directly to CF. Click the, “Advertise With Us” , button and find out. It is a direct link to what is Paul and his personal email.

    Paul is atheist btw.
    He use to be a moderator at “Unexplained Mysteries” forum.
    The owner there, who goes by, of course and so appropriate, the screen name of the demonic wizard in the Lord of the Rings movie(trilogy), Saruman.
    At one time many years ago the entire moderator staff of UM were flaming trolls sent forth as a sadistic ploy by Saruman. They flamed to increase page count. Then they exercised rule enforcement on a discretionary level.
    All for ad revenue.

    One thing Saruman didn’t count on though was that the population he enjoyed messing with didn’t have to endure the sadistic nature of himself and his “Orks”. People left in droves.
    When Saruman saw this he had a group meeting online. New rules. No flaming, no trolling by staff who used sock accounts to do so and then signed in as staff to moderate those who rose to their flame bait. He literally couldn’t afford it anymore.

    Some Trolls complied. They stayed and adjusted their attitude. Others left. They enjoyed the game too much and sought elsewhere. Joining other forums where their sickness would be tolerated, like the now (thank God) defunct “Postal Forum”.
    Or, starting their own community where they made all the rules and reigned as king Trolls.

    One such creature is what we know as Paul on the Christian He’s atheist. And he’s in the mode he was in when serving under Saruman. Only now he’s the one getting paid.

    Paul hates Christians. He has two screen names on the board that allude to that if people are keen on anagrams.

    If you’re looking for a Christian forum seek elsewhere. Satan occupies CF.

    And makes a very nice living for his trouble.
    Alex says :

    “Satan occupies CF”

    And how is this a problem ? Just hire an exorcist.

    By the way, you will be able to see, if he will waste his time with you no money involved )
    Charlese Thorant says :

    Probably helps if you know something about idioms, parables, metaphor, etc… so as to understand what Satan is in the Bible.
    Let me help you out. Satan and God represent duality. Satan is the adversary, the antithesis, the diametrically opposed dimensional paradigm to that of “God”.

    And that is why Satan occupies CF. It’s not a spirit it is the attitude and the behavior of a man that owns the place.

    Exorcists are the Elmer Fudd creation of the RCC. And just as affective.
    Alex says :

    Help yourself ) You share online space with Satan, not me ))
    Amanda Nigel says :

    Spot on
    Satan is the anti-thesis (antithesis) of the God doctrine. The opponent, the adversary. The entire Bible is parable, metaphor, idioms.
    Christianity, preceded of course by Judaism, are mystery traditions. Anyone who takes the scriptures literally will be confused by the absurdity of what they imagine is a literal word picture being formed by the scripture.
    The path to gnosis/knowledge is gleaned through introspection.
    Amanda Nigel says :

    “He has two screen names on the board that allude to that if people are keen on anagrams. ”

    ) I know exactly the one’s you’re referring to. “Hetta” Hate. With the extra “T” to throw off those who are not keen on anagrams.
    And the real peach that is also “her”(Paul’s, which is the name the owner took after the false pharisee Roman Satanic disciple Saul of Tarsus), and who’s screen name I can’t recall at the moment. But he’s fond of speaking in third person and even has a fan base of women on board that think it’s cute. He’s ridiculous.
    And then there’s his Mighty Mouse fixation, “Mach Zer0″. LOL
    I remember when Hate and
    Amanda Nigel says :

    Ack I just remembered the other idiom screen name that Paul generated as his joke insult against the Christians there.
    There’s “Hetta”, (Hate) with the extra T in his/”her” screen name to through off that detection. And then the one I couldn’t at first recall, “Tulc” Cult.

    Hate Cult. That’s what “Paul” see’s Christianity to be. A hateful cult.

    But he sells out to make money off people who are unaware of his game and actually do sponsor his site, CF. With monthly automatic payments if you can believe people choose that option. Or even just a one time payment.
    Either way, he’s making money hand over fist.

    But he’ll see what it will cost him in the long run. His site has been hacked by hackers far better than those he has on staff. There’s a site, Downforall that you can check to see what’s up when CF is off-line. Those are the times when they put up an automatic splash page at CF that says their website needs prayer. No, it’s being hacked

    One bunch of hackers years ago took an occult forum completely off-line. They destroyed everything including the backup. Idiot owners opened again on another server and alerted their members via the registered emails that one staffer had in their personal computer file as to the new site URL. And that site was hacked to the bone too.

    They realized then that the hack was an inside job and started fresh without alerting anyone of their new site address. Only changing the site name just a tad so as to be found in a search. They bombed after 6months for lack of attention.

    Some say that’s what’s going to happen to Paul’s site. That’s why it keeps going down so often now. The moles are finding the holes.

    I’d laugh for days if someone stripped his site to nothing, even the backup files. Serves him right.

    But I’m not a hacker so I’ll just pray it happens.
    Alex says :

    “I’d laugh for days if someone stripped his site to nothing, even the backup files.”

    No, you’re not hateful at all )))
    Lazy_Proverb says :

    You are exactly the kind of self identified: homosexual, transsexual, atheist, all in one profile label under one screen name, that Trolls and for years by their join date, Christian forums
    Edith Foster says :

    It would be an act of God if such a site were removed from the net. The mockery of Christianity is one thing. But to feed off the profits of the ad space that rules there, aside from the trolls, is contrary to scripture in its entirety. I just went back and turned off the adblocker on my browser.
    There’s a thread that talks about having better ad’s than before. Apparently the former advertising was contrary to Christian values and ran for years. Now the owner or whoever, has modified that to make ads more wholesome. That’s kind of funny considering these ads appear on every single page of every single thread.

    Now it makes sense why the trolls everyone is talking about are allowed to rule the place. If they generate pages with their contrarian posturing they generate revenue for the site itself.

    It’s capitalism An idol to capitalism. Using Christ as the inroad being Christianity is the most populace religion on earth.

    And having first place in search engines for christian forums, insures that revenue.

    Yes, they should be taken off the net. They’re an abomination and a mockery of God.
    Banned Newbie says :

    What an asshole you are. You invoked jon stewart in another post. If you see something say something. Well guess what loser? That’s exactly what people are doing here But you’re the hate filled one that tells them to shut up.

    I was just banned at this abysmal excuse for a christian forum. Someone on the site OldWiseGuy, pm’s members this thread in the catholics forum, called, one bread one body. It was a link to this site. I didn’t bother with it because after the first page of reviews I thought it just sour grapes.

    Turns out this site has had a very serious impact. They’re not seeking anyone the staff that are sock accounts do not like in that other account disguise they have on the board. If you’ve gotten into a debate with one of the staffers and they take umbrage the next thing you know you’ll have a notice in your Private Message Inbox. You’ll suddenly see the screen blink and you’re not able to access any part of the forum but that Inbox and Member Service Center.

    Which is given you by the Administrator, top sock account user, FREEINCHRIST. She/He will link you to the MSC board where they expect you to plead to remain on the forum. Prove you’re not what she/he has accused you of.
    You’re not a sock account But you are being confronted by someone with multiple sock accounts. And they’re all every last one the most hateful on the forums.

    Their goal according to the PM OLDWISEGUY sent out to lots of us is to make the forum atheist filled, with fake Christian sock accounts that have been brought in from Atheist forums and other atheist identified sites on the Net.
    The actual Christians that are there are their targets. And the conflict that ensues as these atheists who fake their faith identity as Christian, Baptist, Catholic, etc… is to keep the threads going so as to increase the advertising space that is paid after the subscriber/advertiser hits a certain limit of ad space they’ve prepaid. The next block of ad’s , or pages on threads, generates another bill to that advertiser.

    I don’t personally trust OLDWISEGUY to not be one of the staff himself. However, he linked us to a chat site where a lot of the screennames on CF meet up under those names. It’s been going on for a few days now. Then there are the names we don’t know that enter into chat and spill the beans about what’s going on behind the curtain at CF.

    The reason it has supposedly been sold so often since the first owner and frequently of late is because the Trolls that run this scam with the atheist sock account thing are realizing the reputation of CF is getting really really bad.

    And this results in crud advertisements being more and more the only thing that they can get to inquire for advertising space.

