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  • None of the characters held any interest, in my opinion

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      Possibly one of the worst remakes of all time, this movie sank like a stone to the bottom of the river. Unlike the John Carpenter Masterpiece of 1978, this remake just fails. Where the original movie was a masterpiece, this updated cellophane garbage is a huge cinematic failure. Who told Rob Zombie he could direct, anyway? Keep in mind, I am an avid horror fan. I’ve seen 1000s of horror films, and I don’t require them to be good, but I do need my horror movies to be watchable.

      The movie starts out with a slow pace, plodding through scene after scene of domestic violence and kids screaming at their parents. There’s even a step dad who’s brutally ill

      mannered, inbred and cruel. Is this supposed to explain Michael’s killing spree? It’s one of many characters wholly out of place. The original movie showcased a perfect set of families in a quiet, sleepy neighborhood, rocked by the horrors of Halloween night. John Carpenter made us care about the victims in 1978. Instead, for the remake Zombie decided to plunge us deep into a horrible neighborhood of dysfunctional people, and we really don’t care when they get sliced up. It’s the senseless beating the senseless.

      The characters, including Michael Myers, are one dimensional in Rob Zombie’s world. They lack any depth, and appear unreal, like commercial actors selling us gum. The Dr. Loomis character was completely re-written.

      • Instead of a strong willed doctor who knows his patient, we get a weak scientist on the edge of his own sanity. None of the characters held any interest, in my opinion.

        The film is edited in a clumsy style that tries to be art nouveau, but comes out as a weak Blair Witch meets the Flintstones. There are too many scenes of flashback nightmares cut quickly into current time. Flashbacks are rarely successful in any movie, but here they fail with particular disappointment. The director blunders through the movie like a video game player who doesn’t really know what he’s doing or where he’s going.

        It’s painful to watch, as it becomes more and more apparent that Zombie was clueless

        from day 1. The film declines into a bloodbath of silliness mixed with trivial psychotherapy. The ending is offbeat and lacks reason; it certainly doesn’t match the original.

        The film does include the original musical score of John Carpenter and Alan Howarth, so there is a bright spot. But if you want to hear that inspired soundtrack, why not just watch the original film?

        I absolutely loathed this remake. The Original Halloween (1978) was a masterpiece that ranks among the top horror movies of all time. The Rob Zombie 2007 remake sinks down to be one of the worst movies of all time. Take it from a real horror fan: skip this one. It’s not worth the time.

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