    Don’t believe that some fake name, “Rex” , is now the owner. According to OLDWISEGUY Paul R. is still the owner because he’s one of the Admins and has multiple socks he brings out when he’s of a mind. But not as frequently as others.

    And this is priceless. PREACHERSWIFE2004, who’s sock accounts are many and include the twisted bitch HETTA, has quieted her HETTA account down due to this forum reviews outting her HAHAHAHAHA The bitch is quiet

    She apparently freaked when her real legal name got back to the forum after she shite all over this site by replying to the reviews here. I think OLDWISEGUY alerted her before the rest of us.

    Christian Forum is not Christian. The real Christians there are feasted on because they are hated. But that feast when Christians are to turn the other cheek is let to continue because the real Christians think to try to turn the evil that assaults them. It’s part of the faith’s creed after all. That’s what they live for , the trolls there. Diligence on the part of the actual Christians.

    Be aware also that if you’re silly enough to join Christian forums and not use a IP blocker, a browser disguise, and all manner of security disguises that your computer will be hacked eventually

    Don’t leave any passwords to your bank account, credit cards, important email accounts, in your saved passwords file. DON’T DO IT

    There are more than one hacker on staff.
    Brenda M. says :

    Hi all, :D waving

    I don’t know if a review that was initiated this long ago is still active in being found by new readers. I found this at the dead threads section of the site under discussion.
    It’s odd that they’d leave this in print and just let it fall back from first page in Catholic’s.
    It could be that the higher power that is on the staff roster there wants it to be found. And that could be that they’re the one people have said email the registrant account on file at CF.
    I’ve received no such email. But I did get a PM that told me to avoid Catholic’s forum due to the tight little clique they have installed and for years. If they take a dislike to a protestant in particular that person is said to be banned in short order. Not when there at the Catholic’s page but when they venture to the protestants boards. The excuse being they are a sock account or flamed someone.
    Of course the appeal process is offered. But who beg’s to stay at a site that writes them a letter saying they’re not wanted?

    I can see why these things become text walls. LOL Once someone starts writing about the creepy things that go on at CF all sorts of stuff that seemed not to be in the forefront of the mind start to light up.
    Ick 8 (

    This may help if good members of the place find that thread in Catholic’s. As it is from the read of it they seem to be amused. And one poor sod is upset he wasn’t called a sock account.
    He’s probably actually the biggest one. ) Isn’t that always the way?

    Anyway, I read what’s here and then went in and set the names of supposed socks onto the Ignore page in my account.
    I agree it is a real shame and disservice to good conversations that members can’t set moderators or admin’s to that list. PreachersWife2004 is a beast
    I also paid attention after finding this review to what is being posted by those named as trolling sock accounts. When you do that it becomes easy to spot them.

    Cearbhall is very clearly the sock account of rturner76. The avatar themes on their profile block in posts are the same. Belk is The Cadet, and also Armoured. (Both banned from CF now) And also Smaneck and LoveBeingMuslimah.
    Smaneck claims to be a Bahai faith member. But, she never ever defends Bahai faith. Even when someone posts about it in the World Religions forum. And where there is an actual Bahai male who does post in every thread about that faith. And being I had a co-worker that was Bahai I do know that he’s real. While Smaneck is someone who not only defends Islam as a Bahai, but throws acid on the Christian faith and the Hebrew’s as well. (Jews).
    Hate Not a kind word ever That’s not only flaming, but it’s baiting the membership on a forum dedicated to the faith of Christ. And it is also blaspheming at times. All of which are rule violations.
    But, and this is what says she’s a staff member. When we report her she is never ever edited Or, banned.
    They’ve got a new thing now to shame those they ban. They show the member’s account name, their “screenname” , in this hot pink color. That way it stands out above all others in the typical deep blue shade.

    I’m thinking Smaneck/LoveBeingMuslimah, is MarkRohfrietsch. If you want to believe it, Rohfrietsch is an actual last name. They could be the administrator, Tall Guy88. But I doubt it. That they are never ever edited is a huge clue they’re not a regular member.

    Before I write a Blog here, LOL , I’ll close by giving some posting advice to Christians who may be reading this.

    If you want to join CF to see for yourself, or you’re a member now and want to get the upper hand on the Troll’s and the socks. Because there are both there.

    Do not respond to goading posts by those who are listed at least in this review stream as those characters.

    The Troll’s who are boasting enormous post counts on their profile and if you click their name you find they’ve been there for YEARS But they’re not Christian. Some are and it is the same thing. Ton’s of posts and years on but hateful and not Christ like at all.
    Or the socks that are Trolls, and staffers.

    Don’t rise to the goading. Don’t respond at all to cutting jab’s, sarcasm, like that. If you’re quoted and asked to show proof of something, and there is a article or video or whatever that you can use to answer, do just that. Post the link or the video. Say nothing.

    You want to watch a reversal of frustration? It’ll make the Troll of all types climb the wall. And then their efforts will increase as they bait you more and more to reply. Because these things live to report you. Now that the sock ban is on, for all but the staff members of course, and the hot pink name change shames the banned and that tickles pink the Troll kindred, the Troll’s efforts are going to increase. If you can believe it as bad as it was before.

    But if you want to really drive them round the bend so that they do something worthy of report, for all the good that does, stay in your lane. Don’t smart off. Don’t give a cutting remark. Don’t use emote smiley faces to say something that way without writing a word. Because that’s against the rules and they’ll love reporting you for that.

    Just stay happy The hate filled there are allergic to happy. That’s why they’re Trolls.

    God Bless.
    Stay in peace people. It’s a forum that means not a thing to us but everything to the one that needs attention to stay in business.


    NOTE from RS staff :
    This comment was published, using same Internet access point as the comment(s) from Glass Soul in this thread.
    makemydaisy says :

    It is great to have a site to vent about CF. The worst offender on the site that I know of and that I know reads this page frequently is, FreeInChrist.
    She has a flash drive that has all of her pseudonym accounts and passwords to CF. She is like the demon in the bible. She is legion. For her many personalities she thinks fool readers there.

    They don’t. She is so obviously JustOneWay. And now FreeInChrist is becoming more hate filled and hyper paranoid. She, along with her husband TallGuy, are banning long term members left and right. Thinking they’re sock accounts of people that have FreeInChrist’s number and know how to push the right response buttons in posts to get her attention.

    It’s funny to watch but yet also like one of those sick twisted psychotic reality TV shows.

    FreeInChrist has seemingly retired her account, “Hetta”. And her other one that has moderator status, “PreachersWife2004″. Named not because she is a preachers woman but because she’s FreeInChrist is black and had a thing for Whitney Houston. Which could explain a lot being they both posses or possessed aberrant behavioral personality disorders.

    Free is also, the self styled Cute Tink. You’re suppose to believe it is a Transgender female. Meaning it is a man who disguises its penis with women’s clothing. If you want to watch FreeInChrist prove all that’s been said about her here true start a thread in the regular forums about gays or tranny’s. Use, tranny in your post and Tink will tell you it is offensive. No, it isn’t. Tranny’s call each other Tranny. What’s offensive are the multiple personality disorders that FreeInChrist demonstrates with over 45 different sock accounts on one Christian forum.


    No wonder the creature is paranoid. Which is a joy to watch. WAVING AT YOU FREE I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS Let’s see. GoldenBoy, Tulc, nice flip anagram there honey cult. Aiyeamfu. (I am fuck you) is an atheist. She’s created the account to read as Christian so she can let him into the restricted part of the forums and harass real Christians.
    Just like her other sock, “IMind”.
    Brinny is her best cover. Except when she squirms and fails and makes the Brinny personality post, Ah hep me I can’t breathe As she laughs at something posted. The sick little twist even LOL’s about serious topics.

    Let’s see who else. Well, it really is easy. Go to the forum and scroll through hot current topics. ANY member that has thousands of posts is either FreeInChrist or her husband Tall Guy.

    They asked this one woman they banned because free was so paranoid that she checked her account profile. Turns out this woman had every last one of both Free’s and her husbands sock accounts set to ignore. Not all of them by a long shot but the most egregious offenders on the site she had erased from her reading view. Meaning that Free and Tall couldn’t bait reactions from that one member.

    This led Free to think she was a sock account. Because members she’s banned before ended up doing the same thing. But that’s not evidence of a sock account. In fact the IP address of these people that Free has banned for the same reason, the ignore list set to ignore many of Free’s and Tall’s sock accounts, aren’t known former member IP’s.

    Then Tall Guy gets hot. He’s mad because he notices more and more members are using IP anonymizers. No kidding people would want to do that. But Tall isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the family drawer. And he’s lazy. If he looked at IP sites that read a persons IP address he’d see them advertise their own VPN. And they also tell why VPN’s or IP hide tools are necessary on the net.

    Do you know that you can be tracked with that IP number? All manner of things can be found out about you. And that includes where you shop on-line and what methods you use to buy stuff.

    I was a moderator of Grace Centered Forums. Talk about another nest of insane clowns And every last moderator there has sock accounts that target people. And it is all for the money they make on the advertising that is generated on the pages.

    Only CF has a sick little twist to theirs. If you donate to CF, and please no one do that, because when you do you have two options. Credit Card or PayPal. Both methods show the owners of CF, which is Tall Guy and FreeInChrist, your legal name and address.

    Ask yourself this. Do you want two sociopaths to know who you really are when they are what they are on the world wide web?

    I read the posts here. I think Anonymous is like BLM. Any idiot can claim affiliation. But if there was a real Anonymous Hacker out there who reads these posts it would be a great day in the morning to see them wipe CF right off the web. Totally GONE. They’re evil people. Those behind all the sick shenanigans that go on there. They’re sick. DaisyDay is FreeInChrist. “Blind Squirrel” is her nickname. All in all when you read the member list of CF realize that the true number of actual individuals not sock accounts of FreeInChrist, Tall Guy, and a few others on staff is 1/8th of what appears.
    And they never delete inactive banned members from that tally of total active members. It is all a lie as to how popular they are.
    Which is the motive also for their socks keeping threads going with charged dialog. Search bots find the posts and keep Christian Forums as number one hit in the list of searches for Christian discussion forums.

    There is nothing Christian about Christian Forums except for the poor deluded fools who think there is no such thing as sock accounts at CF.
    RobotClock says :

    I came across this forum and joined a couple of weeks ago. Seemed Ok at first. And then I accidentally clicked on the political forum and wow. It’s absolutely full of aggressive pro-Trump-ers, complete with defence of sexual assault and threats of violence, along with the lovely, capitalised claim that you’re not a “true” Christian unless you vote for him. Now people are entitled to their own political points of view, however… odd. And I don’t like Hillary either. I’m not even American. But defence of sexual assault is just plain wrong. I reported a couple of quite obvious rule violations, to which there were no response. I figured ok, maybe the staff haven’t had a chance to get to it yet, it’s a big forum and they work long hours or something. By this point I’d pretty much made my mind up to leave because even if the staff actually were Christian and making an effort, I just didn’t want to be around those kinds of people. I posted a brief note to that end so that anyone who wanted to keep in touch could send a message and left a thank you for a specific member who had offered some music-related advice. Today I figured I’d just load the page one last time in case anybody had sent such a message, because my email provider had already decided that everything from the site was spam and as a result I rarely saw notifications off-site. The page loaded just enough for me to see that I had one message and seven alerts before a message popped up to say that I had been banned “for rule violations”. Now unless there’s a rule against reporting rule infractions or saying thank you, I haven’t actually broken any. Yet the violent promoters of sexual assault are presumably still there and continuing to do just that. I can only presume after reading this page that they thought I was a previously banned member returning. I was not. I’m not too bothered since I was leaving anyway, but thought it best to add something here in the hope that it will save anybody else from wasting their time.
    RobotClock says :

    Quick update. In clearing out my spam folder today, I noticed a message saying I’d been unbanned. This allowed me to see the initial message I’d been sent. It turned out to be this:

    “Permanently Banned for violation of one or all of the following:


    None of which are true. And how is anybody who’s been permanently banned meant to read that message, anyway? What a waste of time. The message I spotted included a “reminder” not to suggest that other people weren’t Christians. The exact thing I’d reported another thread by somebody else for, and again not true. I bet that thread is still there. Unblocked or not, I won’t be back.
    Someone else says :

    You do know that Free In Christ, is Free Grace 2 at CF.Net forums, right? LOL I love that you call them out. Go baby Go
    bekki says :

    HOT HOT HOT. big conspiracy going on in there. Learned that there is members in there that are undercover right now at worthy Christian forums that are tracking abusers in there and two of them are moderators. It is a breeding place for malice, stealing of peoples credit card info, bank info. heard that moderators are hacking into peoples accounts there to steal this info. all the comments below is all correct. you sign into this place you are putting yourself at risk. one member in particular was undercover and as soon as site found out they tried to cover it all up so they are not exposed
    iris says :

    do you know who the undercover people are and how many of them? this does sound hot.
    gina says :

    I heard one is a girl.
    gina says :

    a girl in there as undercover
    larry says :

    I heard the same, that informants or something were told to go in. must be something going on with the site. usually when a place says they are okay, you know they arent
    quinn says :

    I heard that as well, that there is three in there undercover from Colorado area, one in Canada and one in Alaska. whats going on with the place?
    sister says :

    if there is undercovers in there, its about time. I had someone by name of steve s ban me from forums months ago for doing nothing but quoting scripture. I even left note saying he was a bully. most people already know moderators are skum bags and low lifes. they have nothing better to do with their time so they go to places like that to bully others. they think too they are invincible from gods law, ect. they are not. the lord holds all accountable. there is plenty going on at this place that should not be and I hope there is people in there to put stop to it
    Samantha Reed says : has a sister site. Many of the known punks [at] .com site have crossed the bridge to .net.
    With the reg. page has a box that you can check if you’re a Christian. The site knowingly informs non-Christians in the text beneath that box that if they are not Christian their access to the boards is limited.

    Those who like to mess with Christians will of course check the box. There is no difference between .com and .net site save for a few of the great-gluttonous Trolls at .com site haven’t yet elected to prey on .net.
    Armoured, for instance. Unless he’s grown some IQ points and entered in under a pseudonym. Cute Tink, the resident homo-tranny that is the sock account for FreeGrace2 [at] .com site.

    The long standing tolerance for Atheist Trolls is the same at .net as at .com. There’s one that has been there for over five years That’s dedicated. JLB is his name. Some think he’s the sock for the moderator John B. .
    JLB runs on ad nausea that eternal salvation does not exist. This of course violates the terms of use and the belief decree at the .net site. This is why many of us who have left think JLB is a moderator. Or worse, the Administrator there. Because if a new arrival ranted as JLB does against scripture and Jesus’ teachings that post would be moderated and edited post haste.
    And they’d have a warning in their Inbox.
    JLB rants on and on and in a forum where pleebs who buck up against his heresy are reprimanded by a moderator or the Admin. The Theology forum where this guy spews his contempt for Jesus’ teachings requires scriptural support for claims. JLB has no such scripture in post after post that states what he argues post after post. That a person can lose their salvation and become unsaved.
    That is the other reason for thinking he’s in the safe box as the sock account of someone on staff there. Especially when a long standing member challenged him to produce that scripture and not only can he not do so of course, but a moderator never bothered to enforce that rule so as to stop this guy’s blasphemy. Ultimately that thread was closed because other people were following JLB’s lead. In other words, not providing scripture to support refuting his blasphemy. Because every Christian knows the scripture already.
    Personally, as a long standing member there myself, I think we all joined together to violate that scripture rule so that the thread would be closed. :) One way to shut down a heretic Atheist troll is to use the rules the Mod’s that let him rant can’t miss.

    The worst member bar none at identifies himself as that in advance with the screen-name, BARBARIAN
    He’s a putz And if you’re looking for the king hater of President Trump, he wears the crown at CF.NET.
    For that reason some of us think he could be the sock troll account of Armoured. While Armoured at is a special kind of evil, BARBARIAN at CF.NET is as close to Armoured’s deviant personality as I’ve seen. And if either of those “men” are Christians, the door to my closet is too.
    I.E. not a chance Atheists? YES Christian’s? No way. Read them and you’ll see for yourself. And neither “man”, because they could be female as we know, is ever ever reigned in by the rules they break freely. That is very telling at both sites.

    Look, really, if you’re looking for Christian community on-line it is not easy to find. Be assured though that the , nor the ,qualify to be called that.

    There are sites that do have the atmosphere that befits a Christian community. However, you’ll notice if you lurk there that those sites aren’t that busy. While Troll’s and Atheists who are likely sock’s for staff keep a site busy for one reason. Hit’s and commerce.

    If you want to see a real Christian forum, check those that don’t ascribe to advertising. Or pimp for donations all the time. Thank God for Ad-Blockers.
    Those are likely your real deal.

    However, and their evil stepsister, are not.

    And just as an aside, whatever you do, DO NOT let yourself go to I’ve seen a lot of con jobs in my time in matters of forums fronting as something they’re not. But that place takes the cake I’m not kidding. If you’re a Christian you deserve better than “Worthy”. You think CF.Com and .Net are bad, “Worthy” is what would happen if Internet could reach Hell in the future and Satan and his demons decided to mess with believers and start a Christian “ministry” on-line
    “George”, their “owner”, is a fraud He claims to live in Tel Aviv Israel, right? He actually lives in ARKANSAS
    They accept donations to further their on-line ministry though. Isn’t that precious, bless their little heart.
    dmmesdale says :

    Just got banned from Christian Forums for the second time. So i think the mods target certain posters and will use any excuse or make something up. It does make sense to me the mods may be atheists pretending to be Christian. Anyways i told an atheist i did not believe him when he stated he was open to evidence for God. That got me banned for three months so i responded back with a fk you goodby. I printed you banned me for that? Go Fk yourselves. Now you really have a reason to ban me. I am not minimizing the circumstances. I am only out a 25 dollar contribution.

    The site did have its good points. It was easy to post youtubes and pics. Can’t do that on other sites like CARM. Also liked the layout. There was another good discussion there which was into about 12 pages then the mods intervened for a so-called clean up which left the thread with 5 pages. The mod hat was off and nobody else responded because the mod clean up killed the thread. They took a chainsaw to a job which required a surgeons scalpel. No shortage of stupidity at Christian forums. I should have left then. The politics section was overall good, at least for the net. Sometimes they had some smart posters worth reading even if we did not always see eye to eye. Anyways thanks to this i was able to vent. Overall CARM is probably fairer. The mods at least are more professional. As long as they stick to the issues. Don’t like reporting posters but grow tired of the abusers and the ones who feel compelled to do unwelcome psych assessments.
    Aaron says :

    This forum is full of atheists and fundamentalists. If you are a mainline Protestant (I’m Lutheran in the ELCA), it’s hell. The moderators will have no sympathy for you and hold you to higher standards that atheists or fundamentalists. It really stinks that they allow everyone else to get away with what amounts to abuse and bullying, since in many cases there is no way to defend or justify your own beliefs without getting a warning or ban.
    Alithis says :

    im pretty sure most of this is just a sour rant because you got banned
    Dr. D Bunker says :

    Favoritism is right. Financial Supporters get the`free pass’ and can say what they want. The forum has been invaded by Preterists who destroy the eschatology forum. I was given a 30 day ban on the eschatology forum for telling someone their post are scrambled and undecipherable. Then I was given a warning about`graphic images’ of terrorism. They were mild compared to another poster who had a thread about terrorism full of very graphic images

    Stay away from this place. It’s full of diabolical people.
    Yvonne says :

    My advice is to stay away from Christian Forums. There’s absolutely nothing genuinely Christian about the site. Many of the Christian members on CF are nothing more than sanctimonious hypocrites and vindictive bullies. Non-Christians and liberal Christians are often treated like dirt. I know that from personal experience. The Catholic forum, OBOB, is the worst sub-forum for vindictive bullying on the site. In fact, the OBOB is a cesspool of hypocrisy and self-righteousness. As far as the staff, I will say that many staff members are very unreasonable and unfair. Many are even downright rude and obnoxious. Christian Forums has a terrible Christian witness and reputation. That’s very evident in an older thread entitled: “Do religious discussions here make you want to be Christian?” in the Ethics Morality forum. As a previous Christian member of Christian Forums, I highly suggest staying away from this site. I think Christian Forums is TOXIC to Christians.
    Sharon Yeates says :

    Why does a forum that calls itself Christian forums promote Wicca? Have Wiccan moderators? Promote the belief that the bible is not an essential part of a Christian`s walk of faith? Promote prostitution? Promote the idea that adultery is only wrong for 1 part of an adulterous couple? Promote fornication? And promote what they call Wiccan-Christians? This site is a TERRIBLE place for anyone who is a believer in Christ, and a WORSE site for non-believers. There are more atheists and Wiccans on the site than there are professing Christians. Young people are actually posting that they have lost their faith after visiting there.
    Jasmine replies :

    When I join, it had not promoted wicca yet. It also had not degenerated to that state yet. I will not recommend it now. This shows that a good site can become bad if it is not careful, just like how a good christian can lose faith if he or she is not careful to guard his or her faith.
    Jenn says :

    Sharon Yeates, Christian Forums does not promote Wicca. In fact, unless you are a member of an Orthodox Christian denomination IOW, a church that adheres to the Nicene Creed you cannot promote your religion there. You can discuss it, but not promote it. Yes, there is one Wiccan moderator that I know of and he`s been a member in good standing for many years on that site. Also, where did the site administrators say they promote prostitution? I`m also curious what you mean by Promote the idea that adultery is only wrong for 1 part of an adulterous couple? Is the victim spouse somehow in the wrong because their partner couldn`t keep their pants on? Perhaps you should spend more time on CF. There is only a small handful of Wiccans on there and most of us non-christians enjoy being there.
    Anna Carlisle says :

    When I was there believe it or not there was a person who used their personal slogan to describe themselves as, Christian Witch. I think they had but 2 posts when I was there and I never saw them again. But me being Mormon, I wasn’t there longer than a week so I could be mistaken.
    Frances says :

    This is not a cool site for any mature Christian OR for any new Christian. I would be ashamed and embarrassed for Christianity to be represented to any non-Christian by this site. I would not recommend it at all. Jenn, I challenge your statement, In fact, unless you are a member of an Orthodox Christian denomination IOW, a church that adheres to the Nicene Creed you cannot promote your religion there. You can discuss it, but not promote it. It is categorically false.
    mike says :

    I agree that this site has lost the moral values, dignity and sense. I was even sent here to a christian site to get links to illegally download christian music. That is a shame honestly that the christians are promoting theft amongst themselves.
    randy says :

    I agree. I joined to see what it was all about and could not believe my eyes at all I was seeing. Particularily one moderator by name of angelfouru who was visibly going after guests in different topics in a threatening manner and it says this person is staff there. the place is evil and not at all Christian. There is nice Christians there however that are being deceived into thinking its an okay place, its not. I also heard that they do not submit to privacy laws. stay away from the place, its the devils pit
    donna says :

    know exactly who this is, went to school with her. she was a controlling person to all those she
    came across, real ugly too. nothing worse than someone like this that vents their problems on others
    shes trouble, you see her run
    Free2Bme says :

    I was registered on and after posting a few times I could no longer post. So, I had to create a new account at to let administration know of the problem. I waited for a response but when I tried checking my email, I could no longer access it either. One explanation given was that my email account was sending spam. I never even sent email from my account only received email. I had to create a new email account also.

    I searched the member list on and saw a name that looked familiar. The person had never posted on the forum although they had been a member for more than 10 years. I reported to administration I was being harassed by another member but didn’t provide the user name since I wasn’t sure it was the right person.

    Then there was a strange, off-topic post by a new member on a thread I was following. When I checked the thread a few weeks later, the post was gone and so was the member. It’s possible someone reported the post for being off-topic, but I’ve seen some strange posts on the forum before and they haven’t been removed, and I can’t imagine the person would’ve been banned for that post. The name of the member I suspected of harassing me was also gone although forum rules state that accounts cannot be closed and user names cannot be changed except under special circumstances by request.

    I was able to post using my new account, but wanted to go back to using my old account. Eventually I was able to log in using my old account but when I tried to post, my post disappeared. I believe my account on, and from there my email account, were hacked by another member. So, I don’t think the website is secure. Since the member also seemed able to open and close accounts so freely and delete an entire post weeks after posting, I suspect the person was either a staff member on the website or has an affiliation with a staff member on That doesn’t make it feel like a safe place.
    Free2Bme says :

    I just wanted to add that there are other reasons why I believe a particular member at is someone I know, but I can’t go into that. But I do believe there are moles on the site who can hack your account and harass people they know and disagree with. They can make your life miserable. So, it’s not a place you can feel free to honestly discuss the Bible. If they were truly confident in their Christian beliefs, they would not feel the need to backstab other members.
    Bill William says : is not good for the Gospel. I recommend that people avoid at all costs, it will cause weak Christians to stumble and can lead even the most mature astray if they stay there. Moderators seem bias and loveless in my opinion and whoever runs that website should be held accountable for that mess. You will only stumble and get confused if you go there, you will be persecuted without remorse, they seem crafty in their schemes. Trust no one on that website and run from it if you are a member of who is seeking to understand the truth of the gospel because you wont find it on that website. I was condemned, banned and abused many times by Christian forums, yet i can leap for for Joy, no one deserves to be treated that way.
    Bill William says :

    Let me add to what i already said, thanks. I don’t want to blame all moderators or speculate about who owns that website, but whoever owns it is responsible, not all moderators are necessarily at fault. If the owner loves the Gospel they should rid the site of contention over denominations and just preach the gospel without denomination, they should only allow mature Christians moderate too, those who know the truth and are old enough to deal with problems. Someone mentioned that one moderator was practicing Wicca, that’s scary.
    Vern Hines says :

    I used to be a member. That forum is of no use to any Christian. NONE. The only thing it promotes is hatred.
    tinab says :

    You have to admit that the world we are living in when it comes to faith and religion, is one full of hypocrites. No one knows how to NOT judge. Every one has something to say, and people of faith tend to belittle others who are not in agreement with them. If the forum doesn’t make you feel closer to God, then there is no reason to be apart of it. Forums like that are suppose to bring people together, not pull them apart.
    Lazy_Proverb says :

    AMEN Speak truth
    I was a member at CF for a very short while until I was banned. Until then I was harassed by a woman who has multiple screen names on the forum even though she is a long serving Moderator: FreeInChrist
    She’s not free of venom, hate, paranoia like you would not believe, and an agenda designed to bait Christians.
    I think she actually means her screen name to be “Free OF Christ” and because in truth she’s an atheist.
    She has screen names on the forums that include FreeGrace2. That character is stupid No kidding She pretends not to understand anything anyone tries to explain about scriptures. She berates people who do try and then she parrots the same errant “understanding” she has of scripture so as to get someone to try again to correct her.
    And when someone has enough and says something worthy of a report for rule violation, and pay attention, ANYTHING you say can be reported Of course. But if the staff has an issue with you that bogus report will be enough to ban you.

    When you snap at FreeGrace2, which she baits you to do that, you’ll be violated immediately. Because what you have done is snap at FreeInChrist, the Moderator. Reports on a post take awhile to get through the circuit of such a busy forum. But not when you say the right thing to FreeGrace2 so that “FreeInChrist” can accomplish her mission. Getting you off the board.

    Let me tell you, FreeInChrist is paranoid as the day is long. When I joined there it was three days later I was banned and banished to Member Service Center. Why? FreeInChrist imagined I was someone else bypassing a ban. : WHAT? How is that? I have no idea. But that’s what she claimed.
    So then I had to`splain myself Lucy

    They let me back in. Oh, how lovely. It isn’t against their rules to have multiple accounts. Good thing because all of the staff do.
    What is against the rules is to return there after you’ve been banned. EVER And in the meantime, FreeInChrist believes EVERY SINGLE PERSON that joins is possibly there bypassing a ban.

    That tells you that they ban people a lot. To be that paranoid when they’re that big a site keeps that crazy multiple-account “woman” busy.

    Don’t go to Christian forums if you’re Christian. It is the pit of Hell. Lurk there and you’ll see why. People who are atheist, transsexual, have years of membership on the board. And they openly mock, ridicule, condemn, and stalk Christians. They are NEVER disciplined according to the rules. NEVER
    That’s because every single person that you see with thousands of posts, who are atheist, agnostic, non-denominational, religious-other, no matter how they post, are staff sock accounts.

    Why? Just what has been said here repeatedly Increase page count, increase advertising revenue.
    I was there before I arrived here. There is a thread wherein a new guy is in the Technology forum. He’s asking about the best browser and what people think of Google Chrome.
    Someone suggested he use an Advertising blocker if he gets a browser. He says, he doesn’t use those because websites depend on Advertising pop-ups for revenue on their site and he feels he should endure those pop-ups so that he in some way helps pay for his time on a site.

    OH, and I don’t know that that Paul guy still owns the site because they’ve moved to a new server. However, I will say that you might all consider that the Alex Ahole that’s on here is Paul R. Just because of how he responds to critics of CF.
    And that you might also consider that either Paul R. when he was the owner, because CF has changed hands numerous times over the years and at one time was a great place to be but that was years ago, did read this site of criticisms.
    IF he’s the owner now that’s especially true. Because when you go to the CF site on its new server you’ll find they hide the information about who is the owner now. Whereas before it was very apparent in the staff lists.


    CF policy bans Mormon’s speaking of their faith No kidding
    Anna Carlisle says :

    I found out about the Mormon hate when I joined last week. It wasn’t long before I was banned for flaming, which is laughable for anyone who knows Mormons. It just does not happen.
    I will say that you are correct about FreeInChrist. But she also has another screen name you may wish to watch out for. One that claims the faith of Buddhist “Ananda”.
    Ananda flamed me the third day I was there and I responded that I found that rather unusual for a self affirmed Buddhist to do. That was it that was all I said.
    I went to the new cooking forum they advertise and no sooner than the page loaded it blinked out and I was directed to my Inbox instead. There I received a PM from, you guessed it, FreeInChrist
    I was banned to the Member Services Center to discuss my`flame’ of Ananda The post I had made to her was there in my PM but not what she’d flamed at me prior. Instantly, I was banned for replying to “Ananda”. They have a blue Buddha avatar on their account if you don’t recognize their screen name otherwise. They’re the only Buddhist I saw while I was there.
    I didn’t even bother to go to MSC forum. Why? I have been on the net long enough and in forums long enough to know I did not flame anyone. I logged off and then I could see the full forum because it was no longer blocked to me because of that ban.
    I then went to Google and searched: Christian Forums Mormons.
    And that’s when I found all the results that show Christian Forums has a very distinct bias against Mormons.

    Not only that they use to have a forum dedicated to our faith but closed it when they moved to this new provider site. And that is due to their thinking , get this, that we’re a Cult

    I personally consider the source when they say that. Due to the reports here that I found looking once again for a Christian Forum to join and the keywords on Google: Christian Forums Reviews, so that I would not make the mistake of entering into a site like Christian Forums.Com again.

    I think that is why they’re so popular. Any Christian looking for Christian community forums uses those keywords and that site is the first one on any search engine.
    And they advertise they are the largest community on the net so you believe it. Till you join. Then you realize it is a horrible place to be.

    I agree with everyone who says stay away. And since there are so many here who say that I thought my experience may assist as a warning too.

    Revenue? If that is why they do what they do with all those alter accounts that I know exist in at least the case of FreeInChrist, that’s a horrible testimony behind the name:Christian.

    Because the way they treat people is evil.

    What is the point there? I did not have an advertising blocker installed before I joined but I do now. The amount of advertisements are absurd. And whoever is in charge of those advertisements coming onto the site is not discriminate as to their being appropriate for a Christian community.
    randy says :

    I found that out as well. if you look around the forums you will see many people cancelling accounts and I saw one moderator by name of angel4u actually being quite abusive to someone leaving scripture. this was few months ago. I also saw a member stating she left because she was getting bullied .
    randy says :

    this was at worthy Christian forums. there is more than one forum being mentioned on here
    vince says :

    I know who you are speaking of. I saw this person try to shove scripture down someones throat by name of Spider-Man then threaten him he will be struck down for his own feelings. this is not at all the lords love and for sure was abusive, I even flagged the name and submitted complaint. I have been a member there pretty much since the place opened but as soon as I saw this, I think I might cancel membership there.
    wendy says :

    another one of the mods too was stealing someones bank info in their personal account there. they operate on their own system, which means they think they are exempt from morals, ect and that is not right. every place needs to be accountable to someone and there is no accountability there, which in reality is pretty scary. its best to avoid the place. I have heard nothing but negative about it.
    nancy says :

    if you are talking about worthy Christian forums, this is one of moderators there and I noticed all this as well. pretty sad too they would have someone like this in moderator position. these people aren’t exempt from anything. all Christians are expected to have some form of standard or morals. you strike out at others like that, using scripture in ways god did not intend, there is usually consequences. its not okay at all to be using gods name to be doing wrong things like that. probably reason this person has to go to an online church, because no church in person would put up with someone like that
    bruce says :

    this moderator you speak of is old, in her fifties. I have seen her harass the younger women at the site. why would the put someone like this in any position?
    bruce says :

    some older age group. shes not young
    mark says :

    there is another older woman moderator at worthy Christian forums doing the same thing as the one mentioned. this ones name was patty or pattycats. she was harassing younger women at the place. the place is bad news, stay away from it
    lisa says :

    I have actually had to make complaint about this person, pattycat. I found out she was giving out confidential information to new people. this is not good and definitely a breach. I hope all said on here about people being undercover in there is true, cause there is enough going on there with so called people that are supposed to be making it a good place, and they are the ones causing a lot of the problems there. It needs to stop
    SunShine says :

    I was a member of Christian forums. They’ve taken on new owners evidently, which is not new as owners have flowed through that place like water. However, now they’ve got a new tactic for cleaning the forum of people who are not in line with their man made doctrine.

    Instant banning by IP.

    You’ll be surfing the forum and all of the sudden a window will pop alerting you that you are now banned. And the ban will never be lifted.

    The message reads like this:

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    IP check matches another user that was ebanned. MSC referral

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    Prior to this new tactic a Moderator posted in Catholic Forum a post that slammed members for having sock accounts. Calling them cowards and all sorts of other names. This alerted most of the membership that that was going to be the sweeping excuse for what comes of this instant banning agenda.

    Christian Forums use to be a great forum. It was filled with the Holy Spirit to the point that even if you logged on and browsed for a few moments before going to work, you would carry the positive energy that the site installed into you due to the loving genuine sincerity of the membership.
    They were so busy in General Theology forum that they had more than 10 moderators at one time.

    Now, it’s a vacant pit of detestable man made doctrinal fascism. And the ad’s they allow, criticism of which is what actually compelled them to ban me, are obscene.
    But they tell you that if you want to make those obscene ad’s go away, all you have to do is pay them
    By joining in a membership.
    And when you do that you get perks Such as one member there who’s SN is Hetta with over 20thousand posts to her discredit. She has a sock account, “Kermit”. Both are paid members. Kermit has nearly 20 thousand posts too. The accounts were open and paid for in moments of each other. Hetta/Kermit is the most prolific troll on the forum. However, because she’s paying every month and has for years, she’ll never be disciplined for her behavior.

    Meanwhile others are besieged with pornography ad’s, sex club singles ad’s, etc…
    Thank God for Firefox with AdBlocker. It’s free and not a single porno ad pops at of all things a Christian forum.

    It’s dark at And it’s only going to get worse. But no worries. Soon it’ll be sold to someone else. Meanwhile what made the light of Christ shine there is gone forever. Maybe it was banned too. -)

    Alex says :

    Religion is the oldest business on this planet. As any other business, it must be profitable. What’s the point to run it otherwise ? Churches collect money and sell religious goods. Religious websites show ads. New era of the internet requires new methods of earning from all businesses, including religion.

    And the censorship follows religion all the time.

    So, not sure what does surprise you.
    Ryan says :

    “Hetta/Kermit is the most prolific troll on the forum”

    What gives you that idea? Where is ONE post that demonstrates “troll” behavior? What’s this contempt based on (especially associating the screen name with the word, “hate”)? This whole site (reviewstream) seems to be nothing more than some sort of vendetta—but I have no idea what it’s based on. Isn’t that what the Bible addresses when “gossip” is mentioned? And you see that as being “full of the Holy Spirit”?
    Ryan says :

    I’m also curious about this comment:

    “Christian Forums use to be a great forum. It was filled with the Holy Spirit to the point that even if you logged on and browsed for a few moments before going to work, you would carry the positive energy that the site installed into you due to the loving genuine sincerity of the membership.”

    There are people of all “walks of life” on there (that I see). Hasn’t there always been? What does it look like to do for a place to be “filled with the Holy Spirit”? I believe the “search” feature is working back to quite a few years ago. Can you show me an example of what that looked like?
    NotTHATJim says :

    It is neither Christian or a place to exchange ideas. Stay Away if you are a Christian or not.
    C.A.C.F. says : is a horrible and corrupt “Christian” website. The staff there operates without bounds and is involved in criminally hacking and harassing members they hold grudges with. Be EXTREMELY cautious if you decide to venture into that hell hole. There is one administrator in particular, “edial” or “doublemint” (his alias) who is a very, very evil man and he should be avoided at all costs. He claims he is a preacher, or something to that effect, but in all reality all he does is preach hate. BE AWARE. There are much better places out there to interact with REAL Christians than this trashy website. You have been warned.
    Free2Bme says :

    I agree that there are staff members on who hack accounts of members they don’t agree with and harass them. I posted here about my experience.
    Mary McDaniel says :, is not a Christian forum. It is labeled such, but it is not so in content.
    If evil sought a home it found it at

    If you are Christian DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME THERE.

    It is corrupt from the owner to the staff. There are sock accounts that are self-described as every faith or belief tradition there is available on the board.
    And most of those are the owner. Who Trolls his own forum in order to cause chaos and mock Christians, while increasing the page count on threads so as to up the advertising revenue there. “Mammon” is what this site is all about. Not Christ or God.

    The Bible promises that where two or three are gathered in his name so too is Christ among them.

    That is not the case with Certainly there are more than three actual Christian members there. But the will and intent of that evil that rules the forum is not of Christ.
    The forum was purchased long years ago by an ATHEIST With diagnosed mental disease.

    Christ IS NOT at this forum.
    Alex says :

    Religion is business.
    Nowadays everyone can participate in it, not only priests. If the owner is an atheist, then kudos to him/her. Brilliant idea )

    “With diagnosed mental disease”
    No doubt you didn’t see the medical charts. How does this pure lie correlate with you beliefs ?
    Anna says :

    Well, as someone who worked with Paul R. for years at CF, I can concur with Mary’s pronouncement regarding his diagnosed mental illness.
    Paul was diagnosed bi-polar with schizophrenic tendencies when he was a teenager.

    I am a moderator at the forum. We use edial to carry on our round table group meetings and without giving screen names, as a Christian, I will say that the number of moderators on board conflicts with the number of bodies that join that conference call every week.

    Paul, whom many of us hold in our prayers and even include in him, at least I do, in my local prayer group.

    Yes, one needs to work so as to make a living. I think we all know that this day and age.
    However, one chooses to purchase an online internet message board so as to make their living.

    And when they elect to assume pseudonyms so as to exercise their hate for what they term, the cult of Christianity, two screen names in particular that they arrived at that describe just that. (Tulc “Cult”) and “Hetta” Hate, if you drop that extra T) so as to subtly communicate in making those names active on the Christian forum as, hate cult, that individual them demonstrates a very clear intent while also making a living at making people’s lives miserable.
    What compelled Paul to purchase Christian Forums is that if you search for Christian Forum, as a real Christian seeking fellowship online, you find CF site is the first result on any search engine available.

    If you come to our site and click,`Advertise With Us’ link, you’ll note that it is a direct contact link. It is not a link to vBulletin that hosts CF.

    Furthermore, how does Alex here claim this is a pure lie? They don’t know Paul. They’re therefore lying in making the protestation that Mary is lying.

    While I and a couple of other people, who’s screen names will not be divulged due to reprisals that would surely follow, remain employed as volunteer staff moderators at CF. We do this so as to keep the glimmer of hope and Christ available to those who are truly in the spirit there.
    And in so doing we are also pooling our monies together to see if we might one day buy Paul out.

    Pray for CF. While all criticisms of the place as it now operates are warranted, at one time, and I was here then too, CF was so full of the love and life of Christ that members could almost feel it radiating from their monitors as they participated on the forum. In chat or in threads.
    I was the one that reviewed those PM’s to Mod’s in the Members Only hidden forum where members could leave comments or voice complaints free from view of all others on the site.
    I can’t tell you how many praises we received back then from members who said just that. That they could feel the presence of Christ here and that it carried with them even when they logged off their account.

    That feeling is long gone. It left when the former owner, who’s name I don’t suspect I should post due to legal reasons, sold to Paul R.

    While I would be eternally happy if our offer to purchase is accepted. So that we can bring the spirit of God in Christ back to CF.
    So I ask those here who are disenchanted and or outright mad, don’t give up. Just give prayers to a better day for CF in the very near future.

    In God’s Peace,
    I am Anna (And yes, that is an alias. If you know Paul you know why.)
    Alex says :

    “Furthermore, how does Alex here claim this is a pure lie? They don t know Paul.”

    This is lie unless you have access to his medical charts and you obviously haven’t.

    Not to mention, that John Nash got Nobel Prize, suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. So, not sure why did you decide, that you can use this as an argument. Is it because you don’t have any more ?

    Your speech is stuffed with hate itself. Is it what christianity teaches you to do ?

    Anyway. Religion is business. Act accordingly. Buy your piece of it or develop the new one. But blame someone, because s/he is doing something the other way, is not wise. If people come to this forum, then obviously they need something on it. Probably not what you think of )
    Anna says :

    I don’t think you realize how foolish you sound. You’re calling people liars because they don’t show proof, and you have no proof your proclamation is true.

    Perhaps you are unaware of where you are. This site is called, review stream.
    People share their experiences here so that others can review the input presented and make a free choice about the content.
    The only one in this exchange that has thus far demonstrated a hateful spirit is yourself.
    For that I forgive you and pray for your soul that you be led to Christ Jesus.

    To all others who are well aware of the intention of this site, I trust that you understand why you are here. You can certainly make up your own minds if you but lurk at our forum,

    Religion is not a business. That someone would think it is speaks very little for atheism.

    God be with you all.
    Alex, this is the last time I shall indulge your Trolling.
    May God’s peace find you.
    Alex says :

    Yeah, sure ) Paul is mentally ill, I’m troll )

    Now I see why you don’t like this forum - you can’t shut up people there, being the moderator. People talk what they want to, not what you believe they should to.

    Well Anna, sharing of the opinions is the two-way street do you want it or not. Try to understand this. Otherwise there is no pray to help you.
    Mark says :

    I can see why a young woman would label you a Troll. You’re very young for your age.
    No one needs to shut you up on these forums. They can read you once and scroll past. You have no idea what a moderator does in forums. Here’s a hint because I own a forum, not the one being discussed here. Moderators can “shut people up”. They can even ban them if they’re appointed those powers by the Administrator(s).

    Now, go away and grow up.

    To the adults here: I think any Christian who’s been on-line long enough know of Christian Forums.
    At one time the site was owned by a wonderful Christian family. It was good times and the spirit of conversation and community was positive. If you logged out you felt good for having spent time there. And carried that positivity with you through the day.

    Then one of the owners got sick and they had to sell. CF has changed hands at least five times that I know of since then. And since that sale every hand that’s had a hand has had no comparison to bringing the spirit that use to reside at CF back into the fold.

    At first it was hard to notice. Little things changed. Some members who were known and beloved didn’t post as much. But they were still there and popped their head in now and then. Then they didn’t and weren’t heard from again. Not even a forwarding to those members they’d exchanged emails with. Nothing.

    Then a few people started to log on as newbies. Atheists became more prevalent and abrasive. Instigators started to post more frequently hoping to stir strife with flaming posts. Which at first were shut down rather quickly.
    Then not so much. The present owner is a real peach. /sarcasm.

    He owns an atheist forum and a music forum as well. Has multiple sock accounts installed on all fronts. Just as has been said here by those who are on his staff. I believe them when they say they’re a mod there or were because we all subscribe to the same site provider. And that provider has a forum where site owners can chat.

    Let’s just say the bad thing about owning a forum wherein you arrange to funnel advertising revenue to your personal account can be a really bad inducement to bringing out the evil inside.
    But at present an atheist owns Christian Forums and the net conference site eDial. Money It is all about money.

    Anyone who is a Christian is better served to move past what will always show in any search engine first when seeking Christian Forum websites. That’s why the first owners took the name.To be first. But for community. Not for the reasons currently exploited at CF.

    As a side note is no better in that they’re openly antisemitic. CF hasn’t gone that far yet but it isn’t beyond the handful of dark personalities there since right now racism is fun flame bait topic of the day.

    This guy that owns it now has had his site hacked a few times because people are trying to shut him off the net. We were all warned about that intrusion by internal security at the server level after it happened so that we could secure our sites. If that doesn’t tell us something about his so called fan base.
    Alex says :

    “I own a forum … Moderators can shut people up . They can even ban them if they re appointed those powers by the Administrator(s).”

    I’m curious, why didn’t you post this message on your own forum? Is it because you shut up everyone and people left your forum? ))

    (forum - a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.)

    “Now, go away and grow up.”

    Bite me ))

    P.S. Yes, yes … I know I’m troll )
    Mark says :

    Yes, you are a Troll. You’re also not very intelligent.

    Why would I not post this message in my own forum? Well let’s see. Because this topic isn’t under discussion in my own forum? Yes, that could be the case.

    You’re very young. Please go away and grow up. Since this site appears to be the one and only place where you can exercise your anger anonymously you have my deepest sympathy.

    Everyone here can read what is wrong with you. What a shame.

    You should join If you’re not a member already. You’re behavior is exactly what they relish when the owner seeks to convert flame baiting trolls to his service.

    Stay away from my forum though. I’ll ban your SN and your IP for life.
    Alex says :

    Just read yourself …

    “go away”
    “shut people up”
    “you are a Troll”
    “You’re also not very intelligent”
    “Please go away and grow up”
    “Stay away”
    “I’ll ban”

    What a perfect example of Christianity you are )
    Is this what your religion about ? According to the Pope this is not. So, either you’re not true Christian or the Pope lies.
    And yes, “Everyone here can read what is wrong with you” )
    Amanda Nigel says :

    At least you admit you’re a troll. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You clearly occupy this board so you can act as the adversary to anyone who does know CF.

    You keep going. You are the perfect example of what occupies the staff of CF exclusively. And most of the “members”, who in majority are sock accounts of Paul, and his staff.
    And edial is not PaulR. Edial is the owner of that very site. e-dial. That allows for international online conference calling. He donates his site services to CF in an agreement with the owner, “Paul”, and in return is allowed to join the ring of games, as Paul calls it. I.E. Trolling and instigating thread page counts for the income the ad space that occurs with every page created due to their inspiring replies.

    It’s a business alright. And it is a hobby for sociopaths on staff. All money generated goes straight to “Paul” and his linked account.
    What’s to stop his behavior? He’s getting PAAAAAAAID
    Alex says :

    So ?? What is your problem ?
    People do with their online private property what they want to do.
    Accept it or leave it.
    Edith Foster says :

    No, you do not own a forum.
    Nan says :

    No, you’re an idiot. Who invites someone to bite them and thinks that’s getting one-up on their opponent?

    Meanwhile, I’ve been a member of CF for about a month now. For me it is more a social experiment being I’m just starting a lay course in social behaviors.

    One thing I’ve noticed is it is either staff or long termers that are doing this. When a hot topic is posted, like abortion, any issue pertaining to gay’s,transsexuals, or guns, there are those member’s you do not otherwise see posting in any other topics who suddenly appear. And they seem to refresh the thread page so as to be right there to respond and therein keep the thread growing to huge numbers of pages.

    I first entered there without an Ad-Block on my browser. Unbelievable I can’t stand commercials on TV but that place as a discussion forum on-line is over the top with advertising. I tend to think people have it right here when they say the pages that grow in controversy are for the revenue those Ad’s generate.
    Because you can set your watch by it. Make a list of those members who appear in controversial subject threads. Then post a thread on that topic and poof, there they are. That has to be a staff member who’s that aware of the activity on board. Or, one of the 60 thousand post count long term members.

    No, I wouldn’t say CF is Christian save in name only. The Bible tells Christians not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

    If a Christian owned and managed CF they’d be a Christians only forum. As it is the atheists, agnostics, humanists, and the atheists that are clearly so and identify themselves as`non-denominational’ in order to invade the Christians Only part of the community, run the place. While the Christians are watched like hawks and are reprimanded by staff for any little thing.

    Poverty is the root of all evil. Money just makes those who are evil more so.
    Patrick L says :

    I thought all this was a bunch of hokum until I got to this part. This is the same thing pdudgeon is saying back at the site. As in, it’s all about business.

    I’m going to keep an eye on the responses in the board thread about this place here. Want to see how many other flubs our member or members make when they try to criticize this review stream page.Yet display the exact characteristics the reviewers are making about our membership.

    I know nighthawkeye is night flight. And Summermadness is the latest name for Hetta. Who is actually a male. We’ve never gotten along.
    As are all the fake native american accounts like, one voice among many, and at least two other accounts. OVAM was banned from a Christian forum for the racist attacks he’d make against members there. I thought all this was a rumor and dark gossip when someone PM’d me about this soap opera like nonsense.
    Now I’m starting to see it.

    NOTE from RS staff :
    This comment was published, using same Internet access point as the comments from Glory in this thread.
    randy says :

    I agree and neither is worthy Christian forums. it promates hate as well and moderator or some of them abuse people and will stop at nothing to stir up trouble. its not at all a Christian place and I did notice that a lot of people leave. I also saw one new person get threatened in the chat room by someone who was supposed to be moderator. I left that place a year ago and felt better as soon as I quit. I have seen guests too state that the place only harmed their faith. this place is under some kind of review I heard. there has been several people file complaints
    jamie says :

    I saw all this as well when I was there. it was terrible place.
    Truther says :

    Christian Forums is run by the devil himself. Not one of the staff members there is a Christian, and they will harass and belittle anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Horrible, horrible website.
    Banned Newbie says :

    They have a banner now that warns they’re going to start hunting down sock accounts. But if you want to remain as a sock , post in Member Service Center and beg to be let to stay and the nothing but socks staff will consider it.

    This site is a travesty. Don’t believe for a minute that some guy named Rex is the new owner. That’s not true at all according to OldWiseGuy. He’s been there for awhile and I suspect is a sock account. However for whatever motive he has he’s started to send messages to members. He linked a website that lets us go to chat off the CF board. And believe it or not, probably not, members who’s screen names are at CF are at that chat.
    The whole point now of the “sock ban” is this site. Hetta , who is PreachersWife2004, and FreeInChrist, freaked out that it got back to the site that she’d not only posted but that her real legal name did come out. What’s she expect? She gave her real legal name when she posted here.

    Anyway, all the staff had a pow-wow on their private chat site, which with members luck is the one OldWiseGuy linked members to in that PM. Anyway, they decided to make it appear as if they’re routing the socks. Meanwhile, that’s suppose to scare those who are socks. But the staff who all have socks are unaffected. This new ban lets them accuse everyone their sock account has issues with of being a sock.
    The next thing you know your screen blinks, you can’t access any part of the board but your Inbox that has a message that, of course, FreeInChrist, has decided you’re a sock. You’re banned Until you follow her link to the Member Service Center where you’re expected to plead to stay

    This happened to me. I’m not a sock. But I’m in the middle of writing a post and the screen goes white. I was banned. Sock accusation.

    Their goal, according to OldWiseGuy, is to populate the forum with invited members, who are socks, from Atheist Forum. And other atheist only websites. Atheist Forum had a how to years ago if you wanted to violate Poe’s Law. Which should have been a dead giveaway years ago because Poe’s Law originated at Christian Forums. The guy’s screen name was Poe.

    Consequently, the atheists at Atheist Forums made a thread as to how to pretend to be a Christian. And this to go and join Christian forums on the Net and harass real Christians. That’s sick enough. However, when page count, advertising space sales per page, makes the owner Paul R. of Christian Forums.Com huge money, it makes sense. It’s business

    The actual Christians who aren’t aware find CF looking on search engines for, “Christian community”. Or, “Christian forums”. CF pops first on every single search engine. That’s due to the post count. Which is a secondary benefit to the atheist sock trolling that runs CF.
    Ad space, increases member count by real new registrations by real unsuspecting Christians. And this is why the Christians Only forums aren’t that busy. Except for “General Theology” forum. Where the atheist trolls disguised as christians play especially hard.

    It is all about the money.

    One day it will catch up to the owner and all those in collusion. The real Christians are the play toys the atheists that outnumber real Christians eat alive.


    And if you don’t have huge security installed on your computer be aware that you stand to be hacked if the hackers on staff and there are at least two take a hate for you to that extent. Don’t have saved passwords for your bank, credit cards, emails. They’ll find them. Or, they’ll just whack your computer.

    That happened to MyShalom. After psycho Hetta , PreachersWife2004’s sock account, saw her former screen name that had been banned months back posting here. BE WARNED MyShalom came to the chat we’re all in thanks to OldWiseGuy, because he emailed her former CF registered email. She’d just got her computer fixed when she showed up and told us what happened.
    Amanda says :

    I can’t help but wonder also, I was “attacked” simply because I put down scriptures about re-marriage when the other spouse is still alive, and adultery, etc,etc, and I guess he and maybe some others that were reading, like a site moderator, didn’t like what the scriptures said, because all of a sudden when everything started running really slow and the site wouldn’t work. So I turned off everything, turned it back on, and couldn’t go onto the website AT ALL Even from the emails in my inbox How can they just up and blow off someone who doesn’t even do anything wrong??
    All I did was put down scriptures and my opinion being basically that I just “go by what God says” I told the guy I will not be pulled into an argument about Gods Word, and “you’ll get no argument from me on that”
    What is wrong with this website? What happened? Is what they’re doing even legal??
    Mark says :

    Because there are those allowed to post in the Orthodox Christians forum under the premise of espousing Holiness Doctrine.
    They’re legalists and in legalism according to Christian scripture divorce is to be a rare thing and remarriage absolutely forbidden until the divorced spouse, husband or wife, dies. Otherwise scripture says to remarry when that ex is still alive is tantamount to adultery.

    You’ll know you’ve been forbidden to enter CF, and this is a feature all subscribers to the provider can enact, when you log on and you get the message that thanks you for that and then says it will take you to the board, only instead of the forum appearing the screen turns white.

    And yes, what they’re doing is legal. It is a privilege to patronize an on-line forum. Not a right.

    If you want to witness real wonky politics in a Christian atmosphere visit CARM forum. Diane Sellner has a reputation that stretches across the net. She’s anti-abortion even if the mom will die. Believing the mom should die with her baby even in a medical emergency that would save the mom’s life if an abortion is necessary.
    And Matt Slick is on YouTube getting his arse handed to him by an atheist. LOL He teaches apologetic$ and he was bested by an atheist. And when he realized that he started taking personal pot shots at her. Which shows his level of maturity.
    That site is a nightmare. But CF is a real shame. We all long for the old days when it was truly a Christian community. Those of us who’s boards were active when the first owners were healthy and aboard can still remember those times.
    Free2Bme says :

    Yes. I also had problems for a while logging on and had to create a new account to inform an administrator. But I also couldn’t access my email account, so I believe someone on hacked my account. I wrote about my experience here on Review Stream.
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